World Videos: “Swine Flu” Perspectives, Humor and a Grain of Salt.

Videos tend to reflect people's states of mind at a set moment in time. People react different ways in the face of crisis, and for all those who have been reading, viewing and absorbing information on the “Swine Flu” (properly known as Influenza A virus subtype H1N1), it might get complicated not only to sort out factual information from rumors, but also to deal with the new restrictions and recommendations. Some find a way to share their state of mind through videos, and this is what I bring to you today: thought provoking, skeptical, musically inclined, creative and humorous videos.

First off we have the Atomicos, an indie rock band from Puebla who have written a song and uploaded a video with English Subtitles regarding the swine flu and the different measures taken. The video has also been translated into French for the videoblog Le Buzz Dorothée. The band's videos and other non-swine flu related songs can be found on their MySpace page.

Big bands are also cashing in on the Swine Flu: The Agrupación Cariño has the Influenza Cumbia which has been dubbed in English, for the listening pleasure of many more people. Following is the English version, and after that you may also view the one in Spanish.

The Bandaloz Group from Durango in Mexico also produced a quite catchy Influenza song where they sing about all the security measures needed to protect oneself from the virus:

In Mexico, people have also been making videos of how life is going on for those who live in the cities, how the situation is being faced at the origin. shizo79 uploaded this video taken on the streets of Mexico City, where of the few people who are outside on the streets some have their masks on, some are mask-less and others wear their masks around their necks:

This cute Mexican girl named Jimena wrote a song about how daily life is going in for students like her, and the smooth rhythm and poignant lyrics reflect what the safety measures are doing for the citizens. Part of the lyrics of her song We're out of Face Masks (which she translated into English on her YouTube page) say:

Damn flu
I can't get out of my house
the news tell me to get rest
don't start saying bullcrap
cus is not the world's end yet

We're out of face masks
a note on a door: “There's no vaccines till november”
peoples gettin crazier
panic purchases & we don't even have enough food

Bars, concerts & festivals
shows, “antros” & restaurants (that kind of rimed yay)
the movies, coffee shops & sweet16s
everything was cancelled to keep us safe

So what about the rest of the world? From Australia where a Swine Flu case was already confirmed, Community Channel's Natalie posts a video commenting on the paranoid reactions people have been having to anyone who makes the mistake to cough or sneeze:

And last but not least: it was only a matter of time before someone came up with a video game for the swine flu. In SwineFighter, you have to aim a syringe to flying pigs over a map, innoculating them and preventing the virus from spreading before time runs out. You can play HERE.


  • MK

    Before you let anyone that you love get the “swine flu” vaccine, you might want to consider these facts:

    The swine flu vaccine contains about 8 strains of virus not just the H1N1. There have been deaths from testing just a few of the components in this lethal cocktail. Homeless people died in Poland, hundreds of children died in China and almost all of the test animals died.

    For 15 years, the same government that said that it had no idea that anyone was intending to fly airplanes into the world trade center has been telling us that there is a pandemic coming. How can you trust what they say?

    Baxter Labs, the company that got the contract to make the vaccine, shipped 72 liters of live virus around the world in March 2009–JUST BEFORE THE INITIAL OUTBREAKS BEGAN. The outbreak appears to correspond to locations where the virus containers broke. As yourself, do you want to take anything from a manufacturer that claims that their “quality” control is what permitted live virus on the street?

    The rush to vaccinate everybody with a vaccine that is not proven is insane. Not only could it cause an unstoppable wave of mutations of the various viruses by placing them in a vast array of genetic environments (viruses mutate to better attack an individual’s unique genetics).

    If Congress is so sure that this is safe, why are they making it illegal to sue the vaccine manufacturers if death, incapacitation or other injuries are caused by the vaccine?


    Since the 1980s, the number of vaccinations given to US children has skyrocketed. They now have to have 68 injections for a variety of things that the statistics tell us aren’t that common. Here is the really bad news: The US vaccinates more than any country in the world and we have the HIGHEST under 5 years mortality rates in the world.

    For 6 times as many vaccinations, we have 60 times as many chronic illnesses in our children. ADHD, ADD, asthma, autism are all at the highest level that they have ever been. If that is not bad enough, there is a strong connection between a wide variety of very common cancers and contamination of vaccines with a monkey virus SV-40.

    From everything that I could find, it appears that vaccination in general is a terrible idea except for the pharmaceutical companies that sell the vaccines and medicines to treat the effects of vaccines.


    More people die annually from flu vaccinations than from the flu.

    More people died in 1976 from the vaccination than from the flu by a huge margin.

    The American College of Surgeons and GPs (I think) voted in St. Louis in 2000 not to push for mandatory vaccinations of any type because their value was dubious.

    Sabin, Salk and Jenner renounced vaccinations. Jenner, inventor of smallpox vaccine, would not permit anyone in his family to get vaccinated after the one son that he tested the vaccine on developed a brain inflammation that left him hopelessly retarded.

    Sabin said that the polio vaccine did not stop epidemics. Salk said virtually the same thing.

    Statistics (which are deliberately concealed by the various health protection agencies) reveal that no epidemic has ever been stopped by vaccinations. Polio, smallpox, diptheria, etc., all were halted by QUARRANTINES AT HOME and not by vaccination. Vaccinations began in every single instance when the diseases were already beginning to die out.

    Polio was never wiped out. They just changed its name to Cox-Sachie or Guillame-Barre or indeterminant neurological disorder (or another fancy way of saying, “I can see the microbial causing the problem but I can’t identify it/or tell you what it is.”

    THE BOTTOM LINE IS THIS: Why would you let anyone vaccinate you against a flu with an untested vaccine that contains a huge assortment of viruses, aluminum hydroxide (causes infertility and neurological/brain problems) and squalene (infertility and death in test animals)? Even more importantly, why would you let anyone vaccinate you with anything when vaccinations seem to cause more problems than the diseases themselves?

    Why are we rushing to get people vaccinated when there the CDC and the WHO have admitted (a) that their quick cultures for the viruses involved don’t work 40 to 50 percent of the time and (b) they don’t know how many people have actually died FROM THE SWINE FLU and (c) People have actually died from the vaccine and its components?

    What is so all fired important that the government is bringing out the troops to vaccinate us? What is so important that they have given the vaccine manufacturers a free pass on damages? I don’t know , unless it is that people will find out that the government caused the financial meltdown along with a lot of other things….and they are afraid that if we aren’t all sick and dying, we will take action against them.

  • MK

    Sorry, I forgot to mention a couple of things:

    One, all the information that you want is at:

    Two, there are lawsuits against Baxter for attempted genocide and the Czech government is so disgusted with Baxter’s inability to explain why they shipped live virus around and why their tests kill animals that the Czechs have cancelled their vaccine order completely.

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