Iran:Delara Darabi Executed

Mohammad Mosatfai, an Iranian lawyer, informs [fa] us that Iran has executed a 23-year-old woman, Delara Darabi,for a crime committed when she was a 17 years old. Watch a video about Delara and her paintings here.


  • John Power

    I think that the treatment of Delara by thwe Islamic Republic of Guilan was terrible. Why such states as this are tolerated to exist today is beyond me. This place is ruled by a governor who has no regard for the law and does not even consider his state to be part of Iran (so it is not surprising that they did not uphold the two month review imposed by Tehran as all decisions made in IRG are from the capital city Rasht).
    The world community needs to be aware of these fascist breakaway fiefdoms that rule like medieval tyrants (Iran has not had a government since 1978, Afghanistan not since 1980 and Pakistan is losing its government to separatists at present and we all know about Iraq). What has replaced these once great, tolerant and peaceful nations are Mad Max styled post apocalyptic nightmare feudal systems lead by gunmen. Unfortuately, world powers in the past have used these factions in their struggles for world dominance and it suits some to have a wek Iran etc without a proper central government. Khamenei, Ahmadinejad and the rest have no power whatsoever outside Tehran just like Karzai has none outside Kabul. The Taliban and its Iranian copycats the Basiji have too much power.

  • Aideen Shirazi

    I agree with the above. The Republic of Guilan is one of the most beautiful places in the world but is ruled by one of the worst regimes in the world.

    Imagine living in a country that has had no central government since 1977. Imagine the country breaking up into tribal divisions run by guntoting terrorist drug dealers. Imagine these people making the law of the land. No, this is not out of some Mel Gibson or Patrick Swayze film! This is happening in what used to be Iran, Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan. Iran last had a government in 1977 and not 1978! The Shah’s last few years started the apocalypse of the Persian nation. Khomeini was way too old and returned only after the gunmen took over. He did not want to end up like the Shah. 2 presidents who did try to implemtn a government ended up exiled and dead. Ever since, the attitude of the so-called state of Iran has been to let “army type thugs” rule as they wish each state as long as they let the central government get rich! The upcoming elections in Iran mean nothing. Far from being a major power that is a threat to the world, the so-called IRI is a weak and failed stated that is afraid of drug deales who rule the Eastof Iran and Basiji thugs who rule the rest of the states. The fact that none of these like each other means that there often is civil war inside the borders of Iran.

    You are quite right to point out that Ahmadinejad and company only can control Tehran. Why do you think that one minute he is denying the holocaust and giving out about Israel (Israel are not saints either but that’s beside the point) and then talking about new relations with the USA. This is because: on one hand, the government is afraid of the thugs who rule each of the republics within the borders of Iran who just about tolerate central government as long as it does not interfere in tribal affairs. On the other, the government is besotted with America and would love to be America’s local policeman in the region. A little like North Korea. Ahmadinejad is like that jealous lover who wants the girl but badmouths her because she doesn’t want to play ball. Ahmadinejad is an atheist PhD graduate on one hand (he never was a Mullah) but his training as a lecturer (i.e. to pretend to be interested in a subject when you are not) can also play the religious card and pretend he is besotted with god (he ain’t). Ahmadinejad is a moderniser who wants to stop capital punishment but he is also afraid to do anything practical about it. He also has cahmpioned women’s rights but is also afraid to do anything practical. He did legalise forms of alcohol after deaths with bootleg stuff were reported. But, Ahmadinejad (or the so-called supreme leader (Shah?) Khamenei for that matter) do not have power. They can be overthrown any minute by hardened ex-Iran-Iaq war veterans and all other criminal types who really run the place.

    The world would be a much better place with a strong Iran and not a weak and divided one encompassing for the most part by dictatorial fiefdoms with virtual 100% indepedence like Guilan. However, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Israel/Palestine, Iraq and Somalia are even worse places and that more orderly but equally repressive hellhole Saudi Arabia appears to be the most stable country in the area. There’s something wrong.

    Aideen (originally from what once was Iran).

  • G

    What is Republic of Guilan? Guilan is a province (not state) of Iran and has no independent authority or justice system. Just something I needed to point out.

  • MHM

    Guilan is a state of Iran, a country that is fast falling apart. It might as well be an independent republic because its governors are corrupt and pay higher officials to gain more power. Just like everywhere else where there’s a dictator – the dictators in Iran have to give its provinces freedoms – to local tinpot dictators not the people – in return for support.

    Mir Hossein Mousavi, I hope, will topple the Iranian regime that is prolonging recession and animosity for Iran and the world. 20 years ago, they got rid of East Europe dictatorships hiding behind communism. Now is the time to get rid of a dictatorship further East hiding behind “Islamocommunism”.

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