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Europe: Obama's Visit

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, North America, Czech Republic, Russia, U.S.A., International Relations, Media & Journalism, Politics

Obama in Europe roundup: thoughts on Obama-Putin meeting and arms control [1] – at Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces; BBC's Mark Mardell on Obama in Prague – here [2], here [3] and here [4]; notes on the Prague visit [5] and link to Obama's speech [6] – at Czechmatediary; The Reference Frame notes [7], among other things, that “everyone noticed that Michelle changed her dress every hour ;-)” and that “in Strasbourg, Obama invented the Austrian language”: “If Bush had done the same thing, the media would be full of hateful comments about his stupidity. But no one (except for the Czech media!) cares that Obama has no clue that the Austrians speak German.”