China: Car racing incident

On 7 of May, around 20:05, a 25 year-old young man Tan Zhuo (譚卓 see thumb nail photo) was hit and killed by a racing car when he was walking in a zebra crossing at Wen E Si road in Han Zhou. According to witnesses, the car was racing with another two cars in extremely high speed and Tan was thrown 5 meters upward before hitting the ground. The driver was an undergraduate student of a local university, Hu Bin, with rich family background. There were no tire-mark in the scene, and Tan's body was landed 20 meters away from the spot he was hit. Below is a T.V report on the incident:

70 km car speed only

Police report on the next day quoted from the driver and his friends’ side of the story and stated that the car speed was only 70 km when Tan was hit. And the police said that they were yet to confirm whether Tan was in the zebra crossing. Even the reporters were outraged by the one-sided story presented by the police and challenged the police during the press conference:

No more reports!

However, local propaganda department has issued notice to all media organization in Han Zhou demanding that there should be no more follow up report on the car racing incident. Meanwhile netizen were outraged by the attitude of Hu and his racing gang. A photo showed that they didn't show any remorse after the accident.


Uptill now there are more than 1.3 million visits to a single Tianya's post with more than 15,000 comments, below is just a selection of some:

Outraged netizens

清风匝地123 2009-05-08 09:07:53


Support human flesh search engine, there is no law and no justice.

伤心的马甲12 2009-05-08 09:15:04  



There are about 400 hit for this post, how come not so many comments.
I think this kind of post should be lifted to the top to create social pressure. I wish major portal and newspapers would report on this. We have so many such kind of scums in Han Zhou, many of my friends have witnessed similar incidents. If the government does not strike hard on this, more people lives will be at stake.

稻草玩偶 2009-05-08 09:18:53  




If the driver has a license, car accident is not a big issue and the compensation for killing someone is less than injuring someone. This gang of rich are human scum, these drivers are beasts.

Driving with a license do not need to take up criminal responsibility, that's why they can laugh like this as if nothing serious has happened.

走过路过人生 2009-05-08 09:21:04  



I don't hate the rich, but I hate such kind of attitude after taking away other's life. They lack basic education for being so cold to life. What else can they do in this future? Such kind of behavior is no different with murder…

东元的KK 2009-05-08 09:22:09


Last year, a worse tragedy happened. A couple who just had their new born baby was taking a walk near the river, a over speed car killed them both on spot.

wlvlb 2009-05-08 09:27:32  



This is China, get used to it and everything is fine.

空水氤氲 2009-05-08 09:46:01  


  这不就是 杀人吗 他们明明知道市区道路人多
  还开这么快 撞死人是必然的

We should demand the government to change the law. This is murder, they know that there are so many people in the street. With such high speed, it is inevitable that someone would be killed, although who would be the victim is random.

Human flesh search engine

Human flesh search engine decided to do the justice themselves and dig up all the information concerning Hu Bin, including his parent’ identity, his I.D card number, photo, mobile phone number, QQ number and even password (which is his car license number). Moreover, human flesh search engine also found out that the same car had two records in exceeding speed limit and the car's engine has been modified.

As online discussion about the incident has been harmonized (critical and emotional comments were deleted), two websites have been set up to collect information and update about this car racing incident: and

Candle night vigil and open letter

Tan's family, friends, fiancee, alumni, teachers and colleagues organized a candle night vigil on the next day and jointly signed an open letter to the city mayor asking for a thorough investigation on the case. Today (May 10), there will be another commemoration gathering at the city mortuary. For those who cannot attend the vigil can sign up here.

Below are photos about the candle night vigil in May 8 (via and 70yard):





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  • R. Elgin

    The embedded news video does not play. a blank blue frame comes up with the words “the clip has been blocked in your region”.

    Somehow, I don’t think that the MIC in Korea blocks this kind of thing, though they are often questionable in their judgement.

  • R. Elgin

    P.S. the above video is also blocked if I use a German proxy, so it is definitely not a Korean issue of blocking content.

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