India: Supreme Court Rules against Beards in Schools

Vinod Joseph of Desicritics reports that the Madhya Pradesh High Court had ruled that the defendant student Salim has no right to wear a beard if forbidden by his school rules.

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  • Asif

    Here are the double standards, the same school allows Sikh students to keep beard and for same religious reasons, so why discriminate Muslim student ? The bigotry of Indian Supreme Court against Muslims is now open to anyone, the Judge knows that Sikh students are allowed to keep beard in the same school, so he added this comments in the verdict that “we don’t allow Talibanisation” to be protect himself from being called racist. So the ruling was based more on the “Talibanization” factor rather than the right of catholic school to have their own rules Blah Blah…. The judge should know that Taliban are a recent show in Muslim world, where as Muslims keeps beard from the start of Islam, that proof his ignorance of the subject. Now, for the same reasons can we ban use of Swastika by Hindus just because Hitler uses it ? Think. Its not about being secular it’s about being anti-Muslim and Indian Hindu judiciary is very anti-Muslim and I think the defence lawyer was also incapable of presenting a strong case, because in Indian court we cannot expect justice if you argue successfully in favour of Islam, because the default position of judiciary is negative when it comes of Islam, the lawyer should have argue the base first on humanitarian and scientific grounds, in that case the Judge could not have rejected the plea based on ‘Talibalization”.

    Regarding beard, even the most stanch country of secular values, France, doesn’t required someone to shave beard in schools, I am sure India is no where near France in secular values, where you can find full time Mandirs in government offices, where you cannot eat cow just because someone else worship it and so on… Beard is something comes out naturally, people have no say in it, its same like moustache or eye brows etc… no one can deny anyone from having beard. You can deny from sporting a cap or hat but not beard or anything which comes natural and this is the position of judiciary in any part of civilized world, what if someone cannot afford a shaving blade ? what if someone have elegy to shaving creams ? what if someone have skin problem which stop him using blade on skin ? The judgement by supreme court of India is utter nonsense and proof jealousy of Indian judiciary towards Muslims.

    If we take the same case to any world court or any other secular court outside India I am sure that they will give a judgement in favour of having beard and that will be a slap on the face of so called “Secular” judiciary of “Secular” India.

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