Bangladesh: BDR Mutiny And Gunfires

Unheard Voice is live blogging and posting pictures of gunfires and battles inside the headquarters of Bangladesh Rifles (BDR), the paramilitary forces of Bangladesh. Apparently this is a mutiny and senior officers were reported killed. More roundups and news are available at The 3rd World View and BDfact.


  • Dedarul

    Think in this way. We are all quite sure the whole thing happened under some sort of influence. This news is verified as government stated it. Now forget about what gone wrong who cheated whom and who took or refuse to give any credits for the time being. Lets think whoever was behind it had idea about the after effects, infect they did it to achieve the after effects. Now the after effects for me so far can simply be defined from the conversation above. That is a formation of three groups one supporting Army, one the BDR and the rest anti-army supporters. Right now being educates and knowledgeable we need to defend us from that criminal body by not fighting within ourselves. As far justice is concern BDR has their code of conduct which is varied for hundreds of years, army has their code of conducts as well and they both have laws in case of violation of the code of conducts which are also verified internationally. Both BDR and Army should be justified by their own laws neither me nor any other personal has the right to judge them.
    But above all I want to state that we have lost some very precious life. I learned reading many articles that it takes enormous dedication, hard work and huge hard cash money of government that is our money to develop a Col or Lt. Col. Hundreds of them were killed. All of them were surely qualified but yes some of them may be corrupted but it is not the time to blame them. I feel really heartrending for their family. If corruption deserves being killed brutally, family being tortured and buried in a ditch together with 38 more bodies then what should we do with our politicians instead we give them votes, we elect them and we clap for them.

    • Hellraiser

      Brother Dedarul,
      I agree wholeheartedly with some of what you said. At the same time, I have different views on some of them.

      I am always open for having open discussion, even for the most critical issues, with, someone who may not have much idea about it but have an open mind. This will always give you different views on looking at this.

      You are right, there is no reason for us to discus what went wrong and what we could’ve done to prevent this. But if we don’t find the mistakes, if we fail to analyze what triggered this, how could you learn anything out of this? Stepping away from this or not talking about it would be like inviting this to happen again in future. If we don’t learn from our past mistakes, history will repeat itself again. We may or may not be making any output from our conversation, but do not hesitate to encourage others on effective communication. If we keep quiet, whoever was behind this will benefit the most.

      As more information is coming to us, more and more people are coming up with conspiracy theories of their own, it is certainly giving us more to think about. And you are probably right in one point; one of the major reasons for this thing could be to divide us so it can benefit some special interest groups. I am starting to believe that someone probably used the BDR grudge, frustration to fulfill their own agenda. There is nothing wrong if people have opinion that goes for the Army or BDR or something else, we should not discourage someone just because he/she doesn’t agree with what I said nor has some other views. It is very childish to think just because one has a different opinion, I am in a fight with him.

      I don’t care what is in the code of conduct for Army or BDR, it certainly is not correct, otherwise this wouldn’t have happened at the first place. On a democratic country, everyone is entitled to make a judgment of their own. The Army/BDR is there to serve us, so why would we not judge them? Don’t we, the civilians pay for the armed forces? If so, why would they be above us?

      I strongly believe that we should not talk about the deceased, especially negatively in front of their grieving family members.

      Now it is disappointing to see that you are comparing life with money. You are judging value of life with cash money. Of course it takes lots of effort to build a high ranking officer, but in terms of life, the value is all same. I don’t think anyone in this thread ever said that someone can be brutally tortured, burned and killed for corruption? Where are you getting that idea from? I have no clue what you are implying from your last statement, not sure if it’s a statement, an open question, or a suggestion? If one innocent person died in this (not to mention so many) unfortunate event, it is our duty to help in every possible way to find out the responsible people and punish them.

  • Isa Nizam

    Imagination is more necessary than knowledge and sometimes than information.A higher level of consciousness is always a must for a higher level of judgement and more importantly kind attitude and polite behavior is the safeguard of justice.The world has changed, changed in respect of way of life and values, culture and conciousness, technology and more togetherness.Physical achievement of civilization has dramatically changed our need and expectation patterns, shaped the inner institutional culture and norms and give rise to a necessity to rewrite and update our ageold institutional guides, rules and mannuals as well as to change our Managers attitude and behavior to their subordintes and to address their grivances at once openly, and get works done in a more interresting ,friendly and story telling way, be a part of everything and enjoy freedom through resposibility and so on . I think, may be the motivation of top ranking army officers are less than the requisite standard of todays world and recent reality.A few top ranking army officers are here, it is heared leading a life very very posh as if they are living in heaven like mediaval Zomindars which is a cause of skin burn to their deprived fellows.I think the incident of BDR HQ at pilkhana on 25th instant which claimed more than one hundred armed forces officers life brutally is the eventual outcome of instant circumstancial whims and caprics of agitated BDR Jowans,which fuelled fire by long standing deprivation and so on. It also reflects class consciousness and cohesiveness if we further theorise the incident. A close eye multiple and multilevel investigation can bring out the truth behind the black.

  • think about it...

    In my views this mutiny was pre planned and some local politician as well as foreign agents were involved.I suspect JAMAT and ISI were behind the scene.May be few BDR officers were also involved.I was surprised n what a BDR officer has said,While he was describin how BDR jowans caught him and he was shot however bullet dint go in his body,and he was shot 7 times !! but those bullets were missed somehow…Then the jowans sed as our officer dint die after that what if we let him survive?I wonder how can we believe these words?Hes story seems to me a bunch of CRAP!!! I think he has some info to give us…any way..

    If i was given chance to investigate…

    May be 500 something soldier were behind it..while most others dint know what was happening…another group of ppl were spreading rumars so that BDR accross the country go mad..

    I am sure this horrific event was not something what was made of frustration of BDR soldiers.It was planned by Judhaporadhis…Razakars…JMB…

    The death of Colonel Gulzar…

    He was the man who wiped JMB off the country..
    He was a very popular officer amongst the soldier..who would kill him?

    Those who wore red flags n head…y wud they wore that?
    Answer: they wore that red and blue flag just to recognise themselves..coz some soldiers werent part of them morever they were fighting agaings them.

    Think ppl…dont say u supoort those BDR jowans..or should I say those Mir Jafors?

  • bangaligal

    Hellraiser I loved your comments, Mr sujon you really need to get a life, not once have i read in any website or heard that the BDR jawans rapped any females, so who the hell gave the right to spread rumors like this, yes they killed one female and im sure we all know who that was, but than again what was she doing, why dont you please happily tell us who she was, whos wife she was, and what she was doing all that money she was taking from officers who couldnt offord, all your saying is that BDR jawans live in lavish houses, currently im living in sydney, if i come to dhaka right now, will you be able to show me a BDR house which is made up off money?? i dont think so, but just go to cantontment and look at the houses which are built by army officials, where is all that money coming from?

    your not telling us was the BDR is doing for the civilians, day and night they are saving our ass in the border, no ones talking about that, our country is full of bullshit, talk about politics or the ARMY, and what BDR did i salute them, even if no one else does, YES killing is bad and what they did they shouldnt had done, but as always thers a limit to everything, and if they lost that limit than one cant blame them.

    Sujon i really dont know who you are and if your related to anyone in the army or if you are in the army, but atleast dont give out bullshit, as far as i know no wife, daughter or maid was raped, and if they were than speak it with full proof.

  • bangaligal

    another thing to sujon, our whole bangladesh system is corrupted, so just leave the 138 officials, its just people like, we live in a corrupted country which can never be fixed and you know that very well, so just stop making more issues.

    and another thing, your making points as if you were actually ther on the spot at that time….how can you be so sure that what both sides are saying is true, this is the army, and as always what happens inside we the civilians can never know……..just leave man…………if the truth comes out than it will and if it dosnt than it wont…….just stop blaming BDR for everything.

  • reading all the comments i am really shocked .you are judging here wht army did wht bdr did,no one has asked where lies the humanity,wheether currupt ot suppressed that is immaterial who will give back those husbands to the wives,those fathers,it is the court or justice who will decide who is guilty,who gave the authority to kill people,rape ladies of this country,even if their demand is logical even should not be considered as a sinner,they should be crashed and others to get lesson out of this and feel the pain of those loosers,

  • bangaligal

    another thing can we keep pakistan out of this, 1971 is over and done with, you cant blame your own people and you go aorund blaming others, you have your own country now, so look whats happening inside that country.

    BDR is telling you why they got angry and no one can accept it…

    HELLRAISER your are so right in everything you said, i really appreciate your words, and totally agree with you.

  • Sadia

    No matter who was the oppressor or who was the oppressed section , this killing has no justification. Especially when it involves innocent people and in no way we can tolerate that. So immediate investigation is needed and the actual culprits must be brought in to the light and punished so that this kind of brutality never takes place in Bangladesh ever again. I pray for eternal peace for all the deceased souls. May Allah help us overcoming this crisis.

  • zahid

    Dear All,

    We want to know the real scenario about the BDR mutiny. PM should disclose all ins & out about the revels and she should ask/ look after the news that broadcast in neighbor country and details of the sources also. Because its relates about our country’s image, facts this is a national crisis.

  • Bangladeshi

    Khaleda Zia should face presss journalists frequaintly asking questions.
    Not only for reading any written papers prepaid by her felows.

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