15 May 2009

Stories from 15 May 2009

Tunisia: Ammar 404 is Back and Censoring Blogs Again

After a short hiatus, the dreaded Ammar 404 has once again attacked the Tunisian blogosphere. Ammar is the nickname given by Tunisian bloggers to the censorship machine plaguing their access to the Internet and his victim this time is Zig Zag blog by 3amrouch. Tunisian bloggers show solidarity with their colleague by reprinting the material which blocked his blog in the first place.

Guatemala: Rosenberg Video Causes Uncertainty and Speculation

  15 May 2009

A video was recently released by slain Guatemalan lawyer Rodrigo Rosenberg where he accused President Alvaro Colom, the First Lady and 2 close associates of being responsible for his murder. The reactions by the Guatemalan blogosphere and twittosphere has even led to the arrest of one for inciting financial panic. However, there is speculation that even more could be targeted for spreading information and opinions about the case, which has been prominent using the hashtag #escandalogt. As details emerge, it is certain that it will continue to be a highly discussed topic.

Video: 48 Hour Young Lions YouTube Contest and others you can join

Tonight could be your chance to make it big in the online video field, almost anywhere you live. All it takes is 48 hours to make, upload and get as many votes on your video, and you could go to the Cannes Film Festival. If you can't make it on time, don't worry: following is a list of other contests open for participants from all around the world.

Pakistan: Fighting Poverty Through Microfinance

  15 May 2009

Riaz Haq writes how Microfinancing, along with social entrepreneurship can help empower ordinary people in Pakistan and in other countries “to become self-reliant by lifting them out of poverty and teaching them the right skills to help themselves.”

Dominica, Cuba: Bird Festival

  15 May 2009

“I just discovered—to my absolute delight—that the VII Festival of Caribbean Endemic Birds is being celebrated throughout the region”: Repeating Islands provides details.

India: Perils Of An Unstable Government

  15 May 2009

On the day before the election results Blogs from Brain comments on the perils of an unstable government: “Once the results are out, the next thing is the stability of the Government. Most of them are aware that due to proliferation of regional parties with which the Government will be...

Aruba, U.S.A.: Hubble Engineer

  15 May 2009

Repeating Islands profiles Dr. Edward Cheung, an Aruban of Chinese descent who is the Principal Engineer of the Hubble Space Telescope Service Project.

Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago: CLICO Investigations

  15 May 2009

“Bad judgment or criminal wrongdoing?” asks Barbados Free Press of the CLICO debacle, adding: “The Government of Trinidad and Tobago has launched a criminal investigation into the house of cards known as CLICO and has hired one of the most respected forensic investigators in the world: Robert Lindquist.”

India: Remembering The 1984 Anti-Sikh Riots

  15 May 2009

Sidhusaaheb at I, Me, Myself remembers the Operation Blue Star and the 1984 anti-Sikh riots in Delhi, India. The riots were triggered by the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on October 31, 1984, by two of her Sikh bodyguards (in retaliation for Operation Bluestar). The article in three parts...

Jamaica, Dominican Republic: Whale Watching

  15 May 2009

“Most well meaning individuals who seek out whale watching and other ecotourism activities are not aware of the potential danger that wildlife watching can cause”: Jamaican diaspora blogger Labrish expains.

Egypt: Court bans Porn Sites

Lawyer Nizar Ghorab (Ghorab translates to Crow in Arabic) filed a lawsuit calling for banning porn sites because they destroy the core values of the Egyptian society. The Administrative Court in Cairo ruled in his favor. Between anger and sarcasm, Egyptian bloggers react to the ruling.

South Africa: “Cape Africa” Time

  15 May 2009

Koluki writes about the exhibition of contemporary African culture in Cape Town, South Africa, “Borrowing its title from the acclaimed novel by Capetonian author Alex La Guma, A Walk Into the Night is an innovative project inspired by the history of the Cape Town Carnival.”

China: Earthquake, one year later

  15 May 2009

Michele Scrimenti from Chinageek translate Chang Ping's article on the 1st anniversary of Sichuan earthquake: Earthquake, One Year Later: Today Should Not Be a Celebration.

Kenya: Guns should be legal

  15 May 2009

Tom wants guns to be legal in Kenya: “The government through propaganda is failing to protect the security of the individual and property. Kenya is hence a state where life is brutish, hash and nasty because of laws placed by someone who has guards 24/7.”

Nigeria: Gas flaring to continue

  15 May 2009

Sokari writes about gas flaring in Nigeria, “The Nigerian government has once again extended the deadline to end gas flaring…Gas flaring is the burning of the natural gas that is produced on the surface during the production process. The gas produces huge flames and toxic gases.”