20 March 2009

Stories from 20 March 2009

Ukraine: From Dnipropetrovsk to Odesa

  20 March 2009

From Dnipropetrovsk to Odesa, the last installment of the Touring Ukraine's Economy travelogue, at Petro's Jotter: “Despite the inept politicians, lack of leadership, and rampant corruption, I remain in awe of this country and its people.”

Iran: When the Internet is Viewed through a Filter

When it comes to filtering the internet, Iranian authorities target many political and social blogs and websites, depriving many from receiving information and expressing their ideas. However, the government does not have well-defined red lines, and it changes its filtering policies often. In this post we discuss several issues related to filtering and clarify some common misunderstandings.

Colombia: Against the Release of Guerrilla Fighters

  20 March 2009

Charly from Carlos Cuentero [es] and Alejogalvis from Censura20 [es] show their outrage for the release of two high profile FARC members from prison, who will become “promoters of peace”, according to the government. Charly says “it's a mockery for the victims of these criminals and those who have worked...

Morocco: On Poverty

A Moroccan About the world around him discusses poverty in his country in this post.”I discovered that indeed, twenty years ago, whole families in Morocco lived in caves; today, many more still do. It’s a reality most Moroccan city dwellers were unaware of,” he remarks.

Ethiopia: Funeral of Princess Medeferiash Work Abebe

  20 March 2009

Arefe writes about the funeral of Princes Medeferiash Work Abebe in Ethiopia, “The funeral of Princess Medeferiash Work Abebe, the wife of Crown Prince Asfawosen Haile Sellasie, has taken place at the Trinity Cathedral Church this afternoon in the presence of patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Abune Paulos, dignitaries,...

Uganda: Mysterious Gorilla Death

  20 March 2009

An adult female gorilla in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda has died under mysterious circumstances. On the evening of March 6th, Kasongo was found dead on public land near the Bwindi Park headquarters in Buhoma.

Bahamas: Society of Fear?

  20 March 2009

Sidney Sweeting wonders what kind of society the Bahamas has become when “unifomed goons can force their way into our homes at night, terrorize us (or worse) and just leave without an explanation.”

Martinique: Rhum Agricole

  20 March 2009

“In the history of Caribbean rums, Martinique has gained a place of its own…”: Repeating Islands’ Blog explains why.