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Colombia: National Police Force has YouTube Channel

Categories: Latin America, Colombia, Citizen Media, Governance

The Colombian Police Force has a new strategy to share the inside workings of their work: a YouTube channel where they are uploading videos showing new technologies they are applying [1], videos of citizens thanking them for their assistance, new safety campaigns and shots of them in action.

On the following video [2], they show a foreigner thanking the Police for the immediate assistance when he was mugged in Downtown Medellin:

In this next one, they interview the only female sniper [3] in the Police Force of Colombia:

They even have this clip [4] where the Colombian international award winning singer Juanes [5] thanks them before singing a cappella for the members of the police force.

In this last one, they report on the security measures during the International Development Bank Assembly in the city of Medellin, with helicopters flying over the city enforcing the ground operations. The video shows us a bird's eye view on the city over the most recognizable landmarks: