Fiji: Diplomatic maneuverings

On Monday, April 20, members of United Nations Security Council called the abrogation of Fiji’s constitution and the firing of its judiciary a “step backwards” and declared the country should hold elections as soon as possible.

Two UN human rights experts testified before the Security Council, appealing to Frank Bainimarama’s regime to restore the judiciary and human rights, especially the return of freedom of expression to the country’s media. They also called on Fiji’s government to cease deporting foreign journalists.

 A few of Fiji’s bloggers blasted the UN for issuing statements that produced no concrete results such as trade sanctions.

A post at Stuck in Fiji M.U.D. compares media coverage with the UN’s dealing with Fiji coverage and that of the UN Global Conference on Racism.

 Soon as the UN Security Council issued their non-binding statement on Fiji, some segments in the Australian media, namely ABC were quick to pounce on the statement and wove in the story line, some unverified reports of shredding of legal documents and the article speculates at best that, the UN Security Council statement, was solely based on this shredding allegation, attributed to a posting on Intelligentsiya blog.

What was relative stark omission from the Trans-Tasman media was the coverage of the UN Global Conference on Racism, currently being held in Geneva. Apparently, the conference got off to a shaky start amid the walk out of several diplomats due to comments of Iran's President on Israel. The US boycotted the conference because it could not agree to the language of the joint communique by the Conference of Racism, that was severely critical of Israel. 

Perhaps the UN Security Council statement on Fiji, may not reflect the total consensus of the UN, judging from the Geneva walkout. This walkout in Geneva also a reminder of the political horse trading within the institution, by some member nations who will send smaller nations to the ‘Head master's office’ vis a vis Fiji; yet turn a bling eye to more egregious crimes against humanity.

Shortly after the Security Council's statement on Fiji’s military government, New Zealand’s foreign minister called the body “utterly hypocritical” for continuing to employ soldiers from Fiji in different peacekeeping missions around the world.

Calling the United Nations “an unethical bloated fat cat,” a post at Raw Fiji News agrees with the foreign minister’s assessment.

We fully support New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister McCully in calling the UN “hypocritical” in their continued hiring of Fijian soldiers to some of their UN peacekeeping missions.

In our view, the UN is simply a bloated fat lazy cat, full of hierarchies and filled with over-schooled impractical paper pushing people who think they can solve the problems of the world from their armchair, armed with their voluminous out-of-touch reports.

Basic moral values of disciplining oppressive dictators like Frank & Co. by simply returning his military henchmen back to their coconut trees in Fiji is soo simple, yet too hard for these wannabe experts at UN to figure out.

So what’s the problem UN?

If UN can’t lead by example, then by golly keep your friggin mouths shut, you bunch of hypocritical paper shufflers!!!

Tui Savu writes a post at the Solivakasama Worldwide Movement calling for the creation of a coalition of the willing against Fiji’s regime. 

I challenge the US, UN, EU, UK, Australia and NZ Governments to act justly, responsibly and condemn Fiji’s illegal junta not only with words, but reinforced with smart sanctions.

For example, it could impose smart sanctions such as refusing Josefa Iloilo to come to Australia for his regular Medical Treatment, withdrawing of Aid, withdrawal of Military troops seconded by the illegal Fiji Military to the UN and US led Forces; criminalise all its citizens who have sworn illegal oaths to the illegal Fijian junta, travel bans on everyone connected with this illegal junta, etc. This is the only language a rouge government knows, which is a well known fact, so why pretend otherwise?

The innocent victims in Fiji are already being disadvantaged whether sanctions are imposed or not, so it makes very little difference to them, however if smart sanctions are not taken against the illegal Fijian junta now, then their miseries and woes will only turn into despair. The innocent victims can accept short term suffering if it sees hope at the end of the tunnel, but will wallow in despair, if they see no hope, as in the current situation.

I urge the US, UN, EU, UK, Australia and NZ on behalf of the Solivakasama Worldwide Movement to be part of its Coalition of the willing and act together to topple the illegal junta in Fiji, restore democracy and the rule of law in Fiji now and not wait until it is too late to intervene.

In related news, Real FIJI News supports Australia's decision to take a “soft approach” to Fiji's regime and rules out imposing sanctions. 

Vinaka Australia, did China get you a bit worried? This is definitely a step in the right direction.

During the weekend of April 10, Fiji’s president nullified the constitution, fired the judiciary and appointed the government of Frank Bainimarama to a five-year term. This came in response to appeals court decision that Bainimarama came to power illegally in December 2006.


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