Palestine: A Mother's Pain

In Gaza, Lebanese activist Natalie Abou Shakra tells the story of a mother who took part in a protest for the release of her son, a political prisoner in the Nafha top security prison in Israel, whom she hadn't seen for 25 years; on her way home from the protest she died.


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  • Dan

    I am not justifying anything. All I am saying is how you focus ONLY ON ONE SIDE!
    How about the thousands of Israeli mothers who had their children slaughtered by Hamas terrorists???
    Do they not cry in pain also??
    How about Mrs. Aviva Schalit whose son, Gilad, has been kept in captivity in Gaza and tortured for more than 1000 days now?? He’s not even in a prison!
    Next time before you publish a story about the “poor Palestinians” take a look at the possiblity that they aren’t the only unfortunate ones there.

    • Marilyn

      11,000 Palestinians are in Israeli prisons illegally.

      What do you have to say about that dear?

      Gilad Shalit was on a tank on the border of Gaza standing guard to make sure no food could enter Gaza.

      He was in fact a soldier on duty starving the 750,000 kids under 15 to death in Gaza.

      Who cares about one stupid boy soldier?

  • Medtner

    To Natalie Abou Shakra:
    I lost two beautiful, innocent, little children courtesy of butchers, who practiced their murderous activities with hand grenades supplied by evil Gazan masters. Clearly, I sympathise with the sadness of the Palestinian lady who took part in a protest for the release of the son she had not seen in 25 years. However, she was luckier than me. My kids were not allowed to live long enough for me to be able to say “I havn’t seen them in 25 years! I havn’t seen them in 40 years. Regrettably, I will NEVER see them again.

  • Marilyn

    Thousands of Israeli’s have not had their children killed by Palestinians. Some of you really ought to find out some truth before blathering on.

    However, thousands of Palestinian children have been slaughtered by Israel.

  • Kathy Elliott

    I am sorry to read of all this pain. One thing I am sure of however. It is necessary to focus on one side. The abolutionists kept their focus on slavery. It is Israel’s government who writes the policies of occupation. They have the keys. One soldier from Israel in custody when thousands–including children–of Palestinians are in prison and tortured also points to this overwhelming power. Let us be honest –Israel has the 5th most powerful army in the world–against home made rockets (although occasionally leathal). There is a side of moral responsibility that one must stand on to end this apartheid. –If Desmond Tutu calls it that it is hard to pretend it is something else –or the abuses on both sides will continue.

    • Ibn Verga

      Hi Kathy,
      Unfortunately Israelis don’t have a keys to end it, same like USA, UK, France, Netherlands, Denmark and I can go and go. It is not fight over land, but power. Two other religions based on “Abraham” moved because of people pressure and uprisings over the years (American revolution, French revolution, Cromwell in Britain, marxism etc) to 21st Century. The Islam staid same 7th Century tribal hate filled anti-women, exclusive religion. What is very interesting you call Israel apartheid state, arab language is official language, arab students at Israeli universities, arab politicians including cabinet ministers. So called political prisoners get free education including university. (Many don’t want to even leave prisons, if they have to leave Israel) Political opposition allowed. While in Arab countries, Gaza or West bank they just lynch you. You should start to think, you know the story of lemmings. Or maybe you are just one of the mill anti-semite like Marylin above.

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