6 April 2009

Stories from 6 April 2009

Malaysia’s new Prime Minister is a blogger and twitterer

  6 April 2009

Malaysia’s new Prime Minister, Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Razak, is a blogger and a twitterer. His website features links to his Flickr, YouTube and Twitter accounts. He also uploads his speeches and schedule for the day on the website. The text of his inauguration speech was instantly uploaded on the website while he was delivering it

Moldova: Post-Election Protests

Cezar Maroti links to an iReport post on the post-election protests in Moldova and writes on Twitter: “Large protest organized via Twitter, Y! messenger, Facebook. 15.000 young people protested in Chisinau, Moldova against the election fraud.” Also, this: “In Moldova apparently almost 200.000 dead people voted for the Communists. The...

Egypt: The 1919 Revolution

Egyptian blogger Zeinobia writes about the 1919 revolution in her country and notes: “How can you unite millions of people across the country where no TVs or radios or internet or facebook or even real roads !! How can you send your message to all those millions across a country...

Egypt: Forty arrested in “day of protest”

‘The short story: what had been talked about nonstop for the past month as a “day of anger” with national outbreaks of protests all over the place completely fizzled out with a pathetic whimper. About 40 people were arrested, mostly in Kafr al-Sheikh, and security presence was slightly more massive...

Algeria: Botanists Vs Linguists

“Ever found yourself trying to sort out a plant name you've elicited, not knowing any botany worth mentioning? Well, it turns out the botanists are a step ahead of the linguists on the digital libraries game,” asks Algerian linguist Lameen Souag.

Algeria: Bouteflika and the Elections

“The Algerian presidential campaign is dominated by Abdelaziz Bouteflika, substantively and visually. So vigorous has been his campaign that Boutelfika skipped the Arab Summit in Doha, sending FM Medelci instead,” writes Algerian blogger The Moor Next Door.

Saudi Arabia: The Perils of Travel

“Traveling on your own in Saudi is anxiety inducing but not because it's dangerous in any way. There are lots of boundaries and we still have no idea where they begin or end. Because we are never certain about what we can and cannot do, every mundane activity results in...

Stamps from Laos

  6 April 2009

Sao Darly collects stamps from Laos. She posts pictures of some of these stamps in her blog.

Lao-Thai railway

  6 April 2009

The grand opening ceremony for the first modern railway in Laos was held last month. The railway links Laos and Thailand across the Mekong River.

Myanmar: Internet slowdown

  6 April 2009

Internet connection in Myanmar has slowed down the past few weeks because of a damaged submarine cable. Internet connection is expected to return to normal this week.

Thailand: Protesters gearing up for showdown

  6 April 2009

Anti-government protesters in Thailand are preparing for a large rally on April 8 to bring down the government. The opposition Red Shirts claim they are supported by most Thais. Some are wondering if the unusual rains in Bangkok were caused by cloud seeding of the government to disperse rallyists.

Iran: The New Year Starts With a Message From Obama

On the day Iranians celebrated Norouz (Nowruz) as the traditional Iranian new year holidays, the US President Barak Obama sent a message to the Iranian people and to the Islamic Republic leaders, calling for a new start between the two countries. Several bloggers have reacted to this message, see some of them.

Iran: Jailed cleric was released

Khbarnegar Mosalman, an Iran based blogger and journalist, informs[fa] us that Iranian Leader,Ayatollah Khamenei, ordered an Iranian cleric named Ali Reza Jahanshahi to be released from prison. The blogger is surprised that Iranian media does not talk about this issue.