Southeast Asia: Twitter reactions on H1N1 virus

In the previous post, I featured the reactions of Southeast Asian bloggers on the H1N1 virus. This time, I will highlight the twitter reactions from twitterers in the region. Twitter posts are alternative sources of information and news updates about the virus scare. They also help us figure out the sentiments and knowledge of ordinary citizens about the H1N1. Here is a sample of the tweets in the region:


andrewong2024: Swine flu will now be called H1N1… The pigs are innocent. I'm having pork chop for lunch later!
tealeafs: Bad mood. Burning throat. Troubled mind. Unsettled feeling. Kinda broke. Swine flu, melting ice-caps, falling economy … pizz off. Gdnite
maxteo: SG Army banning their personnel from going to HK, Macau just because HK is under the affected list now with 1 confirmed with swine flu.
feministmentor: RT @gssq “90 people get the swine flu and everyone wants to wear a mask. Millions get HIV, and no one wants to wear a condom”
lemonadediets: just discover a way to fight the swine flu using the traditional chinese herbs.. a chinese experienced doc just shared it wif me.


ranbutan93: Staying at home.Afraid that swine flu finally hitting home.Helping sister doing history.Anybody know bout the LoN?
Almahera: I don't know anyone who calls it H1N1. It's still swine flu to most of us. Doesn't make any difference anyways. Like changing ITM to UITM.
mikefoong: if I am perspiring. It's a good thing means no swine flu. When I am sneezing you better run. I can sneeze quite loud. :P
nocturnale: If I were a swine flu virus, I would only infect my dishonest, lying, duplicitous nemesis.
syooq: just got a scare that the westerners-imported SWINE FLU (or SELSEMA BABI we Malaysians called it) has find its way into Asia…yikessss!!!


aulia: A maid who arrived in Surabaya from Taiwan is the 1st suspected Indonesian swine flu carrier according to #metrotv (via @wolwol)
fujitasenpai: RT @BrandingComm: Rebranding Idea: instead of “Swine Flu” how about “Hamdemic”, “Aporkalypse” or “Snoutbreak”?
antonnyliem: Dimsum@ taipan. Yummy! Unfortunately because of the swine flu all pork has been replaced with beef. Poor porky.
cindywombywomby: @tear96 haha xD my friend thought swine flu means swan flu lol
jovitwiggy: I could go another 10 years without hearing the words “swine flu” again. Seriously people, there's better news. What's Britney doing?


lindtdale: It's crazy to travel nowadays. impossible for you not to get harassed at the airport because of the swine flu. FAIL.
keanoidd: Obesity is the real swine flu.
eybiay: wishes that the suspected swine flu case in Cebu is not true. :(
acieissobloggin: im afraid of pork right now but im much terrified that swine flu is going to hit the country anytime. and hey,we're not in any way prepared
danni_cj: I hate it when I turn on the news and find people being paranoid about this swine flu and realize that they remind me so MUCH of myself.


ktardwut: When i told my roommate i was sick she nearly ran from the room while asking me if i had swine flu. Lmfao. Paranoid much
aardvarksilver: Swine flu….still? At least it takes our minds off the economy for a while.LOL
stickmanbkk: Hope I dont get the Swine Flu. I got wasted in the naughty Bangkok bars last night. Woke up this morning to find a pig sleeping next to me.
zen_global: is “swine flu” the latest in global population control?

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