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MENA: Does Swine Flu Spread from Touching Pigs?

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More than 14 centuries after Islam prohibited the consumption of pork, pigs are once again making headlines across the Arab world – this time in the form of tweets.

Roba Al Assi [1] from Jordan is shocked with people's reactions towards the disease:

Roba Al Assi's tweet [2]

OpusP [3] remarks on Egypt's decision [4] to cull swine saying:

opusp's tweet [5]

aaalana [6], from Aleppo, Syria, is excited the disease has not been detected in that country:

aaalana's tweet [7]

Meanwhile, Lebanese habibh [8] sees the disease as a blessing in disguise, hoping it would curb some traditions, like the exchange of kisses when greeting people:

habibh's tweet [9]

Still in Lebanon, QifaNabki [10] brushes off swine flu as a smaller concern, noting:

qifanabki's tweet [11]

And this post will not be complete, if the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not dragged into the matter. NewsatEleven [12] jokes:

newsateleven [13]