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11 January 2009

Stories from 11 January 2009

Guatemala: Powerful Images of War Victims Leave Some Uncomfortable

Capturing images on film is one way to ensure that the collective memory does not forget about a country's history. When that country's history includes grusome events, those images can...

Ghana: Is ‘largely’ free and fair enough?

Zimbabwe: Running out of money and zeroes

Cambodian leader's collection of doctorate degrees

Singapore: Chambermaid vs foreign maid

Living in Hanoi 20 years ago

Indonesia: Facebook users on the rise

Indonesia: Ferry capsizes with 250 people

South Africa: Why condemning Israel is wrong

Palestine: A guide to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Gaza

Brazil: Reflecting On Our Very Own Gaza Strips

As the rest of the world, Brazilian bloggers are closely following the latest developments of the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Opinions are divided, but the conflict has, nevertheless, led bloggers to reflect...

Palestine: “I see hatred in every blast pounding Gaza”

In this roundup of Gaza's blogs we hear about living without electricity, ways of getting the latest news, and white phosphorus shells. And an 11-year-old girl jokes: "It's like we...

Russia-Ukraine: The middleman of gas crisis

Egypt: Reporting Live from Rafah

Egyptian blogger and human rights activist Nora Younis has been watching the situation in Gaza closely and reporting live from Rafah, a Palestinian border town, where she spent her New...

Wildlife Tragedies and Happenings at WildlifeDirect Blogs

Attempts to flush out Uganda's Lords Resistance Army (LRA) rebel group's leader, Joseph Kony, have not been very successful. Instead, the civilian casualties continue to pile up. One devastating tragedy...

Armenia: New Year Celebrations

Poland: Does Tusk deliver on his promises?

Lithuania: Rumours of IMF-support exaggerated

Lessons on libel: South African blogger sued for defamation

After South African Donn Edwards wrote in his blog about the dubious marketing tactics of a holiday rental company called Quality Vacation Club, he was sued for defamation. This was...

DR Congo: Containing the Ebola Outbreak

In late December an outbreak of the highly contagious Ebola virus was confirmed in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo). The outbreak is believed to have infected more than...

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