Jamaica, Zimbabwe: Hunger Strike

“Do people in Jamaica and the Caribbean care enough about events in Zimbabwe to lend their help to this call for moral action?”: Annie Paul has a friend who is on a hunger strike to draw attention to the humanitarian crisis in Zimbabwe and tells us how we can help.


  • I suggest shame on you Jannine Mendes-Franco! Zimbabwe through a fortudinous President and a bold Government are seeking to overturn the grave humanitarian ills of centuries of European-led apartheid and English/British/UK sponsored inhumanity against etnic-Africans.

    I was born in Jamaica almost 63 years ago and am ashamed to say that in British history the heroes who fought against the heinous barbarism of English/British enslavement of African peoples in Jamaica, were brutally killed or summarily convicted and executed.

    British history is, by force of that brutal history, my/Jamaica’s history since I/we are now merely imitation British-European).

    If Jamaicans now rediscover the sense of honour and fighting spirit of Queen Nanny (and her sons) and the Right Excellent Paul Bogle et al, and apply the ‘guts’ of a President Robert Mugabe or the courage of a Muhammad Ali perhaps, just perhaps, Africans peoples of Jamiaca might begin the building of a noble heritage.

    Lest, as The Right Excellent Marcus Garvey may have implied, ‘Jamaicans are too lazy to think’ and so to do.

    Then also perhaps, just perhaps, the mothers, sisters, daughters of our people might not feel forced to wear false (European hair) in order to feel beautiful.

    The Righ Excellent Paul Bogle gave his life in fighting for our honour and dignity. How can we expect honour and dignity to be restored without some element of personal suffering of our peoples?

    Personally I commend President Mugabe and his Zimbabwe Government and I invite other to read the basis for my views at http://www.yourpage.talktalk.net/zimbabwe/intro/introsummary.html

  • Hubert Taylor – you speak as someone who knows NOTHING about the Zimbabwe situation.
    The problems today are the direct result of Mugabe – blaming anyone else is futile, senseless and ignorant. The situation in Zimbabwe is chronic – and it is thanks to Mugabe – how many people has he murdered? Hundreds of thousands – have you heard of Gukurahundi? Thought not!
    He is a vile man – and he does a dishonour to the advancement of Africans.
    A bit like Hubert Taylor.

  • Gary Howes – Your note moves me to clear possible mis-reading of my post (at Posting no 1 above).

    I make no attempt to blame other nations or races for the situation in Zimbabwe (or elsewhere). Indeed,what I do say, is that it is right (very right), for people Robert Mugabe et all, to stand, protest/fight as necessary to put dignity and honour into the heritage of their descendants. For honour and dignity some sacrifices may have to be made. I contend that memory of noble heroes of African descent as The Right Excellent Paul Bogle, Queen Nanny and a host of others in the West Indies and north-America, are and should, in British history be of such standing as given notaries as Lord Horatio Nelson and the Duke of Wellington and those who gave their lives in World War II.

    Gary – I served for 16 years in the British Army and believe it right to stand and overturn any benefits gained from the demeaning submission of Africans to ethnic-European domination in Africa and around the world. Better Africans had fought and won, negotiate honourable settlement or lost/died – rather than submit. I cite the spirit and sacrifice of King Cetshwayo (Zulu), Queen Boadicea (Iceni tribe, Roman Briton), Admiral Horatio Nelson, and Muhammad Ali (by his stance against USA assault on North Vietnam).

  • Hubert – I have no objections or comment on your broader views regarding Britain, colonisation etc – you are right on many of those fronts.

    As a Zimbabwean however what my comment sought to highlight is that we are past the point of being able to philosophise over the past – over colonisation etc.

    The fight for Zimbabweans is indeed one for African dignity – but it is also a fight against poverty, opression, murder and disease – all imposed on Zimbabeans by Mugabe. There is no freedom in Zimbabwe under Mugabe – he is not the person Pan-Africanists take him to be.

    Mugabe is a continuation of colonial oppression – that is his danger. He may claim to represent Agricans in their quest against enslavement from the West – but that is merely a cover. He uses that to justify the enslavement of his own people.

    Unfortunately any sympathies for Pan-Africanism is now dead in Zimbabwe. It is held in disdain because it is seen as something that keeps Mugabe in power – it censors any African dissent against the man… it has stifled the actions that Zimbabweans are so desperately crying out for.

    Chinja Maitiro!

  • Gary Howes – The originating topic by Janine Mendes-Franco was headed ‘Jamaica, Zimbabwe: Hunger Strike’ so I trust you will agree that it is, as you describe it, “the broader views” of the matter that is here up for discussion.

    All nations, races, peoples evolve over time as pushed or lead by a range of leaders. In over 900 years of evolving through England-Britain-UK, some 31 monarchs died by way of execution, killing or battle. In such doings many many subjects and citizens will have perished in conflict and civil differences. Add to these many instances of major epidemics of deseases.

    The ‘West’ being a cabal of ethnic-European-led nations, even as we speak are perpetrating brutal militaristic aggression costing death and maiming of hundreds of thousands of people in the Middle East and Asia.

    Let Zimbabwe (a mere 28 years of age in developing its current governance) evolve as it may so that its people particular it indigenous people might ultimately take credit for its standing; currently it stands merely on it brutal, barbarous ethnic-European-led apartheid past. I wish well for Zimbabwe and its peoples and leaders in this infancy of its post-Rhodesia, apartheid past.

    The governance of Zimbabwe, African nations and people generally will also evolve – but must be at the bidding of their peoples (of whatever rank) and not by imitation of or force of diktats or political/diplomatic/economic pressure wrought by ethnic-European pressures and attitudes.

    For honour in its own heritage Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans will have to pay some price . Pan-African-ism is not an issue for me because it is for each nation to consider and act upon its own honour. A view as to the collective standing of the nations of a region thus reflect/represents the honour and standing of that region and its people.

    As a point of interest Gary, what is/are your ethnical line(s) please?

  • Gary

    In response to Hubert…
    I don’t understand why you say “Pan-African-ism is not an issue for me” – surely your whole debate centres around the empowerment of Africans, by Africans across the world? You even cite Garvey, Bogel, Ali etc… key figures in the movement I am sure you would agree.

    You have definitely shed more light on your position and I agree on many aspects – especially that of letting Zimbabwean power politics evolve.

    I believe that is what is happening in Zimbabwe, as you say, is indeed evolution – but we are all stakeholders in that evolution – we by having this very conversation are contributing to that evolution in a small way.

    At present the power is however in the hands of Mugabe – he is essentially the leader of a fascist regime. His control over the state, of the police the army is more akin to the despotic leadership of Hitler rather than some utopian socialist leadership.

    Mugabe is brutal and powerful and the people of Zimbabwe will only overcome the dictatorship through african, and global unity against Zanu PF.

    I am sure you will also agree that Zanu PF originally was a genuine movement for the advancement of Africans. But unfortunately that is not the case anymore.

    There was also no apartheid system in Zimbabwe – there was of course no majority rule and hence black Zimbabweans did not have the freedom to decide their destiny .

    The thing is, after 28 years race and ethnicity are no longer pressing issues for Zimbabweans. Hence I don’t see the relevance for your question regarding my ethnicity as it is a construct developed by europeans to divide humans.

    In zim Matabele and Shona live side by side and there is not much of a white population to speak of anymore – perhaps 30 000 true white zimbabweans left in a country of 12 000 000.

    Zimbabweans need food, health, work and a future. That is what we worry about, it is what unites us against the regime, and I believe we will win this fight.

  • Gary Howes – If by your discourteous “Mugabe” you mean President Mugabe then we can certainly continue courteous exchanges.

    You refer to “Pan-Africanism” to “black Zimbabweans” to “white Zimbabweans” but you did not reply to my question as to your ethnical line. To recognise possible personal/vested interest I ask again,

    (1) What is you ethnical line, please?

    Your stance is for me, summed-up in your assertion, “…after 28 years race and ethnicity are no longer pressing issues for Zimbabweans…”

    This is clearly not so for President Mugabe and the Zimbabwe Government and the substantial mass of of Zimbabweans who support their line.

    (2) Name one world power whose governance evolved over a mere 28 years? [Remember in 900 years 31 British monarch lost their heads and lives, clearly along with countless subject supporting their cause]. Gary, I suggest you cannot.

    (3) Do you suggest that in 28-years Zimbabweans can repair the mental, economic, social and political ills of 4-5 centuries of stunting and ethnic-African submission under ethnic-European-led heinous barbarous apartheid [see dictionary for apartheid] and economic, social and political exploitation? Gary, I say, no.

    (4) Do you say the Zimbabwe Government should not act to redistribute wealth taken by ethnic-Europeans by way of Maxim gun and other force of arms, aided and abetted by English/British/UK Government connivance and shameful Royal Charter? Gary, I say, no, no, no.

    Please Gary, as I have identified myself, also identify your ethnical-line so it might be clear that where vested interest may lay.

  • I am half Matabele, half coloured – Gary is a pseudonym adopted at university in South Africa where I studied journalism and economics.

    What vested interests do you suggest I have?

    Have you heard of Gukurahundi?
    The 5th Brigade?
    The Matabeleland massacres?
    Operation Murambatsvina?

    Read up on the above to get an understanding of murder, genocide and inhumanity.

    I will not refer to an unelected genocidal murderer as ‘President’.

    I have a question in response to the following assertion you made:

    “This is clearly not so for President Mugabe and the Zimbabwe Government and the substantial mass of of Zimbabweans who support their line.”

    Where did you get the above from?

    Morgan Tsvangirayi is the only true elected leader of Zimbabwe – elected by the vast majority of Zimbabweans. From all walks of life, regardless of tribe, gender or occupation.

  • Gary Howes – Thank you for your time ‘conversing’ thus far on this Globalvoices topic.

    However, I regret by your comment (at Posting 8), that you are unwilling to recognise the courtesy due to (your own) Zimbabwe’s head of state.

    I note that my own Prime Minister and ministers of Government are addressed with due courtesy in spite of the countless thousands of Iraqi and Afghan innocent men, women and children we have killed as a result of mindless pre-emptive military action by the ethnic-western-European-led UK/USA cabal.

    Since even as a one studied in journalism your emotions force you to dispense with common courtesy towards (your own) Zimbabwe’s head of state, it may be best we pause our interchange in case you find or I give you cause to be discourteous to me too (smile).

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