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Georgia: Holy Baby Boom!

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The birth rate has increased by 20 percent in ex-Soviet Georgia and the country's Orthodox Church is taking much of the credit. The miracle responsible for the much-needed baby boom in this old Christian country has been a single promise from the head of the Georgian church to personally baptize newborns. Bloggers seem impressed.

My Blogian comments on the news [1].

The ex-Soviet Georgia doesn’t need virgins for holy conception. Instead, in order to boost population growth, Georgia’s holy father has promised to personally baptize every child born to a family with already two kids.


Wu Wei adds her opinion [2].

The BBC is busy wittering on about the Patriarch increasing the birthrate in Georgia, by his own personal efforts. Not by the usual methods (no nephews or nepotism) but by offering to be Godfather to any baby born this year. The Georgians, being a religious lot, have taken this seriously and upped the birthrate this year.


American Papist is more than encouraged [3].

I like ending the news week on a high note. It doesn't get much better than this:


Imagine if American Bishops made that same promise to families in their diocese?