China: “Stay away!” Vice president Xi warned in Mexico

Xi Jinping (习近平), the Chinese vice president, is widely predicted as the next chairman of China, the successor of Hu Jintao. On Feb 11, during his visit to Mexico, he gave a speech to overseas Chinese there. His address includes a passage as a harsh criticism against foreign intervention, which is unusual in Chinese diplomacy.


“There are some foreigners who had eaten their fill and had nothing better to do, pointing their fingers at our affairs. China does not, first, export revolution; second, export poverty and hunger; or third, cause unnecessary trouble for you. What else is there to say?” (Translated by China Digital Times )

His strong showdown against foreign intervention sparked notable support on the internet. A great many netizens stand with Xi, claiming it can't be more inspiring to hear so strong a voice from a Chinese leader.

Netizens on major portal websites exclaimed for Xi's tough response to foreign intervention,

On Xinhua net, the Chinese official media, a blog post named “so cool!Xi Jinping slashed overly stuffed, idle foreigners!” appeared and attracts numerous responses. The blogger first shows his surprise on Xi's bluntly spoken manner:


We have heard too much diplomatic eyewash when encountering foreign interference in the past, mostly nothing but “strong protest” or vehement condemnation”. For so long a time we have not yet a chance to hear so frank and direct voice.


I remember that leaders of the older generation such as Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping liked very much to use frank and direct language to convey our point of view. By comparison to the diplomatic terms today such as “fierce protest and vehement condemnation”, such straight talk can hit even more directly the sore spot of those foreigners that “have a full stomach and nothing better to do”, those that like to boss people around and interfere in the domestic policies of other states. It is only by way of this frankness that the confidence of a responsible big power can be better displayed; it is only by way of this frankness that the bright attitude of an increasingly powerful China can best be shown; and also it is only with this frankness our fellow countrymen will feel excited.

Not simply on his words, another blogger named Yan ChangHai gives a very positive comment on Xi's overall profile as a promising future leader too:

在外界的印象中,习近平持重厚道,面相庄严,言词谨慎,是一个深藏不露、胸有丘壑之人。但未曾想到,习近平不仅有谦谦君子之风,更有铮铮傲骨,尤其是今次的强硬发声,给国人心头带来一股清风。 习近平今次对外示强,态度显明,傲骨尽露,展示了一个大国领导人应有的底气和铁腕。

In our impression, Xi Jinping is a prudent and solemn person with undiscovered resource and astuteness. But unexpectedly, Xi can not only be mild-mannered, but also be a man of character. His strong speech is like a breeze in the spring that comforts our mind. Xi's expression of his power this time shows him as a proud man, who is a qualified leader of our great country, who has strong confidence and iron hand that is required to be a chairman.

He goes on criticizing the unsatisfactory status quo of Chinese diplomacy, which is overshadowed by Xi's strong manner:


After the Reform and Open, though China has grown much stronger economically, we are more and more like a dwarf politically. We dare not speak for justice on the international stage, prefer to bear all the insult without a word when facing the western threat. And this time, Xi criticized those overly filled people at the backyard of America, representing the voice of all Chinese. It is a tough counterstrike to foreigners with malice.

Netizen xjjtbbd responds right below:


We should be strong when needed.

中国龙 China Dragon


Chinese finally walk tall.

Desert-warship interprets it as a sign to America, also a diplomatic strategy that aimed to expand collaboration with Latin American countries.


Some analysts point out that Xi Jinping's visit to Latin America sent out a cooperation signal to Mexico, America's “backyard”; China also predicted that Western big powers would reproach such a move, therefore China demoralized her opponents by showing her strengths and adopted a tough stance. This shows that China is consciously exploiting the opportunity provided by the financial tsunami to change the center of gravity in diplomacy, and expand its market as far as possible by way of circumventing the United States. At the same time [China] declared openly [her] faith and resolve towards the cooperation between China and Latin America. How will the United States react still remains to be seen.

However, not all people side with Xi's comments. To those with more liberal views, Xi's words are exactly the contrary to anything that can be called powerful, strong or uncompromising.

2xiaoqing comments on DW blog:

大家看见了啦!伟大的共产党领导人就是这个思维的。他认为,我不输出革命扰攘你们,已经很对得起你们了!他认为,中国十三亿人民是“国家”供养着的,是“ 国家”的绵羊,“国家”自己怎辛苦都自己供养着,不把绵羊放出来吃你们的草,不饿死他们,已经是对人类一大贡献了,你们西方国家还要不满意!他还说,我这 个无赖不去“折腾”你们,已经是你们幸运,还要指手画脚的,你们真大胆!

Look!This is what our great party leader thinks. He tells westerners that we owe nothing to you if we don't trouble you with revolution. He thinks the 1.3 billion people are raised by the “country”, are country's sheep. No matter how hard it is for the country to raise so large a population, she does it herself, and don't let any sheep out to graze on other grasslands. And it is already a great contribution to humanity if the sheep are not starving to death. You western countries not yet content? He also argues that if he is not going to Zheteng (trouble) you, it means you are lucky. You are still finger-pointing? How dare you!

Erica De Stales also contributes to the post.


  • There would be massive complications on the future in china !It seems like a never ending discussion, and nowbody knows the ending…
    We must think positive for the future!

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  • luke weyland

    China is looking after its own business interests, without harming the interests of those who it trades with. If only the United States and all its many lackeys – that include my own Australia would do the same!

  • briefcandle

    a political leader should represent his people. And a human normally pursues two goals: a realistic and materialistic target (economic roaring, cheap commodities and ……….), as well as a ideological one .

    However, chinese government does not export its fantastic value, dictatorship, which infuriates its neighbors. western people stand it up and criticize chinese penny-pinching. therefore, here is the story, chinese vice chairman responded to western governments’ childish behavior.

  • huaaoyouhe

    this is kind of a political show. a bit of harsh words against the West worth a lot? do We remember the quotation of Chairman Mao:all reactionaries are the paper tigers. what was the next following this very incisive criticism? the severest famine in the history? These people are still pretty nationalism. What I want the leader of China is who can say to us: the Dalai lama is not a wolf in a monk’s robe and, the true face of the China’s leaders are not what you have seen on TV Calm down, my people.

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