Hong Kong and the Philippines: The War at Home

Chan Hau-man re-posts Chip Tsao's controversial article “The War at Home” at inmediahk.net and invited readers to judge the article. Her opinion is that the article was a satire.


  • Tricia

    woa!! They don’t have to declare a war, Philippines is a great country for many young and old folks. War can’t answer the problem, it will answer through meetings and all that. Hong kong is a great country too, the weather, the people and the foods :)) please!! I love those countries and it will be a disappointment is theawesome country had a war and only one country will survive! please :(((

    • Philippines is a disgrace. Hong Kong will declare war and China will bomb Philippines till they are all dead. Awesome shock and awe man! Look at Donald Duck Tsang, he is furious Philippines president refuse to speak to him! He will definitely bomb these filipinos. I think China will win the war with their overwhelming air superiority.

  • Kurt Ken Castillo

    If the Government of china or hongkong will declare war on philippine… Then I believe that they are smaller brains than the Filipinos

  • jofax

    We Filipinos are sad with the outcome of the hostage drama that has happened recently here in our country. But the Hongkong government must not blame an action of one to the whole Philippines, As frustrated as you guys art we are also asking question why our police man has acted that way… We also admit that there are so many lapses the PNP(Philippine National Police) made to resolve the issue… As we are watching our television for 12 hours just to be updated. Our hearts are crying to see the out come its shocking and heartbreaking. But i think the HongKong government will do such low and meaningless thing to go to war with our country since an action of one man does not represent the whole country…

    But i admit that our police man sucks!!!

  • China will deeply think about before declaring a war . It is because of United States . Philippines and US is a long democratic allies so US will not leave the Philippines alone .

  • raysimlee

    Do not think that since the US support Philippine and its aircraft carrier just visited to drum up anti-Chinese sentiment you people think you can kill human being at will. US and its allies has killed over one million human being in the middle east. Your alliance with this brutal country does not mean you can look at fellow Asians as sub human that you can kill at your pleasure.

    When your police do not respect human life and your president laugh at the death of Chinese form Hong Kong. Furthermore he today claim HK government insulted him. He is beyond contempt. Being trained in USA and supported by its most powerful flotation of death technology does not mean he is more human than the Chinese. Human life must be respected regardless of religion and race. I hope the common Philippians know more than this American trained democratically elected leader.

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