Pakistan: Attack Against Sri Lankan Cricket Team In Lahore

Yasser Latif Hamdani at Pak Tea House breaks the news that a dozen men attacked Sri Lanka's cricket team with rifles, grenades and rocket launchers today morning ahead of a cricket match in Lahore. A few Sri Lankan cricketers were injured and several policemen guarding the cricket team have been killed. The blogger comments: “Whoever it is is killing off Pakistan slowly but surely.”


  • It’s now official that why cricketers all around the world seriously consider themselves unavailable when there is a tour scheduled to Pakistan.Despite heavy security which is similar to the security given to Prime minister or President of other countries cricketers were attacked.Only time will tell how much loss Pakistan as a country will face eventually.Word Cup is coming and International cricketers will surely be reluctant to come to Indian subcontinent.It’s a very very shameful act and whoever the people behind this act must not be spared.

    • Robert Fourie

      Indeed a very sad day for all cricket lover around the world. But sadder still for Pakistan as the cricket world thinks twice before considering tours to Pakistan.
      Why must a few cause so much havoc for so many? All peace loving people around the world stand up make your voices heard against these cowards who prey on the innocent.
      Condolances to the families who lost loved ones in this senseless attack.

  • manoj kumar nema

    sorry for pakistani people

  • salman

    we love our srilankan bro and sisters and our all feeligns are with team and srilanka people …those terrorist are our common enemy …these 3/3 attcks shows that we need to do more and i know sum country dnt want srilankan team to cum to pakistan bec they have cancled there tour so all doubts on them for this attack…

  • Dilan Salinda

    I am from sri lanka.i am really cricket lover.when i heard a news i got full upset anyway.this is a terrorism.terrorism should be escaped from the of the best president in world by the name of the Pre.Mahinda Rajapakse is giving the good answer to Terror people .in my mind Pres.Mahinda rajapakse is giving a good answer to terror people.that’s why they did like it . cricketer are cricketers .they are great.never come such like that incident to any sports in anywhere.May triple gem bless to our cricketers.

    • dilma

      This was a very scary attack on our team and i think that this shows that how confident and powerful these terrorists have become in that small part of the world. Nobody is doing anything about it. The Pakistan government is helpless as they seem to be handcuffed by some unseen forces that are really ruling the country from behind the curtains. Certainly time has come to take the charge in our hands and teach the terrorists some lesson that they cannot harm our people like this if they think that they can do whatever they want to us then they are mistakne. We are not Indian government who will ask for permission from America or some other country to save our men.

      The Foreign Secretary says, Sri Lanka- Pakistan ties will not be affected by this attack. He is probably right if he says so. Even i think that they should not be affected if we look at this attack the otherway. What if our team was not the original target of the terrorists what if they had mistakne the bus with our players as the bus containing pakistani players. Looking at this theory it seems they stopped their attack in the middle and ran away as soon as they found out that the bus they were attacking had srilankan players instead of pakistani players. their original target was pakistan players who have been living quite lavish lifestyle earning lots of money traveling countries with their fashionable wives in modern dresses all that is against the talibani rule. it seems the talibani terrorists wanted to teach them a lesson but instead attacked the wrong bus and hence disappeared from the scene to correct their mistake.

  • Its really sad to see that terrorists wont even lets sporting activities take place in peace. This was the very reason that the Indian team pulled out of the series.

  • Ravi

    Sad day for sports but this was not totally unexpected…when there was so much warning about going to Pakistan this could have been avoided.

    Luckily no one was killed else in the name of showing loyalty to that country the politications would have killed an innocent sports person.

  • saad

    the thing that happened yesterday is really bad.but i assure you whole the world that the attackers do not belong to Pakistan.and they are not Muslims.Because it is a religion of peace.

  • it sounds like the recent attack against the Sri Lankan cricket team is turning out to be a huge blow to tons of Pakistani cricket fans, since now the sport in general has to be curtailed throughout the country

  • Shahid Latif

    Some politicians and countries wants to destabilize Pakistan by all means in which attacking Srilankan team is one of them. To show the world how much difficult situation is in Pakistan. Its a land of terror. But we think, Pakistan is waiting for some special days, may be upto 2012. Then Pak will tell clearly to enemies in which Pak is embadded. 1 Muslim is heavier than 100 enemies. Time will tell, dont worry. Lets wait for 2012.

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