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Korea: The Death of the Least Corrupt President in Korean History with the Corruption Scandal

Roh Moo-hyun, the previous president of Korea, died today. Suffering from the bribery scandal and investigation from the prosecution authority, the previous president who tried to live a quiet life in his hometown after his governance jumped off of a mountain behind his house. Without any clear evidence of bribery, the pressure from the judiciary and continuous chasing by theof media seemed to lead him to make the dramatic decision. His death shocks Korea. People are upset about this news and pending chaos in politics are cautiously predicted. People’s reactions seem to start from the Internet first.

A storm of posts and opinions regarding this shocking news:

한국이 그를 죽였다

Korea killed him.

역사는 당신을 기득권층에 맞서 서민들을 위해 싸운 대통령으로 영원히 기억할 것입니다.부디 저 세상에서라도 편히 쉬시고 다음에 태어나실때는 당신의 고귀했던 이상과 뜻을 마음껏 펼 수 있는 곳에서 태어나시길 빌겠습니다.

History will remember you as the President who fought against the vested and for people. I wish that you take a rest in the other world and the next time you can be born in a place where you can show your noble ideals and dreams.

이나라의 사법부는 국민을 위한데 있는것이 아니라 권력에 빌붙어 가진자만을 위해 존재한다!!내주위에 돈은 없지만 옳은길을 가는 친구가 있다면 나또한 사비를 털어서라도 그를 도울것이다..도데체 노대통령이 무엇을 얼만큼 잘못했단단 말인가!!전직 대통령이 고향에서 환경운동하면서 살겠다는데 도데체 현정부는 무엇이 그리도 그가 미웠단 말인가!!오바마는 힐러리도 함께 손을 잡고 미국의 미래를 위해 정치하는데..노무현 대통령은 우리 서민의 희망이였다[…]

The judiciary in this country is not for people, but for the powerful!! If I have a friend who doesn’t have money, but has rightful belief, I will also support my friend with my money… What on earth does Roh Moo-hyun do so wrong? The previous president wanted to live in his hometown and to work for the environment. Why does the current government hate him so much? Obama and Hilary hold their hands together and work for the future of America…Roh Moo-hyun was the hope for us.[…]

진정한 우리의 대통령이셨다는걸 훗날 역사는 말해줄것입니다.

Later, history will acknoweldge that you’re the truthful President to us.

현재 전세계 유튜브 , 구글 이용국가중 유일한게 대한민국만 어떠한 덧글도 달지 못하게 봉쇄되어있다 . 언론에서는 정확하지 않은 노통의 비리문제에 대해서 연일 발표를 하고 외신들은 조중동같은 언론의 말을 전할뿐이다 . 글로벌 개념의 매체에서의 한국민 덧글 봉쇄로 조중동의 발표가 진리인것처럼 포장되어 세계인들에게 알려지고 있다…. 얼마나 치밀하고 악독한 독재가 진행되고 있는지 다들 눈을 크게 뜨고 느껴보아라.

Of countries that use youtube and google, Korea is the only country that blocks netizens’ opinions. The media has kept showing the news about Roh’s bribery even though there have not been evidences. Foreign news just convey what Cho-Joong-Dong conservative newspapers say. In this globalized world, due to the blockade of netizens’ opinions, what Cho-Joong-Dong newspapers say is transferred to other countries and regarded as the truth. Open your eyes widely how an elaborate and cruel dictatorship is emerging.

What did the current government do?

[…]착잡한 심정을 지울 수가 없다. 2002년 대선 때, 그렇게도 지지했었고 그 후 그렇게도 비판해 오던 사람이었는데…어쨌든 그가 대중에게 가장 가까이 다가선 인물이었고, 많은 젊은이로 하여금, 또한 네티즌으로 하여금 정치에 관심을 가지고 바라보게 만든 인물이라는 사실을 부정할 사람은 없을 것이다. 그의 죽음을 전해들은 이명박 대통령의 모습을 TV에서 보았다. 기분 탓인지는 모르겠지만 굉장히 초췌해 보인다. 설마하니 노무현이 자신을 내던져 가면서까지 무언가를 주장하리라고는 생각하지 못했을 거다. 아마 이명박 대통령은 그 누구보다도 노무현 전대통령의 서거에 가장 큰 충격을 받았을 거다. 여러가지 의미로.역시나 오늘 노무현 전대통령의 죽음을 애도하는 사람들이 모였다. 설마했지만, 역시나 전경들이 출동했다. 그리고 그를 추모하고자 모인 시민들과 충돌이 일어났다. 게다가 그의 서거가 알려지자마자 수사 종결을 선언하는 엽기적인 짓을 하기에 이른다. 이로서 이명박 정권은 그 스스로 또 하나의 업적을 기리게 된 것이다.

-전직 대통령을 살해한 정권.

[…]My mind is bewildered. In the Presidential Election of 2002, I supported him and later I criticized him…He was the President who approached the public the closest. He was the one who let young people and netizens be interested in and pay attention to politics. I saw Lee Myung-bak(current president) on TV after this news. It seems that he looked pale. He wouldn’t guess that Roh Moo-hyun would give up his life in order to prove his innocence. I am sure that he must be the one who got the most shock. There were many people who would like to console his death in the street. Of course, policemen were there and they had physical conflicts with the people. In addition, as soon as his death was announced, the most ridiculous thing happened. The prosecution authority announced the completion of the investigation. The Lee Government made another record in history.

-The government that murdered the previous President.

Did obssessed investigation and news before the detailed investigation cause this tragedy?

결국 노무현 대통령이 모든것을 않고 떠났습니다.”누구도 원망하지 마라. 운명이다.”평생을 권력과 싸워왔지만 결국은 어쩔수 없음을 운명으로 받아 들이시며 우리 곁을 떠났습니다.검찰….  조중동….  한나라당….  이명박…. 이제 만족하십니까? 속 시원하십니까? 그토록 원하는것이 이것이었습니까?

In the end, Roh Moo-hyun left. “Don’t blame anyone. It is destiny.” He has fought against the authority in his entire life, but he coudn’t do anymore and left us. The prosecution authority….Cho-Joong-Dong (three conservative newspapers)… The Grand National Party…Lee Myung Bak…. now are you satisfied? Do you feel better? Is it what you wanted?

People don’t want to acknowledge this news.

[…]그런데 왜 당신은 몸을 던지셔야만 했나요. 너무나 슬픈 일입니다. 살벌한 독재시대 때 온몸으로 싸우셨던 노무현. 그 독재시대를 주물럭거리며 통치했던 사람들은 부끄럽게도 버젓이 살아있는데.왜 당신이 먼저 가야만 합니까. 부패를 넘어 수많은 민주인사들을 죽음으로 몰고 갔던 시대의 비겁자들은 저렇게 시퍼렇게 살아 뻔뻔하게 살아있는데.[…]

[…]Why did you have to throw your life out? It is so sad. During the cruel dictatorship period, you fought hard. The people who controlled the dictatorship period still live without any problems. Why did you have to leave first? Cowards who led democratic activists to their death are shamelessly alive.[…]

Supporters or non-supporters have the same feeling

[…]학교에서 배웠던 ‘정치'는 학교 밖에서의 ‘정치'와 너무도 달랐었다. 기존 정권에 대한 실망도 컸지만 그래도 그가 말한 ‘소신'과 ‘원칙'에 대한 믿음과 그만한 기대가 있었기에 그를 응원했었다. 열렬한 지지자는 아니었어도 보수 정권과 언론의 돌팔매질에도 꿋꿋한 그를 한 국민으로서 보호해 주고 싶었다. 그래서 난 오히려 거침없이 발언을 하는 그의 모습도 나쁘지 않았다. 오히려 인간적이다 싶었다.[…]

[…]’Politics’ I learned at school and ‘those’ outside the school were so different. I was disapointed at the previous government sometimes, but I supported him because I believed ‘belief’ and ‘principles’ that he said. I was not an enthusiastic supporter, but I wanted to protect him as one who doesn’t give up his principles in spite of harsh actions of the conversative authority and media. I was not against his outspoken comments. I rather felt humane.[…]

This post shows how everyone over the weekend react to this sudden tragedy. Many netizens wrote letters to him.

한 주의 피로를 풀어보려고 늦잠을 잤습니다. 무척 고된 한주를 보내고 맞이하는 토요일의 아침잠은 달콤했습니다.하지만, 늦잠을 자고 일어나 보니 세상이 난리였습니다.믿기지 않았습니다. 믿을수가 없었습니다.하루를 멍하니 뉴스만 바라봤습니다.똑같은 뉴스가 되풀이 되고 있음에도, 화면 가득 익숙한 사람의 얼굴만이 나오고 있어도 실감이 나질 않았습니다. 하루를 마감할때 까지 멍하니 있었습니다. 배도 고프지 않고 그냥 멍하기만 했습니다.

하지만 이제 인정해야 할것 같습니다. 노사모 회원도 아니고, 참여정부에 대해서 비판도 많이 했지만, 당신의 정치철학만은 위대하다고 느꼈습니다.암울한 해충의 시대에 들어서면서 부터 더욱 절실해졌습니다. 기득권에 대한 당신의 함성이 이토록 크게 느껴질때가 없었습니다. 그리고 당신이 우리와 같은 모습으로 넉넉한 웃음을 짓는 것이 큰 위안이 되었습니다.시간이 지나서야 당신의 외로움이 이해가 되었습니다. 기득권과 권위에 대한 당신의 도전이 얼마나 무모하고 위험한것이었는가를 깨닫게 되었습니다.정치적 철학을 이야기 하는 정치가는 많지만 실천하는 정치인은 별로 없습니다. 그런 의미에서 당신은 스스로 험난한 길을 마다않고 실천했습니다. 안주하지 않고 무모한 길을 묵묵히 걸어갔습니다.쉬운길을 택하지 않고 어려운 길이더라도 열정과 신념을 가지만 할수 있다는 것을 보여주었습니다.소수가 아닌 모두가 평등하다는 기본 원칙을 스스로 보여주었습니다.반백년을 이어온 오만한 권위로 부터 승리할 수 있다는 것을 보여주었습니다.아마도 그것은 희망이었던것 같습니다.모진 매를 맞아도, 비바람이 몰아치는 날씨에도 묵묵히 걸어가던 당신의 모습을 이제서야 기억합니다. 왜곡과 박해는 있어도 진실을 감출수 없다는 당신의 말도 기억합니다. 사람들은 바보 노무현이라고 불렀지만, 알듯 모를듯 웃음짓는 당신의 미소를 기억합니다.아마도 그것은 원칙과 소신을 가진자만이 느낄수 있는 여유로움이었던것 같습니다.

이제 인정해야 할것 같습니다.당신이 세상을 떠났다는 사실을 말입니다.그리고 기억해야 할것 같습니다.당신이 하고자 하는 말이 무엇이었는지, 우리가 해야할것들이 무엇인지를 말입니다.어제는 내가 세상에 태어난 날이었습니다.그리고 다음날은 당신이 세상을 떠난 날이 되었습니다. 잊지 못할것 같습니다.당신이 꿈꾸던 세상과, 이루고 싶었던 많은 것들은 결코 잊혀지지 않을겁니다.당신의 목소리를 듣던 사람들이 자라고 성장해서 당신이 꿈꾸던 세상을 만들수 있을겁니다.고생 많으셨습니다.이제 차별과 억압이 없는 그곳에서 행복한 시간 보내시길 바랍니다.

삼가 고인의 명복을 빕니다.

I overslept in order to get rid of the tiredness of a week. Morning sleep of Saturday is always so sweet. But when I woke up, the world was chaotic. I didn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it. The whole day, I just looked at news in a daze. Even though the same news were repeated and on the screen the familiar face appeared on and on, I couldn’t believe it. Until the day is gone, I was stunned. I didn’t feel hungry the whole day. I was just blank.

But I think I have to acknowledge it now. I am not a member of Rohsamo (association that loves Roh Moo-hyun). I criticized your governance, but I always thought your political philosophy is great. Since this horrible period (current government) started, I have felt more desperate to you. I have never felt how important your voice against the vested has been. And your familiar smile like ours comforted me. As time goes by, I could understand your loneliness. I realized how dangerous and risky your challenge against the vested and the authority was. There are many politicians who talk about political philosophy, but there are a few who make those happen. But you didn’t hesitate and tried to implement. You didn’t stop and kept walking your way. You didn’t choose the easy way. You showed that passion and belief can make it happen even though the process is not easy.You showed everyone not a few is equal. You showed that we can win against arrogant authority that has been kept more than 50 years. I remember you who kept walking in harsh times and storm weathers. I remember you said that even though there are distortion and persecution, the truth can’t be hidden forever. People called you dumb Roh Moo-hyun, but I remember your smile. The smile could be only from the person who has his own principles and belief.

Now, I think I have to acknowledge the fact that you left this world. And I should remember what you would like to say and what we have to do. Yesterday was the day I was born in this world. And today is the day you left this world. I will not forget. I will not forget the world you have dreamt and you would like to accomplish. The people who listen to your voice will grow up and will make the world you dream. You did so many things. I hope that you have nice time in a place that doesn’t have any discrimination and pressure.

I pray for the repose of your soul.



  • That’s really sad…

    The living examples of people like him give me hope in better world, his suicide really upsets me.

  • Sonagi

    “Without any clear evidence of bribery”

    Your liberal slip is showing. Former supporter Park Yeon-cha has testified that he handed over $6 million to Roh’s wife after she asked for money. Roh himself, while denying the charge of bribery, implicitly acknowledged having supported Park’s business ventures in Vietnam, and his family members have admitted to destroying incriminating evidence like the purchase contract for the luxury apartment in New York.

    Roh was probably guilty of soliciting large sums of money and using it for personal and family expenses. His predecessors all were corrupt, too, and once Lee Myung-bak leaves office, he is almost sure to be investigated unless he manages to get a loyal successor elected.

    In Korean presidential politics there seems to be an unending cycle of corruption and retribution. Perhaps the next president can break the cycle.

  • R. Elgin

    “Sonagi” is very much correct. The quoted posters above that claim

    “그의 죽음을 전해들은 이명박 대통령의 모습을 TV에서 보았다. 기분 탓인지는 모르겠지만 굉장히 초췌해 보인다. 설마하니 노무현이 자신을 내던져 가면서까지 무언가를 주장하리라고는 생각하지 못했을 거다.”

    are both factually wrong and foolish.

    If there is an issue of blame, it could very well be made against Roh’s family members that profited at his expense, treating him more like a cash cow, thus exposing him to legal prosecution, and that is a real tragedy.

    There are also questions that are not being asked, for example, about the missing Blue House electronic archival records. As of now, there is about two-thirds of the original data that has not been accounted for. I am told that the original hard disk storage was also sabotaged so as to prevent data recovery too. What did Roh and his aides want to hide so desperately that they stole the records from the official archives? Does Roh’s suicide have anything to do with this? What was the objective of the prosecutors that were holding off questioning Roh or arresting him? What were they after, if not to arrest Roh?

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