China: Goodbye Grass Mud Horse

Last week the story of Grass Mud Horse has traveled to the U.S.A via the New York Times and re-imported back to China with new ideas for reproduction, such as the marriage of two legendary creatures: Grass Mud Horse and FaKe Squid into FaKe Mud Horse.

As imagethief pointed out, the New York Times may have over-interpreted the Grass Mud Horse for criticizing the repressive censorship mechanism. Instead of mechanical blocking, there are some other soft tactics (summarized by “The Seven Possible Fates Of An Internet Post”), and the Chinese censor team is ready to show how with its latest notice about “Grass Mud Horse”.

The administration's notice to forum managers has been tweeted and re-tweeted many times in twitter:


One shouldn't promote any content related with Grass Mud Horse, don't turn it into hyperbole (including xx legendary creatures and river crab). It names and criticizes The issue has been elevated into a political level, overseas media has turned it into a story of netizen and government confrontation.

I searched through Baidu, and found two forums posted the administration body's notice. MaJia One put up a a post in lehu BBS:


Say goodbye to me, the Bureau of Truth's latest notice: Ban Grass Mud Horse

Master Lao Ke posted the notice in's game BBS and warned others:


I can't manage other area, however if i read any of the sensitive words in the knight section, i would detain the user in the XHW (translator note: meaning tiny dark room – suspension) for one day.
I believe all of you are good subjects, right?

There are a number of comments:

大魏镇西将军郝昭:政治高度了。。。真是防民之口,甚于防川 啊。。。

大魏镇西将军郝昭:political level… prevention against people's mouth is more than that of prevention against landscape…


拯救三俗位面的八戒:Killing the horse now

成步堂·龙一: 主要是标题里不要出现太多不和谐内容,我会重点照顾一下标题党

成步堂·龙一: the point is not to show un-harmonized words in the subject heading, I will take care of the subject heading party.


威风堂堂: I am always a good subject, however the ban here doesn't make sense. 9C are not managing, in the channels messages like come out XX horse, take me to XX gebi keep popping out. Why don't they just add the term to the filter list? the back door of MOP should have this function, right?


commando8489:now every night, when I can't fall into sleep, I keep counting the sheep (the grass mud horse)

6912214: 内部矛盾遇到外部矛盾自然要让步,再怎么也不能让那些境外媒体利用了

6912214: when internal conflict meets external conflict, we need to give way. we can't be used by overseas media.

超级机战饭: …文字狱就是这样的

超级机战饭:… this is exactly like literary inquisition

巴鲁巴托斯: 悲剧。。。唉。。。难道要政治镇压=。=?搞文革?

巴鲁巴托斯: tragedy… ai… are we after political repression=。=?or cultural revolution?

It may be true that the Grass Mud Horse has been politicized in the past two months, but such politicization is made possible by mass participation of netizens, intellectual, new and old media workers, both from within and outside China. And the most crucial role is played by the Chinese censor / river crab, without which the Grass Mud Horse is nothing more than a dirty joke.


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