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Egypt: Airport Policeman Captured Throwing Bag at Toddler

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Egypt, Human Rights, Law, Travel, Youth

Award winning Egyptian blogger Wael Abbas [1] posted a video taken by a tourist at an airport in Egypt, where a policeman is seen throwing a bag at a crowd and hitting a toddler.

The video, taken by an American tourist, is posted here on YouTube [2]:

In an email to Abbas, the tourist writes:

Egyptian police at the port of departure was on a power trip and threw a bag landing on a newborn baby
The officers quickly moved the mother outside with the baby before most of the crown knew what happened
This is just one of many instances of police incompetence and brutality I saw in the 10 days I was there
This is a regime that must not be supported by any country, particularly the US who has used it as their playground for unconstitutional torture
Tourism is the only way that ordinary Egyptians have a chance to make a living, so please support that industry, but the government should be sanctioned and more by Western Powers
Please make your friends aware of the poor conditions the Egyptian people are being held in due to the Military Government

Writing at Egyptian Chronicles [3], Zeinobia adds:

Look the government can open airports with billions of dollars and still can’t fail to impress the people whether inside or outside with these sort of people in charge. I won’t speak about the Egyptians because we are already third degree citizens in our own country but what about the tourists ?? do you think them blind of what is going on!!? No they do not!!

Open clean multi billion airports won’t enhance the image of Egypt but it is rather the treatment of its citizens by the authorities.