1 May 2009

Stories from 1 May 2009

India: Absentee Voters

  1 May 2009

The Acorn discusses about the absent Indian voter syndrome (AIVS): “It is clear that simple explanations of why eligible voters don’t vote are insufficient to explain AIVS phenomenon. Better analysis is required.”

Armenia: May Day opposition rally

The Caucasian Knot, the blog of Global Voices Online's Caucasus editor, posts an account as well as videos and photographs shot on mobile and originally uploaded or streamed live to various online sites of today's opposition rally in Yerevan, the Armenian capital, ahead of the municipal election to be held...

World Videos: “Swine Flu” Perspectives, Humor and a Grain of Salt.

  1 May 2009

Videos tend to reflect people's states of mind at a set moment in time. People react different ways in the face of crisis, and for all those who have been reading, viewing and absorbing information on the "Swine Flu" (properly known as Influenza A virus subtype H1N1), it might get complicated not only to sort out factual information from rumors, but also to deal with the new restrictions and recommendations. Some find a way to share their state of mind through videos, and this is what I bring to you today: thought provoking, skeptical, musically inclined, creative and humorous videos.

Barbados: Questions about Maloney inquest verdict

  1 May 2009

The Rastafari community in Barbados responds to the verdict in the inquest into the suspicious death of 23-year-old I'Akobi Maloney, alleged by Barbados police to have jumped from a cliff during an encounter with two officers.

Iran:Delara Darabi Executed

Mohammad Mosatfai, an Iranian lawyer, informs [fa] us that Iran has executed a 23-year-old woman, Delara Darabi,for a crime committed when she was a 17 years old. Watch a video about Delara and her paintings here.

Saudi Arabia: Dan Brown Vs Arab Authors

Saudi blogger Ndhm [ar] is looking forward to the Arabic translation of Dan Brown's latest book The Lost Symbol. The blogger notes: “It took him five years to write the story which takes place in 12 hours. This reminds me of great Arab authors, who come up with a new...

Palestine/Canada: On Arabs Abroad

“Why Arabs abroad feel obligated that they MUST know everyone in their city? Even Arabs in nearby cities? Who they are/were friends with? Where they buy their shoes from?” rants Rebellious Arab Girl, a Palestinian who lives in Canada.

Saudi Arabia: Journalist Al Rabea Arrested

Saudi Arabian blogger Tamem [ar] reports on the arrest of journalist Adel Al Rabea and notes: “It is no surprise that Saudi Arabia heads the list of countries considered as enemies of the Internet. If this is how journalists are treated, what is the situation of bloggers?”

Kyrgyzstan: Government Acts to Prevent Swine Flu

  1 May 2009

The import of all types of meat products from the United States and Mexico is banned in Kyrgyzstan now. Deputy Director of the Department of Veterinary Kubanychbek Musakeev explained [ru], that the government imposed this restriction because of the worldwide spread of the swine flu. According to Musakeev's words the...

Iran:Iranian cartoonist talks about Obama

Nikahang Kowsar, an Iranian blogger,journalist and cartoonist, says: “It's not really easy to make fun of Obama as a person because although he has a sense of humour he is way ahead of most politicians we've seen in recent decade.” Watch his cartoon on Obama's 100 days.