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Iran: Islamist bloggers’ poems in praise of Ahmadinejad

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While several Iranian bloggers criticized [1] President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech at the United Nations conference on racism in Geneva yesterday, some Islamist bloggers praised his performance.

Hamed Talebi, on his blog Khabarnegar Mosalman (“Muslim Reporter”) says [2] [fa] “our artist friends beautiful are writing poems to support Ahmadinejad. During revolutionary and pro justice speeches’ of Ahmadinejad at the Durban conference [3] a few good poems have been written and friends should help to communicate them by SMS….” Two of the verses are :

داني كه چيست معني آن ترك كنفرانس؟ *** يعني گريخت دشمن از آن منطق كلام
ايران به دليرمرد خود مي‌نازد *** با احمدي‌اش به دشمنان مي‌تازد

Do you know the meaning of leaving conference? Enemy ran away the word of logic
Iran is proud of his brave man. It attacks with its Ahmadi [i.e. Ahmadinejad] to the enemies

Madreseh Ma (“Our School”) says [4] [fa] that the Durban conference became Ahmadinejad's conference. “What Ahmadinejad did can not be wiped off history's memory. Now the West is afraid of Iran participating in any conference on racism.”

Paberhnegan (“Bare Foot People”) writes [5] [fa] that  [5]Ahmadinejad's performance in Geneva mad the Iranian people rejoiced. “He does not need to do any publicity for his electoral campaign. What he does is the best publicity.”