Hong Kong: Donald Tsang, please die!

Last week, the public was outraged by the Chief Executive Donald Tsang‘s remark on June 4 Incident in the Legislative Council's policy address in May 13. When asked about his personal view on the vindication of June 4 student movement, he answered:

I understand Hong Kong people’s feelings about June 4, but the incident happened many years ago. The country’s development in many areas has since achieved tremendous results and brought economic prosperity to Hong Kong. I believe Hong Kong people will make an objective assessment of the nation’s development.

He then claimed that his view represented the general public's opinion, which invited more criticism as he was not elected by Hong Kong people. ESWN translated a poll from HKU and the public opinion showed that more than 58% said the Chinese government was wrong in the June 4 repression, although a majority of the public believed the human rights condition has been improving in the last three years. (Detail reports and polls see ESWN)

How the public has been outraged by Donald Tsang's comment? This music video, Donald Tsang, Please Die, which has more than 30,000 views over the weekend, reflects vividly the public sentiment:

Donald Tsang, please die
我哋實上街 (translation: we will definitely take on the street to protest)
Donald Tsang, please die
When will you be fired?


Imagine today Donald your hand was chopped off by somebody
Twenty years later that somebody has become the Chief Executive
Will you stop seeking justice because of his achievement?
And ask yourself give up pursuing for justice?

Donald Tsang, please die
我哋實上街 (translation: we will definitely take on the street to protest)
Donald Tsang, please die
We’re all poor guys


Tung Chee Hwa (Former Chief Executive) was poor in his performance
But his conscience is better than yours.
What you have achieved in your term
Is the strengthening of people's demand for democracy.

Donald Tsang, please die
When will you die?
Donald Tsang, please die…
When will you be fired?

The song is written by Ah P from a group called my little airport.


  • lol

    Why Hongkong folks fixated at a event happened 20 yrs ag0? 1989, HK was not even part of China back then. I don’t it was matter realte to HK. HKers are just overly obsessed about something it’s not even part of.

    • Dot

      cos Hong Kong people are Chinese people. We care about our people. whilst we look ahead, we should lose our principles. Apologizing for what we have done wrong is easier than what we imagine.

  • @Lol: By the same logic, no non-Chinese should be concerned with 6/4 and Chinese people should not be concerned about the Iraq War or anything else that doesn’t affect them. Plenty of people care about 6/4 because they believe a wrong was committed and it should be atoned for. You were definitely not a part of World War II, but I’m sure you still have strong feelings towards the Japanese and are unhappy everytime someone goes to Yasukuni Shrina.

  • lol

    so, why HK people don’t care about the cultural revolution, the greap leap era?

  • @lol:
    What makes you think that HK people do not care about the Cultural Revolution and the Great Leap Forward? Many HK people over the age of 50 would still remember the strikes, the riots, the curfews, the corpses floating down the Pearl River Delta … Many of them had to send money and food parcels to their relatives throughout the 1950s and 1960s. If HK people don’t care and don’t remember, why do you think so many of them eventually choose to vote with their feet?

  • Cal

    LOL – Telling HK people to forget about June 4 is like telling the Americans to ignore what happened on Sept. 11. Get it.

  • Adrian

    You people have to chill, there was never once a perfect leader in the history of anywhere, not only you were harsh but was also extremely cold and to say something like “die” really just reflect on yourself as being extremely ignorant and was obviously raised in a poor mannered family. So the best thing to do would be put things aside and move on, is not that big of a deal and is not like you could ever in your life do any better than he is doing.

    • Edmond

      The following is just my personal opinion. It seems to me Adrian you are grown up in a well-protected environment, living in a green house. As normal people we live in a world with poluted air and a hypocritical chief executive. I do want to ignore both, but this wont do me any good. I do not want to breathe in the bad air and pretend it is good. I know this is a hypocritical chief executive, so I cannot smile to him. Hope I can bring you out of your green house, but if you want to stay inside, sorry to destroy your sweet dream. Anyway, you may not even live here so this is not your concern.

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