India: Who Will Be The Next Prime Minister?

Indian Elections 2009 has some tips on the probable candidates for the post of Prime Minister of India.


  • Mankar Vitthal Ramchandra

    Sharad Pawar will be next PM

  • Shanti Patil

    Our country need a person economically develops the country and solves unemployment problem, and need a hard working person like Sharad Pawar.

  • sandhya

    hummm actually \ who will be the next prime minister in india\ or \who should be the next prime minister of india\ are two different questions… per the current political situation in india….and as per the political awareness in india….mayawati can be the next PM …worst for india..

  • Nitin

    mr sharad pawar is the man who will be the next prime minister of india.

  • Mr Lalu P. Yadav is a right person for next P.M all of us seen his performance in last five years in his Rel minister,it is history in India wen relwe was making lost he bring the relwe with new life and max.prophitable without spending indian i am sour he can do more if we give him chans.we do not want like Narender Modi who is selfish he can kill meny civillient for his on benifit, we have seen his guilt mind for Godhrakand he is responsible for Gotherakand riot.

  • hemant

    u guys out of ur minds, as u call it Mr. sarad pawar is the biggest crook, now give me answer.
    at what rate did he purchase wheat from Indian farmers? a: rs.9.00
    and at what rate did he purchase wheat from Australian? rs: 13. (and for ur information it has been lab tested that wheat is not good even for animal, complete 100%, all of it)
    he is agriculture minister from Maharashtra and WHERE did the maximum suicide by farmers took place? vidharda, Maharashtra. a package of 3750 crores was announced by Indian p.m where is this money dear, forget all about that how many time did he visit vidharba? none dear none. but he is always seen on grand occasion of Indian team. i know he is busy minting money then to save life of farmers in India.

    • Aparna

      True, being the agriculture minister from Maharashtra he has done nothing to stop the farmer suicides.In my opinion none of the people mentioned as favorites should be voted to power

      India today needs a radical person who can bring about change and my vote goes to Narendra Modi

  • Partha

    Only L.K Adwani can save India in this crucial time.All others are useless.

  • chandra

    hi L.K.Advani will be the prime minister of our country.
    he is the the best for our country i think.

    • Imran

      no L.K. Advani is not perfect he is the one behind 1992 riots and still planning for the same in all his bhasan. So how he can be could for country welfare the one who diversify the people can’t be a boon to a ountry.

      • Aparna

        1992 riots were not due to Mr.Advani. The riots that we Mumbai kar faced were due to the nefarious activities of Dawood and gang.

        And please who was the cheif minister of Maharashtra then? No prizes for guesses….

    • Imran

      He is a curse he was behind all the riots of 1992 still doing the same thing by delivering anti-social bhasan among people He is curse for humankind we want a PM who will unite us not diversify us.

      • Anees

        The next prime minister to our country should have the vision for the developement like Mr.Manmohan Singh, i dont think L.K.Advani or his party people posess this qualities.

      • vinu

        He is nt a curse its actualy u people the curse of this country . all problems in this country is bec of u people . Look at sania mirza wo got everything from India and finaly going to pakistan . shame on her . it shoud be Narendra modi as PRIME MINISTER bec he is the one does nt depend on anyone else to take a decision and he does nt bend down in front of any country or any one for anything .

  • kabir

    as per my Intuition and current political scenario……..Mayawati(behanji) has got a good chance for our next PM….

  • true indian

    if mayawati will be PM then i left no ther choice and i will be forced to surrender indian citizenship vth accute pain in the heart ….next PM must be narendra modi if not then manmohan singh is better

    • Mr. Manmohan was not chosen by the public as a prime minister he was chosen by Mrs.Sonia Ghandhi , and i think a prime minister must have a leadership quality and decision maker which we even co-incidently not found in Mr. Manmohan singh , the administrative compitencies are totaly missing in Mr. Manmohan. He just did that whatever Mrs. Sonia Wanted. I wish to say there is no compresion between Mr. LK Advani and Mr. singh because one who is called the iron man and another is called dummy than we must chose iron man.
      one strongest part or mr. singh’s is he is very cool and civilized personality but this all broke in his last attack on Mr. Advani, Mr. Singh was too angry that means this all is just ocentetous display he was showing till this time.

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