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Pakistan: Lahore Police Academy Attack

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Today morning Pakistanis were shocked by the news of the attack on Manawan police training school in Lahore. Some 10-12 masked gunmen dressed as Policemen attacked from four sides when almost 700 trainees were performing their morning exercise in the camp. BBC reports that [1] they succeeded in a siege of the compound and hours later 30-40 hostages were presumed as trapped and the security forces were battling to retake the police academy.

Adil Najam at All Things Pakistan reports [2] quoting an eyewitness:

Now at 10am, nearly after three hours of the firing, It is now clear from all the reports that terrorist have struck at this center killing at least 20 police trainees and injuring over 100. The firing is still on. I can hear that even at my home, a kilometer away from the scene.

Chowrangi writes [3]:

March madness continues for Pakistan, especially Lahore. After the attack on Sri Lanka Cricket team and the Long March, Lahore came into limelight again when a Police training camp in the suburbs of Lahore was attacked by heavily armed terrorists.

The blog posts a video of the TV footage of the incident showing that the TV crew came under line of fire:

People were following the incident on twitter [4] as citizen journalists from Pakistan were updating latest news.

Teeth Maestro was quick to put up a live coverage [5] of the incident.

From the Live coverage:

4:52 (PST) Teeth Maestro:

The latest reports are that the Police academy seige has ended – Discussion regrading the siege shall continue but we can safely close this Live blog – archives of this blog will be posted here soon – so that they can be preserved

So far 27 policemen were dead and over 100 have been wounded. All Things Pakistan [2] updates:

Four of the militants have been caught and four have died. One hopes that investigations with the ones caught will lead to more concrete information, especially about the planning of these and other (past and future) attacks on Pakistan.

Raza Rumi at Jahane Rumi [7] is worried:

What will happen next? Everyone is apprehensive that this is not the end of the story. There are forces – groups, interests and individuals – who are hellbent on destroying Pakistan.

CHUP! – Changing Up Pakistan [8] questions:

What’s really frightening is that gunmen can just walk into a training school and perpetrate such attacks. With Zardari just now lifting Governor rule in Punjab, will the vacuum of power lead to further chaos?

Deadpan Thoughts [9] comments:

We must take any and all measures necessary to defend our country from this menace or remain resigned to our fate of becoming another Iraq soon. this includes holding people responsible inside our government for these lapses of security and lack of strategy. The fables of the war to come are seemingly void as the enemy is now at our doorstep.