Israel: Can Yoga and Judaism Coexist?

There are potential problems for Jews who want to study yoga, but even its Buddhist teachings and Hindu chants can be justified as humanistic values and modified accordingly. “Hey, whatever floats your boat,” Israelity jests. “We’ve heard of kosher cell phones and kosher sex, so kosher yoga? Why not.”


  • I personally do not think that Yoga can co-exist with Judaism, because, Yoga is for Satanists, while Judaism is not, unless if I am missinformed.

  • Special envoy was or is in Mideast for talks with Israel and Palestinians about the Two-State deal. If I were one of the decision making Israeli I would tell the envoy not to discuss about the Two-State issue, because, it will not work in the Mideast. Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a difficult one; no human efforts can solve. It is awaiting only divine intervention. If one wants proof of what I saying, read the Holy Bible in Zecharias chapters 12, 13, and 14. Thanks.

  • AbeBird

    Philips Chimpeni you are totally right !

  • Yoga for satanists? That’s the silliest thing I ever heard.

  • MalibuMadMan

    Can Yoga and Judaism Coexist?
    Nothing can coexist with Judaism. Judaism created Satan. Philips you are misinformed.
    Ezekiel 28:15

  • Peter

    I am amazed at the prejudice, rigidity and misinformation revealed by the posts above. With such name calling and intolerance it is obvious why the world is at war. Very clearly (particularly people quoting the Bible as the only true source) some people think that there way is the only way. The purpose of yoga is to know God; this is true of every major religous tradition (yoga is not a religion, Hinduism is). And yoga is a state of mind NOT the practice of postures or breathing. This state of mind transcends the duality of the world and is based on love and joyfulness, not petty squabbles about whose practices are satanic or kosher.

  • kate

    Thank you for the intelligent post, Peter (last one 22 Apr). I am a new Christian and there has been a shift to a pure heart of love, peace and acceptance within me. I have practised yoga for years, and was very hurt recently when it was suggested it was not compatible (or worse!) My yoga’s always come from a place of calmness and feeling happy and healthy, I feel close to God in moments of relaxation during the class. Comments from some Christians are pulling me in two directions, when I feel my yoga comes from a good heart.

  • karmatika

    Somehow, it seems as if people are becoming more and more open, from both sides to new or other practices than their own. I just met a Rabi’s wife who practiced Yoga before birth, and on the other hand, a jewish Swami.
    Further, there is a faiths simposium every year in the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat in the Bahamas, where Sufis, Tantric preist, a christian Father and nun, jews chant together (I might have forgotten someone…sorry). They have a yoga teachers course going on at the time, so future yoga teachers have the chance to experience it. Wonderful !! You can check out their program in:

  • tooclose2detroit

    i am interested in the physically and spiritually beneficial aspects of yoga that would not be problematic for an orthodox jew to practice-if there is someone truly knowledegable in THIS subject, please comment-(which means that I am asking for someone that knows alot of Torah, not just a line here or there that fits there fancy, and alot about Yoga, not just something they read online)-thanks!

  • Johnathan

    you couldnt find in the bible and couldnt match each activities you do in your daily life. A human being is born free to use own descretion and decide whats good or bad. Think with your cool mind and evaluate yoga is good or bad for ur mind and body. Why do you try to find it in the bible that was written thousand years ago?

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