15 March 2009

Stories from 15 March 2009

El Salvador: Blogger Thoughts Before the Elections

  15 March 2009

Bloggers are playing a large part in the debate about today's presidential elections in El Salvador. Some are marked by confrontation and others have more conciliatory tone, but the majority are waiting for the results of this year's election. Blogger Hunnapuh collects some of these viewpoints.

Jordan: Online Petition in Support of Journalist

Hamede [Ar], from Jordan, urges his readers to sign an online petition in support of Jordanian journalist  Khalid Mahadeen, who is being sued by Parliament members, whom he had earlier criticised for calling for higher wages in a country being impacted by the world economic crisis.

Israel: Cynical News

From Israel, Gershom Gorenberg  links and comments on stories which made newspaper headlines which he says: “actually, if we made this stuff up, you would accuse us of third-degree cynicism. But we’re innocent. This stuff really happened.”

Lebanon: “Help” censored

“HELP!” is a new Lebanese film addressing sex, prostitution, drugs and homelessness. Mazen posts about the the Censorship Department in the General Security withdrqwing its permission for the planned screening of the movie during February 2009.

Iran: In Defence of the Bahá'í Minority

The Bahá'í minority in Iran has long been under pressure, and it seems the situation has become worse. Iranian authorities recently accused seven leaders of the Bahá'í faith of espionage. The Bahá'í themselves say they are being persecuted because of their religion.

Honduras: Bridge Blog from Tegucigalpa

  15 March 2009

Born in Honduras is a new bridge blog written from the capital city of Tegucigalpa by Ardegas, who describes his blog as “commentaries about things Honduran in a dialogue with the American culture.”

Jordan: Billionaires Drop

From Jordan, Jazarah reports: “the total number of billionaires around the world dropped from 1,125 in 2008 to 793, that’s like 30% drop, I wonder how it’s going to look like next year.”

Palestine: West Bank Obstacles

Palestinian blogger Haitham Sabbah posts an article on the obstacles which control the movement of Palestinians from the West Bank and notes: “There is only one place on earth where you can find all the types of barriers and closure systems, forcibly imposed by the Israeli occupation forces. This place...

Lebanon: Ends blog to delete past

“Over the past four years, sometimes on the pages of this blog, I shed all the broken pieces of the heart that Lebanon broke…It became harder to blog. …My new American dream replaced my Lebanese nightmare…” Abu Kais announcing the end of his blog to end his past after getting...

Brazil: Lula and Obama meet as economic crisis hits Brazil

  15 March 2009

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is the first Latin American leader to have met the US President Barack Obama. The meeting took place in Washington, this Saturday March 14. The leaders have talked about Global economic crisis, trade, environment, energy and biofuel technology, and building a more constructive relationship with neighboring countries. Meanwhile, the global crisis has begun to hit Brazil hard.