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Bulgaria: Fountain Death Case Sentence

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Bulgaria, Governance, Human Rights, Law

Veni Markovski writes [1] about the sentencing of a man in the dysfunctional Sofia fountain death case: “On May 3, 2005, 34-year old Vesselin Petrov died, when he touched the water in the fountain on Slaveikov square in Sofia. The investigation proved that when the fountain was designed, there were serious glitches, resulting in leaking electricity (220 Volts) in the water. The sentences? Vassil Kamenov, CEO of the company managing the fountain, was found guilty, and… fined (sic!) Leva 1000 (Euro 500 – that is, five hundred). The other two accused – municipality company “Markets” and CEO of the company that build the fountain, were acquitted.”