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UAE: Tweeting the Rain from Dubai

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, United Arab Emirates, Environment, Technology

It's raining in Dubai and Twitter is abuzz with reactions about the unusual torrents for this time of year.

MMM [1], a Tunisian blogger who works in Dubai, remarks:

Dubai Rain [2]

Omar F Kassim [3] can't hide his excitement:

dubai rain 4 [4]

while Ash Chagla [5] declares:

Dubai rain 5 [6]

And what's so special about the rain? TeeJayGee69 [7] explains:

Dubai Rain 2 [8]

Josephine Lake [9] is excited and looking forward to no school tomorrow:

dubai rain 3 [10]

Parky London [11] has other worries on his mind and tweets:

dubai rain 6 [12]

Meanwhile, mmgoon [13] reports there is no television:

Dubai rain 7 [14]

and Ryan Harrison [15] complains about driving standards:

Dubai rain 8 [16]

Our last tweet is from Mister Aedan [17], who notes:

Dubai Rain 10 [18]

Sadly, even if he were to get great photographs, uploading them to Flickr and sharing them with friends would be a problem as the service is censored [19] in the UAE.