India: Predictions for The 2009 Elections

Rajesh Jain at Emergic predicts the outcomes of the 2009 elections in India in contrast with the 2004 elections.


  • Girish B

    Loksabha 2009 election predictions it is based on my own astrological calculations based on elections start date and end date announced by EC–

    BJP will emerge as single largest party. –162-165 seats
    Minimum and Maximum 185-189 seats.
    Congress will emerge as second largest party – 90-94 seats Minimum and Maximum 115-119 seats.
    Leftists 22-25 seats Minimum 42-45 seats Maximum
    Major surprises will be in TN where AIADMK will win thumbs down.
    Next will be Andra Pradesh where TDP will secure more seats.
    SP and BSP will lose seats to BJP in UP
    Maharastra Congress will lose badly.

    BJP – NDA will form next government.

    • Sree

      Dear Girish

      According to you How many seats TDP will win in Andhra Pradesh Lok Sabha.

      Similarly According to you How many seats TDP will win in Andhra Pradesh Assembly.

      Please feel free and respond to this..

    • Dear Gireesh!

      Great predictions! r u professionally expert becoz i want u to send some birth dates of peoples in our village. Can u predict their future! So that u can keep this profession carry on till next elections! or ru doing only for general elections. Can u claim how many seats for bjp in kerala, tamilnadu! Becoz Jayalalitha is in the third front camp.
      Gireesh ! Prediction should be based on reality, not by just excaliming what is in ur mind if ur just pro-bjp it is good! but don’t try to mislead others! it is a request.


      • Sunil Sharma

        Mr. James you definitely against the BJP as your comments suggest! If you can be anti-BJP or pro those parties which run for the cause of the Church or those that allow illegal conversions thn what is wrong with people who want BJP to come to power? You are as “Communal” as anybody else with your attitude so dont blame others because you are no different except that you support the cause of Christians or Christianity while the others support the cause of Hindus and Hinduism!

        • Anti-fascist

          Ever since the BJP came to power, everybody knows that attacks on Christians in India have increased. “Illegal conversions” are just a pretext for justifying attacks. The BJP/RSS propaganda has infiltrated most of the Indian media.

          • pls tell me did hindus cause crusades or the world wars?
            did they hold programs against any cast,creed or religion?it happened in ussr!whatever hindus have done is only reaction and retaliation and it is only sporadic.

          • Selvarani

            I would never say that the attacks on Christians have increased after BJP came to power. It is just time & different types of people that/who brings way to such issues….”Illegal conversion” is not a pretext to justify anything….. I personally know many people who are very much into conversion of Hindus into christians by taking advantage of their need. But i would not generalize this to all christians as i have many good friends in the same religion. Hence, i ask you Anti-fascist to not to target any party like BJP as the sole cause of it. Remember in the entire history of India, BJP was in power for only 5 years and Congress was there always….and India always had minor religious issues ever since independence. Now, who is the cause for this then?

          • Anti-Fascist

            Here are some statistics. Between 1950 and 1998 there were only 50 recorded attacks on attacks on Christians in India. After the BJP came to power in 1998, the number of attacks increased significantly. In 2000, there were 100 recorded attacks, and then the figure was at least 200 annually from 2000 to 2005. In 2007, the number of attacks exceeded 1000; and we all know what happened in 2008, which was the worst year for anti-Christian violence since independence. Is it any coincidence that the greatest number of attacks were in states where the BJP were in power? You don’t have to be genius to see the general trend.

            Christians are just 2.3% of the population. Why should you be worried if a few people change their religion to Christianity? Christianity is an inclusive religion in which all human beings are meant to be equal.

            India is never going to be a Christian country. So relax.

          • sv

            Anti-Fascist, Don;t be biased as both the sides are involved in the acts that promotes hatered. there were killings on both side. Taali eik haat se nahi bajti dost. There are evil people on both sides but I do agree that only innocents get killed in the whole process. To stop these incidents, I think the govt should put a ban on “Illegal conversions” just because if we remove one of the cause of the issue, we may reduce the sufferings too. If somebody wants to really convert it should be through a legal process and he has to prove that money is not involved. Also Nobody likes the gods they worship with full dedications are called names by people of other religions. we need to improve understanding of various religions right from the school level. Just a thought. Hope to see a peaceful and progressive India. I am a BJP supporter but that doesn’t make me dislike other religions because I have more christian, muslim and sikh friends than hindus. So all depends on person to person.


    • Dr.Ashwin H Patel

      I hope so,tired of UPA govt.

    • Monks

      This predications made in Jan 2009 look more realistic and imaginable today almost in May 2009.
      Amazing foresight! This may be very very close!

    • Anees

      Hi Girish,

      Plz give ur address and telephone numbers so that the election authority will contact you for the next elections, why chumma waste of time, money and efforts.

    • james

      Hello Gireesh!

      Prior to elections ur predictions were wrong. U were biased. Are u ready accept this.


  • gentlegoans

    I too feel the same, although the buzz is congress will come back.
    congress got 10-15 more seats than BJP last time as
    a result of negative voting for BJP/NDA. all sundry parties came together to keep NDA out.

    last 2004 calculations which helped congress get support like Lalluprasad’s party 30+, DMK 30+, andhra congress 30+ and left all 60 apx. add to that is SP 30+, the total of 180+ will not work this election as, lallu will get 10+, DMK 6+, Andhra congress 12+, & left will get 40+ (besides left will not support congress as declared) that means 180 seat support will come to 30 less (without left)

    congress shall get 100-105 seats but their allies will also be routed, as negative voting. only NCP add couple of more seats, mayawati will get 35+, will support NDA for dpy PM.

    congress has done nothing to add its tally from 2004, instead cheated countrymen.

    • sivramkisen

      I feel the same way.

      You know there is a reason why media misleads the public with incmmplete information? Almost all the major India media is owned by forigners, mostly Christian and muslims:

    • Dr HadadiSB

      Yes dear Gentlegoans I am a Dr i support your statement defifetely this time that Lalus,DMK, CPI formula will not work , and That great Devegouda as well only thing this time the people are aware about the Cong misuse of the ppeople s verdit last time , since the people not voted for the cong or left front it was the BJP which they have voted and this time no doubt BJP will form the govt even the Cong match fixing dram with the third front or left front before elections will not work as put together the cong will get only up to 196 -200 but BJP alone may cross 230-240 henec only option is the BJP as it is famous for its national security, the inflation control, better infrastucture etc, the only option is the BJP , otherwise this time also the Cong try to mingle with the left out parties like the lalu,the gondu, gundas parties it will not work , people of india are not fools , as before elections cong separted from left now after electioin they try to join it is mear drama , which will not work this time, as it will become history for the cong which the people of india are waiting since long time .As they enjoyed the excellent rule from AB Vajpayee as PM
      let LK Advani be the PM for 10 years

  • Rajan

    I dont think the results will be the way as projected. BJP led NDA will also have setback in Orissa, Gujarat, Rajasthan. BJP wont be increasing their fortune in UP. Tamil Nadu and Andhra, major gain will be for Congress 60:40 based on alliances. In the present circumstance it is very difficult to predict who will form the govt.

  • JI

    NDA, UPA, Third Front….what’s is the point if none of them can deliver the goods? The problem is the system itself is too corrupt.

    These elections are just another meaningless exercise in the mechanics of democracy:

  • chinnappa

    I feel NDA will form govrnment if AIDMK,TDP and SP supports .
    NDA Supporters-40

  • Dear viewers,
    I am a K.P Astrologer and Acupuncture Doctor. Recently I have published my predictions for 2009 Indian Loksabha Election results. In my predictions I have clearly stated the Indian Political parties future position and every one may notice it at my webblogs of,, subjected news were linked with my predictions.
    Thanking you,
    K.P Astrologer Dr.A.Ravindranathkennedy M.D(Acu).,

  • Amit

    Nobdoy can predict who will win the next elections. Last time, all exit polls predicted NDA win but that did not happen. NDA traditionally gets more urban votes but most of urban population clubs these election day holidays with weekends and go out on vacations rather than voting esp. in metropolitan cities. This hurt NDA among other factors.
    This time, there’s a feel good for congress but in the end, NDA might just come up trumps.
    For me its NDA but with support from parties that are outside NDA right now.

  • amit tiwari

    Regional parties are to be voted in assembly elections only as they fight elections on regional issues. As far as loksabha elections are concerned only larger parties are to be voted to power as smaller parties charge heavy price during formation of government. Hard and quick decisions can only be made by a stable government without the support of opportunists. Some smaller parties with four or five members always switch sides and enjoy ministry portfolios. This is a bad face of democracy where a party with 2% of country’s electorate votes enjoy minister ship. I appeal to my countrymen to ensure a stable government. Thanks

  • G.P. Dubey

    What I feel with the blessing of all mighty bholenath (shiv from Kashi) , The result for 2009 GE will be as follows

    BJP- 175 seats
    JD- 20
    Siv Sena-14

  • sushil sukhija




    Its my calculation its not an authenticated figure.Take it with open heart.You agree or disagree its your choice.


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