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Bangladesh: BDR Mutiny And Gunfires

Unheard Voice is live blogging and posting pictures of gunfires and battles inside the headquarters of Bangladesh Rifles (BDR), the paramilitary forces of Bangladesh. Apparently this is a mutiny and senior officers were reported killed. More roundups and news are available at The 3rd World View and BDfact.


  • Hi, i’m an expat over in Dhaka and was wondering if anyone knows anything about possible curfews over the city? I’ve hear a lot of talk about it and there was one enforced during the 2007 riots. Was anyone down in Dhanmondi when it happened or does anyone know anybody who is a part of it? Their pay surely cannot be the reason, i mean people riot that all the time here but they don’t stage mutiny’s. They can’t be stupid enough to think that if they take hostages and shoot a few people the government will shove a bunch of money and benefits in their hands, give them a pat on the back and tell them to keep up the good job? There must be a more logical reasoning behind the gunfire. Or at least a better excuse than pay. I can understand other riots beginning over it, i know how it works here, snowball effect, one person starts a disruption over anything in the city and they will have 200 people around them in 30 seconds, yelling about it at the top of their lungs and another 200 disagreeing with them, violence breaks out, etc, happens all the time, but this wasn’t the general public, these were soldiers who took over a shopping centre and shot at civillians. I’m really interested to know what on earth their motivation was and what they planned to achieve.

    • sujon

      i am not sure also wht is happening there clearly but the things i can guess……..

      1. there was the darbar in the hall so as i know this type of programme the members joined there with seremonial dress and they r not allowed to join there with weapon. but they claimed that the officers fired to them but it was not possible for them. that was the wrong statement given by them to make their strong stand. 2. as i knw they killed 37 officers though i got the news from one of my friend but they killed the officers and thrown them to the drains. but till this time there in any news we could not see any bdr soldiersdeadbody.

      3. they were planning this for the last few days ( i think so) because instand decision can not take this forward.
      4. this is the dark day for the bangladesh and government should take a very hard decision against them so that no one of the security forces can take this type of decision again.
      may be all those is not relating with u r question but i got anxious for the country bec this will happen again if there is not taken any very very rough decision.

      • Babylon Sikder

        Hai, Brother, u didnt say anything about the miserable life of BDR. Dont u think that they were deprieved from the high officilas? they are the part and parcel for saving this country from the external enemies. I am not in favour of only one group, but I am in favoure of justice. Bangladesh is an independent country, no injustice should be tolerated at any case.

        thank u

        • sujon

          i am also in favour of justice. i am just shocked bec they raped the females( wifes, daughter, mother,naids). they did not left a single one. if u say they are deprived then just for u r informatin most of the bdr soldiers family live costly life. i knw u will not belive that but i visited about 20 bdr soldiers family and i was little amaged to see their home and living standard.

          if u want to tell about the training. then visit BMA i think u knw wht is that BMA. just see the training u will feel how much pain an officer is taking to become and officer and this hardship is the training for them as well as for the troops of army and bdr.

          dear this planning and execution says that there is another hand to operate this. u think if the same thing happen in army wht will happen? it needs to set an example so that no one can do the same thing in future.

        • R Khan

          As far as i understand, the system in place didn’t allow for them to take high office roles. Indeed neither can the normal soldiers in the Army can ascend to high offices. Its only the trained officers in the Army who take up high possitions. These men and women are highly trained for the purpose and have been filtered from thousands. This way there is assurance that we have the best trained people available in Bangladesh. Its pretty much the same everywhere in the world. At the end of the day its the millitary high commanders who control all the defence organisations in a country. BDR teams are recruited based on their locality and physical attributes, they are not recruited to be future officers. Anyone in Bangladesh, not only Army soldiers or the BDR can become an Army officer – they just have to prove that they have the aptitude and can go pass all the filtering examinations.

        • bangladesh man

          ppl i am not an expert or an investigator … jst curoius.
          there is a group in the world of justice.
          ppl say its justice but its relly a “power behind the throne” and “take over the world” group.
          do u work for tht type of group?

          its called the illuminati

    • Mabs

      Its not the eruption of any silly excuses. Fact is that the BDR soldiers requested the Director General to discuss their long outstanding issues (pay, residence, welfare etc etc) with PM on the Anniversary held on Tuesday. But he didn’t, moreover a soldier died whilst on punishment. On wednesday the regular after anniversary meeting (Darbaar) by the DG started the spark by swearing at officers, soldiers and ordered to punish them. This is when it all started as they were cornered to death. BDR has worked hard since liberation by supporting the Military especially by controlling border with BSF (India). Coups were used before to achieve their demands or interests and it has worked. So its nothing new but last caretaker govt. has given the ultimate authority to military for over two years and they have made huge amount of cash by regulating the food pricing and tackiling govt. organisations. Their welfare structure is comparitively better and more recognised, on top the young ranked officers were buying Pajeros and their wives were shopping for Diamonds and 18 carat ornaments. In today’s expensive living standard a BDR soldier cannot live a simple and dignified life with the hundreds years old pay structure not improved regardless of many democratic governments.

      • sujon

        yes , i agree with u that the bdr they r protecting the borders with their life but i cant agree that the junior officers family r living costly life. if possible give one example. those r told my the bdr troops to gain the sympathy. this is the sme organizationg like army and they need to follow the rules and regulations. they cant ask dg like that in open forum. there are some rules and they did not follow that. and the death of bdr soldier with the punishment this is also wrong. this was the earlier plan of them. i had a talk with some one he said that they cashed the weapon before the day nad tell me wht does that mean? they just made a story to gain the sympathy.

      • Brodie

        Look, in my opinion, whatever the reasoning behind it, it cannot justify them taking other peoples lives, nothing does that, let alone something so drastic as this. They should have had a mass amount of people quit or strike, if they all walked off the job, particularly those stationed around the border, the government would have been forced to listen and compromise. They could have done the same thing without the violence and would have gotten postive media attention, if that didn’t work then they should have quit and found new jobs. Bangladesh is full of people living below the poverty level, 80% do, the BDR army aren’t an exceptional case, they are in no different a situation to the rest of the country, its a developing country, there is corruption and poverty filling every single town. I feel that money is the worst possible ‘justification’ behind murder and the least forgivable. It should never be used as a way to condone it. Aside from the fact that under any circumstances, murder is just the worst possible resort to take, the way they carried it out simply worked against them. The government can’t let them go after they did this, it can’t just give them their demands and not take any action when BDR have taken such drastic and harsh actions which have affected not just the army but the whole country. Every single person killed over the past few days had family and friends who loved them and who will be destroyed by their death.

        Even if BDR were totally just in their actions before this and were entirely abused by the army, even if they were whipped and their own were murdered by the Army, it doesn’t condone their actions, it doesn’t condone murder. If they were that unhappy there they would have found new jobs, if there were other jobs they were eligible for with better pay, etc, i’m sure they would have left BDR and taken it up, but i’d wager BDR is the best paying job they can find and they are already earning more than a good portion of the country. I have heard a lot about the army and their masses of money and cars but there are rich and poor people all over the world, there are higher and lower paying jobs around the world, there are old women who work through the night digging holes and doing back breaking labour by the side of street by candlelight and they get paid next to nothing, alot of the time they actually live on the street, or take a rickshaw walla, driving around all day, exhausted, for very little taka, they all get paid less than a million different jobs i could name who work ALOT less, simply because they were given the opportunity of schooling when the others weren’t, or just because they were the people who happened to take those jobs.

        Look, when it comes down to it, the BDR just did alot of senseless killing because even if the government give them their demands, all the BDR who participated in the mutiny, all those who supported to it, all those they can tie to it in any way whatsoever and probably a lot of them who werent involved and beleived it was wrong, will be arrested. The government has to act, ESPECIALLY because of BDRs past coups, if they let BDR off without severe ramifications then they are setting up the country for militia rule, they cant expose that kind of weakness in the government because i think we all know there would be 50 different groups of people