Syria: Gaza On Our Minds

Syrian bloggers are in a frenzy since the bombing in Gaza started almost two weeks ago. To many Syrians this comes from a deep long rooted identification with the cause of the Palestinian people. But for some, there's also a very personal side to it.

Ruba is a half-Syrian half-Palestnian blogger based in Syria. Her father is a respected academic from Gaza. In a very emotional and personal post, she shares with us some of her memories from her visits to the Strip:

Next morning, we went back home, to find shrapnel, bullets, hand grenades… the house was a mess, the windows were shattered, everything inside was burnt. Neighbors gathered around dad, they were screaming details of what had happened the night before… they told him a helicopter flew over at night, several masked soldiers went down on hanging ladders and worked their machine guns, leaving holes in the wall… they threw hand grenades inside, creating havoc and panic around the neighborhood.

My dad, being a freedom fighter who feared God only, wanted to send a message that said: I am not afraid (apparently he was used to this kind of stuff).

He brought in new furniture, put up new windows, and once the house was kind of livable, my brother and I were kept inside as a sign of defiance. We were locked up inside the only room that didn’t breathe smoke, guarded by my many male cousins for a month.

While Rime Allaf shares with us her way of trying to get through the day knowing that somewhere in Gaza someone is being killed at every other moment:

Since Israel began its latest, most barbaric and savage attack yet, since the bombs started falling on the prisoners of Gaza and slaughtering children in the hundreds, in the most minimal gesture of solidarity I can demonstrate, I have been wearing my Palestinian scarf on top of my coat, and I have made my own Gaza badge to wear on television interviews. (More on that soon.) Most English-language media, nearly indistinguishable from Israel, would call this defiance.

And then she calls for the real change:

I herewith call:

For Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan to become head of the Arab League;

For Arab leaders and their supporting cliques to be exiled in Gaza after Palestinians get back their homeland;

For the Quartet (all officials, ministers and presidents included) to spend an eternity in some refugee camp kissing Tony Blair while Israel exercises its right to defend itself;

For Barack Obama to imagine playing golf in Jabaliya as his children attend an UNWRA school while Israel “retaliates”; and

For all Israeli war criminals to skip The Hague tribunal and to go straight to hell.



    gaza muslims shall win!dis

  • Jzau

    And what about the cowards, Hammas, launching rockets from the dark corners of the family inhabited neighborhoods of Gaza in the name of Allah and getting upset when bombs come back to the same area? Fight like a man away from the masses or die with them and point your finger at the enemy.

  • My reply to Jzau:

    One question if u bought a house and few months later I illgellally occupy it and put in a yard and u have title deeds would except it? I dont think so.

    I think u should allow me to do that to u.

    Zionist have stolen lands and continue stealing lands?

    Did u read UN report on seige? No u ignored it.

    Please answer me one question if there was seize on Isreal and Isreal were in same situation as Gaza people and what woukld u do? Wake up fool

    Cowards fight the way Isreal fight?

    Y are true Jewish Rabiahs demonstrating? R they blind? I dont think so?

    Even a blind can Isreal is doing all the wrong things.

    “God has plan that all Zionist come to Isreal and when Prophet Esa (Jesus) comes and and has promised that Zionist will be wiped out with stones not guns the same way God has drown Firoun.Do not underestimate God.”

    God has also promised that Zionist will never live in peace. Zionist are frightened for home made rockets that dont dont do any damages.

    Isreal are cowards and because they know that UN cant do them anything they abuse all there rights. They steal, kill innocent Palestanains, and are not shy killing also UN staff, they use depleated Uranim, etc war crimes

    Where is Sharon??????

    Truth is bitter but has sweet results.

    They are Planner but God is best of Planners.

    I hope and pray u c that day when God destroys Zionist with stones

  • Message of peace
    To discontinue war in Gaza let us all entire to conduct movement of peace by on 10 January 2009 on 01.00 GMT to come and remain to camp during 3 day in location which can be reached
    To which remain close to frontier of Israel or owning ability to come to that place to be gathering and camp in gateway frontier of nearest Israel.
    To which remain close to embassy of USA or owning ability to come there gather and camp in gateway embassy of USA
    We are Expected gathering of millions of this people can stops war in Gaza
    please help to submit this message to others

  • The big issues we’re focused on relate to the humanitarian crisis within Gaza. As is always the case, injured, starving kids know no politics. That’s why it’s so crucial that humanitarian aid be allowed into Gaza on a regular, reliable basis and that politics be put aside to procure this outcome.

    Here’s an update on Mercy Corps’ relief efforts in Gaza. We’re on the ground and were able to send in food Thursday morning local time.

    What we know as of this morning: It’s day 13 and the humanitarian situation grows increasingly dire. We are working tirelessly, delivering what we can. We have dispatched additional aid workers to Jerusalem and Egypt, in addition to the 25 we have in Gaza.

    We are calling for immediate humanitarian access in a petition here:

    We are enabling youth voices from Gaza to blog about their experience, sent via SMS messages. Read their blog here:

    You can read our latest updates about the Gaza Crisis here:

  • samir

    Jzau- you’ve been rooting for cowards for so long that you don’t know what “fighting like a man” means.

    What it doesn’t mean is dropping bombs on homes from high in a jet where you know the enemy can’t reach you.

    What it doesn’t mean is shelling residential neighborhoods from a safe enough distance to not take fire back.

    What it doesn’t mean is distorting your view of the enemy such that it becomes OK to carry out a systematic, genocidal war against a civilian population without any real means of defending itself.

    What it DOES mean is fighting a fair fight. I don’t think you or your cowards are ready for a fair fight. You never have been, that’s for sure, so you probably never will be. And that’s why you will always try to keep tings unfair, unjust.

    You’re afraid. And you should be.


    this has gone too far! what do they want with the Palestinians. why cant they attack the people they have gone there for only, and leave the poor children and women alone.This is pathetic behavior, and there is no LOGIC involved whatsoever!!come on have some mercy!

  • Logic

    Why dont the palistinians just stop antagoning the Jews? Why do they just keep “asking” for it? and when the Jews answer with fure power the Palistinians who have been subvertly fighting the Jews get angry becasue they fight back. Just leave them alone and build a nation in Gaza.. why keep wanting to fight the jews? The Jews have offered peace many times, why do the palistinians insist fighting all the time? I am from the west so excuse my ignorance but to most of us it appears the palistinians strat with the jews every time.. cant you just leave them alone?

  • Logic,

    I mean this in the kindest way possible, but there is no excuse for ignorance. If that’s how it appears to you, then perhaps you should start reading about it. May I recommend a comprehensive history of the conflict? Read one from each side of you must, but please read and stop assuming that what you hear on CNN and Fox is the truth.


  • Logic

    I have actually. Like any book or reference you have to believe what you read. As for factual evidence relating to the claim of land don’t the facts indicate Israel was there first? I’m not a big news watcher like CNN or Fox, I actually read. I am saddened by the Palestinians plight but no one can explain to me a very simple question, I will ask again.. Why do the Palestinians always start up with the Jews? You see its quit and all of the sudden the Palestinians send in a suicide bomber or send rockets (or kidnap).. They intentionally instigate every circumstance.. This can easily be documented and proved. Its not fabrication, yet no one supporting the Palestinian situation can explain it… why? And then when the Jews attempt to defend themselves there is outrage, it makes no sense.

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