Egypt: President's Grandson Dies

Egyptian President Hosny Mubarak's eldest grandson, Mohammed, has died at a Paris hospital after a brief illness.
Bloggers were quick to react to the 13-year-old's death – which was met by silence in the Egyptian official media when the story first broke.

Zeinobia wrote here:

Now it was announced he was dead and he died there after an operation or even  may be in the operation room. May be he suffered from a tumor that no one noticed except when it was too late and was spread :(
It has not been announced on the Egyptian TV yet strangely,the TV is acting as if nothing has happened, may be they have not receive the orders yet .
I feel so sad for him.
May Allah bless his soul , he was just 13 years old and it is enough that he is in heaven now. My condolence to his family regardless of what I think about them.

Also Nawara wrote a blog post here about it:

ربنا يرحمه ويصبر امه وابوه، التلفزيون المصري ما جابش سيرة، ساعات البني ادم من كتر حرصه مع غباوته يبقى جلياط، يعني الولد توفاه الله، رحمة الله عليه، مش يذيعوا خبر ويعزوا على الاقل امه؟ مكتمين على ايه؟ نفسي افهم عقلية الابيض واسود ومسلسل هارب من الايام دي ح تخلص امتى، دول لسة ما وصلوش للتلفزيون الملون، هو فيه حاجة بتختفي؟
اهو كل الناس عرفت اهو وقالت وهم مخبيين خبر الدنيا كلها عرفته
God bless his soul and give his parents patience. The Egyptian National TV hasn't mentioned the news yet. Sometimes people are so stupid and their stupidity makes them act in a very rude way. Aren't they supposed to show their condolence to his parents? What are they hiding? I still can get their ancient (Black & White) way of thinking. Nowadays it is almost impossible to act like this and hide news from people. Come on, everybody knew it now, so why are they still hiding it.

Finally, nowadays, it's not enough to follow the blogs only. Twitter has got its share of reactions too.

@NoraYounis said:

Mubarak's grandson, Mohammed 13years, dies of brain hommerage!

@ShadySamir added:

Everyone. If you're against Mubarak please don't take it out on a dead 13 year old boy. This makes you worse than a tyrant.

@BentMasreya agreed:

I'm sorry for that too :( Allah yer7amouh) [May God have mercy on him].

And @tercowas said:

A child death breaks any heart :-(


  • K.E.

    I am very sorry for the kid but I know that he is in heavens right now and I hope this will wake hosny up and I hope that he know now that God give time but never neglect and may this will remind hosny by the thousands of Egyptian children in the cancer and kidney hospitals suffering from the toxic foods I hope this is not the last grief for him and his kids and I hope every one know now that illegal money never prosper

  • Sherin Wagdy

    God rest his soul, Grant him his merci, Grant his mother Patience…ya Rab.

  • EgyptianGuy

    I go to his school and he wasn’t 13. He was 11. He was a very cute little child. He was a great and funny character and added a lot of spirit to the school. It was horrible news to us all when we found out about his passing. A school announcement was made and everyone was crying all day. It was traumatizing. He will truly be missed by all our hearts in Cairo American College. May you rest in peace dear soul.

  • an egyptian

    Cairo American college!! I feel bad for his mom and his grandmother too, but who can afford the cairo american college ,people in Egypt are dying from hunger and some are swimming in a pool fool of bad money , oh and by the way in most cases you have to kill people to get all this money either directly, indirectly ( may be by selling drugs or may be by firing qualified people to hire someone from may be the Cairo American college and the qualified employee has no money to feed his 11 year son who later dies from poverty, or may be the mokhabarat will decide he is danger and do whatever it takes to kill his 11 year son )when will these people wake up and feel how bad their act was

  • whocares

    to hell to the spoilt brat and all his ‘royal’ family. why was he sent to be hospitalised in Paris? why not treated in Egypt like the rest of the common people? didn’t do him any good obviously. according to the stupid ertu1, all Egyptians are mourning his death? it’s amazing, no body mourns the thousands who have died in Mubarak’s regime prisons..why? just because he was born with a silver spoon. let his folks feel the bitterness of loosing a child just like millions of Egyptians are loosing their children to illness, poverty and starvation.. let them feel the agony of every Palestinian family that lost a loved one in the Gaza blockade in which Mr. Mubarak played a major role in their brutal murder by the butchers of the Israeli army.

    • masreya

      shame on u … is this mercy ? who r u 2 judge human grief ? god forgives u enshallah . poor or rich , sufferance is 1 & same .. bad enough 2 many die or r ill & helpless ; we all try 2 do something , pray 4 mercy , but not curse any 1 : da haram & not makboul from the creator … allah yer7amou we yer7amna gami3an .

  • Mona

    I agree with you in some statements you made, and totally disagree. Human are judgmental especially Arabs, we always forget that there is God who see every one and know who is good and bad. We do not know anything we only judge and sometimes blind judgement too. A child is a child innocent poor or rich, some kids who are lucky because they are the president’s sone or grandson and some are not very lucky suffers from poverty or hunger (God said that ‘’wa ya-weheb al molk le mn ya-shaa’’) unless you were personally effected by something happened to you personally and you knew it was not fair, I would still not say that, it is after all a horrible family crises I would never wish it on my enemy. Egyptian in Australia , ah and not because I am in Australia you will think ah rich people and I did not suffer from poverty and hanger in my life, I actually did and why I was so lucky to escape that was because my education and my perseverance to succeed in life, I also never stoped braying for God to help me

  • SweetWilliam

    My condolences to the family.

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