4 March 2009

Stories from 4 March 2009

Sri Lanka: Let Us Not Speculate

  4 March 2009

J. Krishnamurti at Going Global refutes all the speculations regarding the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team: “I'm trying to tell you folks to calm down a bit and don't be so quick to judge. The attacks could have been carried out by anyone for any conceivable reason. Pakistan...

Pakistan: The Blame Game.. Again..

  4 March 2009

Teath Maestro describes the blame game after the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore, Pakistan: “Right now, collectively, (media, bloggers, political parties and government) all search for escape goats elsewhere – primarily the focus of their diatribes (not in any order) is the US Administration, the Talibans,...

Myanmar envoy: Rohingyas “are as ugly as ogres”

  4 March 2009

beyond skin mentions some of the hilarious and racist statements issued by the Thai and Myanmar governments about the status of the Rohingya refugees. For instance, a Myanmar envoy described the Rohingyas as “ugly as ogres.”

Bangladesh: The Leaked Audio Files And Some Questions

  4 March 2009

After the tragic death of army officers in the BDR mutiny incident on 25th of February in Dhaka, Bangladesh, many are auditing the actions of the government pondering how the damage could be minimized. Unheard Voice discusses about some leaked audio files of a closed meeting between the Prime Minister...

India: Fearless Karnataka

  4 March 2009

Ultra Violet informs that: “in response to the recent attacks against women in the city of Bangalore, many individuals and organisations have come together to form FEARLESS KARNATAKA or Nirbhaya Karnataka to reclaim public spaces and promote safety for all.”

Egyptian bloggers unite in the face of terrorism

Eman AbdElRahman wrote about how the Egyptian blogosphere reacted to Al Hussein bombs on February 22 that resulted in the death of a French tourist and the injury of more than 20 people. Today, I will write about a group of Egyptian bloggers and their initiative to combat terrorism.

Australia: Reactions to “Cricket Terror”

  4 March 2009

Cricket, that shared legacy of British colonialism, has taken centre stage in Australian blogs following the terror attack in Lahore. This terror attack has taken bushfires off the front pages of Australian newspapers and the lead stories of the electronic media.

Fiji soldiers show up at murder trial

  4 March 2009

When about 30 uniformed soldiers in Fiji's army — including the Chief of Staff — showed up at a trial where eight servicemen (and one former police officer) have been accused of killing a teenager in 2007, Fiji Today called it “intimidation of court witnesses by [the] Fiji military.”

How will Fiji repay its debt to China?

  4 March 2009

With China's loan to Fiji to build low-income housing soon to be approved, Intelligentsiya wonders how the money will be repaid if few people can even afford inexpensive accommodations because of Fiji's sagging economic figures.

Balut: A Filipino Delicacy

  4 March 2009

Monobloc blogs about the Filipino delicacy balut, “fertilized duck egg with nearly-developed embryo, boiled and devoured straight out of the shell.”

Mexico: Two Musicians Selected for YouTube Symphony Orchestra

  4 March 2009

Two Mexican musicians have been selected for the YouTube Symphony Orchestra international orchestra, a collaborative project using social media through the use of auditions through YouTube videos. Manuel Zogbi from Saltillo and YouTube user Intisamente from Veracruz both submitted and uploaded videos displaying their musical talents in order to be considered for the contest.

A Brazilian journalist in search of Iranian bloggers

  4 March 2009

Raul Juste Lores is a Brazilian journalist and Beijing Bureau Chief of Folha de Sao Paulo. He has recently taken a trip to Tehran, where he met and interviewed several Iranian bloggers and civil society personalities such as the Nobel Peace Laureate Shirin Ebadi. Discover his motivations in this post.

Morocco: Moroccan-American Author Releases First Novel

Over the past few years since her first book, a collection of intertwined short stories entitled Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits, was released, Laila Lalami has emerged as one of Morocco's best known authors. As few Moroccan writers' work is translated into English, and even fewer female writers', Lalami's books - penned in English - fill a gap in the connection between Moroccan literature and the west.

Madagascar: “I feel like in a war movie”

  4 March 2009

The political crisis in Madagascar, unfolding since late January, took yet another turn today with the sound of gun shots and tear gas, as police and protestors clashed all over Antananarivo, the capital city. Eyewitnesses describe the scene on Facebook and Twitter.

Arrest Warrant For Omar al-Bashir: “Just Talk And Talk…”

  4 March 2009

The International Criminal Court issued arrest warrant Wednesday for Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir making him the first sitting head of state to be charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity. The charges are based on the conflict in Darfur. In this post, we are taking a look at opinions and thoughts of Sudanese bloggers. Some bloggers have taken the “wait and see” approach while some argue that past experiences show that nothing will really happen. “You dance and loudly talk…just talk and talk….,” writes Ras Babi.

Egypt: Interview with Elhamalawy

Egyptian blogger Mohammed Maree posts a video interview with blogger and activist Hossam Elhamalawy about his work at the Center for Social Studies, including workers’ strikes, industrial action and their connection to developments in Palestine.

Egypt: Now TV Program on Blogging

Egyptian blogger and TV personality Marwa Rakha writes about her new television programme on blogging – Tadweena, which focuses on blogs, bloggers, social networking sites and online forums. Click on the link to watch the first episode of the show [Ar].

Barbados: No Confidence?

  4 March 2009

Barbados Underground reports on the “motion of no-confidence in [the] Prime Minister’s handling of the CLICO Affair”, but is incredulous that the people's business was put on hold while the “Lower House [was] occupied for 45 minutes addressing the matter of the seating arrangement of members of parliament.”