Indian Students Under Attack In Australia

Rashmi Bansal at Youth Curry discusses about the recent attacks on Indian students in Australia.


  • siva

    I would not blame entire Australian community for the recent attacks, there also good persons here. The person who attacked are young teenagers who are mostly in motive of robbing or under the influence of drugs. These teenagers in need of money to buy what they want do such offenses or they do it bcoz they find it to be entertaining.It is true that the attacks are of great concern, the most annoying thing is ignorance of Australian media. I was called by many of my families and friends to let know the situation. Australians has concerns of their own. If immigrants throng to their country and get PR, their chances of securing a job becomes slim. Indians in many cases work late night in petrol station, cabs and other odd jobs,They become easy targets. I am not ruling out that the attacks are sometimes racial but not most of the times. I have seen or heard verbal abuse on Indian students. I was once asked “Why the f*** did you come here, cant you find an Uni at your country”. They may have attacked because of hatred, since we are smart enough to take their jobs and give them stiff competition in business too. I also blame Indian students; they choose Aus for PR and easy job prospects and above all getting admission in Australian universities is a piece of cake, just IELTS is enough. One can easily figure that they(aus) are making money out of us. Only when analysts warned govt that they are having high chance of loosing money from prospective Indian students for Aus, they realised the impact on economy. I would rather suggest my compatriots to pursue education in India, we also have good universities,consider them first. Remember, no one can be assured that one is safe anywhere in world. Not even in our home. Pls realize this truth.Now a days getting PR is tough and so is job(for many jobs require PR). Australians nationals and PR holders get first preference. I have seen many students who chose a odd profession (security guard, cab driver, cleaner etc) as they had to pay back their loan. Think twice my fellowmen. Think twice whether you should spend your parents or loan money, For there is lot of uncertainty(Job, PR) in coming to Aus.

  • If Aussies can do the Curry Bashing, Cant we do the Kangaroo Slaugtering. it aint new for Indians. Having said that we need to stop racism in our backyard. Did you know tthat guys dont like to say I LOVE YOU to dark girls , and girls dont like to look at guys with glasses and well oiled hair. They aint geeks for godsakes. they are studious and girls are just ridiculous. Seldom we see dark skinned heroines in our hindi movies , coz they cant form a part of your fantasy in the dark. Remember we r bollywood, stop complaining too much bout DOWN UNDER…….

  • JustSomeRandomBloke

    It’s not the Aussies who are doing that but the children and grand children of Arab (Lebanese) immigrants. It’s THEM who are behind those attacks. Everybody knows that. Just try contact and ask the Indians in Australia yourself. Google ‘Sydney gang rapes’. That’s the kind of people we’re talking about here.

  • bHarat

    Those Lebanese are not the main… we have Aboriginals, Maoris… even the Caucasians… they ask for money, and if they get, they’re happy to take and drink, otherwise they’re happy to pick a fight… both seem entertaining to them.

    Guys, please, for your own safety, avoid dark and lonely areas / times….

    And whats up with the ‘vande matram’ and ‘bharat mata ki’…. during the protest?
    most of ’em come with sole aim of PR and citiz… if those guys love india so much, your most welcome to go back.

    thank you..

  • Here is a large collection of letters to the editors on Racism in Australia written mostly by people from India and Australia. Interestingly, some writers point out that Racism is alive and kicking in India as well.

    • Brooke

      i was really shocked by this situation with the Indian attacks. it doesn’t seem to matter the race or back ground or country you come from, we all have racists attitudes. IT reminds me of the black and hispanics and the racism they have to face in America. there’l lot s of reason i think that these people do this sort of thing. scared their jobs will be taking, that sort of ting. And really the Americans and Australians weren’t even the first peopl on their land. pls accept my condonlonces for what the i
      Indians are goin through and may God and you’re beliefs help you through it. and befroe responding to someone’s post, just take a minute to sit back and see if it’s what u realy want to say. in America the indians and pakistanis are the ones working in the gas stations and taxi cabs trying to get enough money bc they were lead to believe money and jobs wouldnt be a problem.
      That’ being said i’ve also been living in Pakistan for 6 years and have had a few instances of racism and it really didnt make me feel . esp since i’ve been living here for 6 years and considered pakistan m y2nd country. God bless Paksitan and Indai and keep all the people safe and secure.

  • cwegers

    Interesting to hear that racism is alive and kicking in India. let me tell you something, it is everywhere. I am Australian of English, Scottish and Indian heritage. I live in northern N.S.W. where there is a large Indian community, some families are four generations here. There is a sikh temple right in town, and two bus companies are run by Indians. My landlord is Indian. What I find disgusting is the way the Indian media is pouncing on these stories with such relish, and how quickly it seems that people in India are ready to condemn and hate Australians. Isn’t that straight forward racism? I have even heard of a tit for tat recomendation, bashing Australians in other words. Who are you going to go after, Shane Warn/ Steve Irwin types? It has been noted that at least some of the attacks have been perpetrated by people of Lebanese background. Australian cities are among the most multicultural in the world . It is getting to the point where you can’t stereo type Australians, they could come from any ethnic background.

  • guest01

    Why it only happen to Indian in Australia? There are so many races, but why they are picking on Indian? Did anyone look at other side of the story?

  • Dro

    I agree with Guest01. Personally I have difficulty telling the difference between people from India, Pakistan, Afganistan and various arabic countries. I believe most Australians are like me. As long as people are reasonable who cares where they are from. I do wonder if other nationalities are also experiencing the same thing as I cannot understand why anyone would pick directly on Indians. If it is particularly Indians I wonder if this is as a result of some traditional dislike by people who are capable of telling exactly where someone is from. I do believe the police were stupid to say some of the attacks were not racially motivated at a time when it appears they could not have known if they were or not. Hopefully there is an answer to this problem and the good people that come here can get on peacefully with their lives. I do hate to think people are in fear in Australia because of their nationality.

  • James

    I am what you might consider to be a patriotic Aussie, and True Blue.
    I have been hearing about the Aussie attacks on Indians for some time now, and I am disturbed to think that this great country is falling apart at the seams. I have a family and I am truely fearful for the future my children will have to endure, if this type of behaviour is allowed to continue in this country. I may be wrong but it would seem to me that more than the average attack would involve another ethinic group, eg leb muslims ect.
    I have no problems with people migrating to australia providing they embrace the Aussie way of life eg boardies, bikinies, thongs, jobs, BBQ’S, respect ect.
    Keep in mind that this country was founded with blood sweat and tears and many a good man died fighting for our way of life, and like it or not but this country is and always will be predominatly a laid back relaxed christian country.
    The Genuine Aussie has been asleep but I’m starting to hear them stur in general conversation, we will not let ethnic rivalry ruin this country.
    I feel for all innocent people who are attacked,
    but if the majority of atts on Indians are as a result of other ethnic minorities and race based then its time for them to leave.
    Come to Australia and live well but leave your countries beliefs behind and embrace a new way of life, that way you protect what you did not have before.
    Gangs and Ethnic Groups Must go.
    Just become an Aussie.

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