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China is Unhappy

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One of the author of 1996 bestseller China Can Say No(中國可以說不)Song Qiang, has recently published a new book, China is Unhappy (中國不高興), with other well-known writers. The first book appeared after the bombing of China consulate general in Yogoslavia by the NATO that enraged Chinese people and led to a series of nationalist protests against western countries. This time, the book is published on the 60th anniversary of the founding of People Republic of China.

The writer team is composed of famous media person, cultural worker and scholar:

Song Qiang(宋強), one of the author of “China Can Say No”, has the experience of journalist, editor and T.V script writer.
Song Xiao Jun(宋小軍) is a commentator in CCTV and Phoenix T.V., a well-known nationalist leader with military training.
Wang Xiaodong (王小東)was sent to Japan for studying Business Management after he decided to stop his study Mathematics in Beijing University. He is famous for his criticism on “reversed racism” (逆向種族主義), meaning the self-criticism of Chinese towards their own behavior.
Huang Jisu (黃紀蘇)is a sociologist and editor of the Chinese version of Journal of International Social Science.
Liu Yang (劉仰)is an experience media worker in issues related with culture, history and economy.


The book is divided into three sections: “Why is China unhappy?” “China's advocacy” and “Let go the tiny Buddha and draw the grand plan” (tiny Buddha means kindness in heart). Douban has a summary of its content:

  ▲ 拉萨“3•14”事件背后鬼影憧憧,西方世界对中国的战略围堵越来越具体化和明目张胆。
  ▲ 三鹿奶粉事件对国民心理的“精神撕裂”,使一个大国理应秉持的多项核心价值受到威胁甚至动摇。
  ▲ 萨科齐之类对中国的屡屡侵犯,是卑鄙下流的机会主义作祟。
  ▲ 一些“知识精英”或所谓“优秀的中国人”正在戕害我们国家的精神品质。

Why China is unhappy?
– There are ghosts behind the Lhasa 3.14 incident, the strategic encirclement of Western World towards China has become more concrete and obvious.
– Sanlu milk power incident has result in a “psychological tear” among Chinese people. It threaten a strong nation's core values.
– People like Nicolas Sarkozy have been offensive to China out of nasty opportunism.
– The so-called “knowledge elites” or “excellent Chinese people” are harmful to our national spirit.


  ▲ 为什么中国人“现在挺爽”是巨大假象,西方阵营的“拖垮”战略乃中华弥久大患?
  ▲ 为什么同西方“有条件决裂”是必须筹划的未来选项之一?
  ▲ 为什么瓦解国族认同的“第五纵队”情怀与“汉奸兴趣”会如此猖獗?
  ▲ 为什么新儒家的“感化论”“拯救世界说”是白日梦呓?
  ▲ 为什么行“失败主义”之实的“王小波神话”是当代最丑陋的文化蛊惑?

China has to clarify a number of “Why”
– Why the “feeling great” among Chinese people are just fake phenomena. And Western strategy in dragging us down has been a hidden illness to China.
– Why we should consider it an option for China to break up with the West under a certain conditions.
– Why the culture of “the fifth column” (meaning subversive group that supports the enemy” and “traitor” has become so rampant.
– Why the “reform theory” and “world salvation theory” of neo-confucianism has become day dream talk.
– Why “Wang Xiao bo's myth”, which embraces “defeatism”, is the most ugly culture lie.


  ▲ 中国应该成为抱负远大的英雄国家。
  ▲ 持剑经商,崛起大国的制胜之道。
  ▲ 解放军要跟着中国核心利益走。
  ▲ 不能听“金融战士”忽悠,产业升级才是国之根本。
  ▲ 认清西方“轮盘赌”式的外交玄机,把中法关系实质性降低。
  ▲ 应勇于在国际社会上除暴安良,在强国道路上扫清颓风。
  ▲ 在当代社会的各个层面,都需要“去文艺腔”。不惟此,我们就无法准确指称政治及经济现实,无法实现大目标。 


What should China advocate?
– China should become a country with heroic mission.
– Hold our sword to protect our business, this is a way to build a strong nation.
– The National Liberation Army should follow China's core value.
– We should not listen to the sweet talk of “finance warriors”, industrial upgrade is the fundamentals
– Get to know the “Russian Roulette” nature of western diplomatic strategy, lower the concrete diplomatic relation with France.
– China should be brave in protecting international security and clear our path towards a strong country.
– Avoid high-art's culture for affecting our social life or else we cannot actualized our political and economic goals.

In Douban (a liberal onlne platform), the two most popular opinion have given very harsh comments to the book:

abing said :


The content of this book is very simple. It follows the old demagogic discourse of China can say No, reconfigures a number of contemporary social problems, and finds some entrance points in attacking Southern Weekend, Jian Zhong Shu, Wang Xiao Bo. It tells us, China is good enough, don't be self-critical, don't be caught in internal problem, the West is just a paper tiger. What else? There is nothing else.

Li Ao once said KMT is “sexually fantasizing Mainland while masturbating Taiwan”. Now such glorious tradition has passed on to Mainland and transformed into “sexually fantasizing the world while masturbating China”.

Representatives are crazy compared the book to toilet papers:



Shit, I have never seen such an expensive toilet paper

1. The number of pages are too few and the price is too high, it is in fact highest among all toilet paper, but the result is not so satisfactory:
2. The papers is too hard, and it takes too long to rub the ass. Furthermore, the color comes out…
3. The papers fails to absorb water and leaks.
4. The words are sexual fantasy that causes erection when one shits. It is not hygienic for the penis to touch the toilet bowl.
5. The wrapping of the toilet papers is too luxurious and not environmental friendly.
6. Businessmen without conscience cheating people's money with this worthless toilet papers.
7. It is not in roll form, not matching my toilet papers box.
8. Chinese people are unhappy about it.

However, some bloggers praise the book. Bian-zhou Yi-ye, also from Douban agreed with the book's argument on “reverse racisim and said:


The greatest problem that China face is that many elites are eroding the noble spirit of our nation. A national with a bowing cultural psychology cannot be strong and cannot be the leader of the world. China is unhappy comes in a right moment for cleaning up the self-critical attitude towards our nationality. This is a very important project.

Chiao Sa recommended the book to other as it has recharged his national sentiment:


China is unhappy made me suffered from insomnia. Words from “ordinary man” generate sparkles and stimulate my eyes and my nerves. It also generates a long missing sentiment of “low as my status is, not dare to forget worrying about my suffering country”.