9 April 2009

Stories from 9 April 2009

Moldova: More on Social Media Aspect of Protests

Ethan Zuckerman writes about the social media and other aspects of the protests in Moldova: “I posted the following to Twitter: ‘NYTimes argues Twitter leads to Moldova riots. Moldovan gov’t blames Romania. Romania = Twitter? […]’ I got two interesting responses almost immediately. Dinu Popa noted: ‘[…] moldovan government blames...

Moldova: “A ‘Romanian’ Flavor”

MoldovAnn posts an update on Moldova, including notes on “a ‘Romanian’ flavor to the demonstrations” – and this on reports “that internet was cut off”: “Sasha said that external internet traffic had been shut down (ie Facebook, vKontakte, etc), but internal traffic had been and continues to be “on”, although...

Peru: Ex-President Fujimori Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison

  9 April 2009

Former Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori received his sentence: 25 years in prison convicted for crimes against humanity during his 1990-2000 administration. He was found to be guilty in his role of 25 murders during the operations against the Shining Path terrorist insurgency that gripped the nation. Peruvian bloggers react to the decision.

India: The 49 – 0 Vote

  9 April 2009

I Say What I Feel….. describes the unique feature of the provision of the 49-0 vote (no vote) according to the Indian constitution: “Suppose, highest number of votes for a candidate at a constituency are 100, and that constituency gets more than 100, 49 – 0, votes then, that constituency...

Pakistan: The Taliban Flogging Video Controversy

  9 April 2009

Faisal K. at Deadpan thought comments on the claims that the Taliban flogging video is a fake: “I personally do not think the video is a fake one but the nation needs proof and it needs it now. People are getting sick of all the head games being played on...

Brunei: Creating Environmental Awareness

  9 April 2009

The Earth Hour event highlighted the need for continued awareness on the need to preserve the fragile environment. Many bloggers in Brunei supported the Earth Hour event. But there are also those who believe that it was an insufficient action to preserve the environment.

India Elections '09: Bloggers on the Varun Gandhi controversy

  9 April 2009

Election campaigning is in full swing in India and amidst all the frenzy, the Pilbhit constituency in Uttar Pradesh, has come under the scanner after one of its young BJP candidates, Varun Gandhi courted controversy over his allegedly communal and inflammatory campaign speeches during election rallies in his constituency on...

Fiji: Court rules military government illegal

  9 April 2009

Fiji’s bloggers are reacting to a recent court ruling that deems the country’s military-backed government illegally came to power in December 2006. The court asks Fiji’s President to appoint a caretaker government to rule in its place until elections can be held.

Georgia: Opposition protests in Tbilisi (Updated)

Twenty years after clashes with Soviet troops outside the main government building in Tbilisi left 20 dead, the Georgian capital today braced itself for possible problems as the country's opposition staged its first major rally since the August war with Russia. Bloggers are posting from the ground.

Palestine: Twittering Gazan Mom Stranded at Cairo Airport Deported after 36 Hours

Her tweets have gone silent and her last message spoke of a deportation to somewhere other than home. Home is Gaza in Palestine, which Laila El-Haddad and her two American-born children Yousuf and Noor can't travel to, to be reunited with their grandparents except through the Rafah Crossing on the Egyptian-Palestinian border - which is closed. Egypt won't let them through; and El-Haddad's visa to the US, where she has flown in from to the Cairo Airport where she was stranded for 36 hours, had expired. Where is the Twittering Palestinian mother and what has happened to her and her children?

Bahamas: A Free Society?

  9 April 2009

“In a free country, identity and employment should not be linked. One should not be dependent on the other”: Nicolette Bethel warns that the Bahamas is going back to “plantation” values.