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Ukraine: Chernobyl – Michael Forster Rothbart's Photos; Mohamed Makhzangi's Book

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Ukraine, Disaster, Environment, History, Literature, Photography, Travel

The Uncataloged Museum reports [1] on the opening of Michael Forster Rothbart [2]‘s Chernobyl photo exhibit in Kyiv. Bint Battuta in Bahrain reviews [3] Mohamed Makhzangi's Memories of a Meltdown [4]; the book's author, an Egyptian, happened to be on a post-doctoral medical fellowship in the Soviet Union in 1986: “The first section of Memories of a Meltdown, the largest part of the book, consists of scenes that Makhzangi describes as ‘investigative literary reportage; stories that celebrate the reality of lived moments’, as he watched and experienced the response to the disaster in Kiev.”