Bruneian blogger amuses readers with daily doses of humour

Kurapak and his crew during a local radio interview

Kurapak literally means ‘speak’ in Bruneian Malay. Mr. Kurapak amuses his 3,000 daily readers with his daily doses of humour appealing to Bruneian readers. Some of these stories are old local jokes that has been shared by his dad many years ago but Kurapak has made a twist to these stories, making them appealing to the current young generation.

A talented website designer who started blogging per chance when he set up his father's blog, finally decided to set up his own blog based on jokes and humour. Although the jokes may be universal, Kurapak made them palatable to the Brunei audiences by using words and phrases that Bruneian readers can relate to.. such as ‘maniss’ which means .. that is sweet! Or ‘buleeh’ which means.. sure can do!

A reader described Kurapak's blog as a Bruneian blog in Brunei language that we all can love and laugh at. Rano Iskandar,founder of , Brunei's Number 1 Social News describes Kurapak's blog as:

A good mixture of English and Malay language. I think there are not many blogs that are written in Malay. His posts are hilarious at times and I don’t know where he find his sources. Good work! This friend of mine also runs Brukiosk but Kurapak is the in-thing now. It’s probably the best layout/design among the nominees and he’s very talented as well!!

AnaBanana, Graphic Design, Lim Kok Wing University College of Creative Technology , Cyberjaya:

I have to admit that Kurapak is an excellent blog. I am not a big fan of blogs but Kurapak certainly caught my attention. Its not like any other blogs that I've come across. It is very entertaining and certainly has a very good sense of humour. Very, very funny! Excellent work, Alin! You deserve all the winning votes.

Azlan AKA Mr.JetLag, an observer and blog reader:

Kurapak and the author of the blog must be congratulated and celebrated. It is one of the few blogs that I have encountered which has captured the hearts and minds of its readers, including mine…it's very ticklish and addictive. The jokes are cunningly improvised and reflects the “naughtiness” (in every sense of the word..a positive one that is) of the author himself. Without this blog the world will be dull and boring. The punchlines are excellent and brilliantly executed. It certainly brightens your day. I am certainly a proud reader of this hilarious blog. You have my support. Your sense of humour is unrivaled. Keep it up! Long Live Kurapak!!

Random Clicker:

its so damn funny!. It is basically a collection of random silly funny stories about random things…..Reading this blog takes me back to the days when i was a kid.

Spiritual Garden impression of Mr. Kurapak

Spiritual Garden, one of the nominees for Best Brunei Blog 2008,

he only blog that which makes me scratch my head because of my poor Malay. A very popular blog loves by public when a stress-free moment is needed.

Alin was my ex-classmate back in the ITB days for only 3 months. He was already a very funny and chirpy person that made us laughed like orang gila ( a crazy guy). Kudos to his creativity in story telling to perk up those jokes that we might have heard it hundreds of time.

He brings sexy funny back.

All his posts are spontaneous, being written as he goes along. His style of slang language familiar with the Bruneian readers made his jokes fresh and easy to relate to the readers. It does not matter if the grammar to his posts are inaccurate. Talking to him, he stated that:

all i know is becakap with my own way, my own slang, just be my self saja, thats why masa awal-awal me takut nada orang terima bahasa yang me gunakan, tambah-tambah lagi both my english n malay are broken. apanya orang tua-tua? speaking kapal yow!

All I know is to speak my own way, my own slang, just be myself, that's why during the early days, I was afraid that no one will accept the language that I use, in addition to my lack of grammar in English and Malay!

Is he funny in person? Kurapak does not claim himself to be funny but friends see him rather animated like cartoon. One of his favourite posts is Asmara pohon Piasau which literally means love at the coconut tree.

Haji Osman, 57 tahun baru saja 2 tahun pincin dari jabatan kerajaan and masa ani begiat mejual piasau since ia tedapat dusun piasau turun temurun dari datok moyangnya. So routinenya hari-hari, as you know macam biasalah, manjat piasau di dusunnya atu yang behampiran rumahnya. *macam tida kali ah ia manjat, spiderman pun minta ampun*

Iatah ada this satu patang, cuaca cerah-cerah mandung, ia ke dusunnya kan manjat ngambil piasau yang kan di delivernya isuk. Sudahnya memanjat sampai keatas, tangah-tangahnya bepayuk ke puhun atu, ada berita gumbira. Liatnya di bawah pukuk atu ada couple buipren girlpren beasmara, so ia pun meliat free show dari atas pokok. So iski lah ia tapi inda ia bunyi-bunyi sal takut ia kanapatan skodeng dari atas.*kalau me pun diam-diam tu*.

Tick tock tick tock, habis selasai babak asmara, iatah yang girlpren orang atu becakap arah boiprennya atu sambil kana dangarkan olih Hj Osman yang masih bepayuk kepuhun.

Girlpren :
Baby, macam menyasal jua me tadi atu, takut me karang me pregnant wah. sapa tah kan betanggung jawap?

Boipren : Ishh.. you ani ih.. tadi you jua yang mau, jangan tah beuri wah, tani serahkan saja arah yang diatas.


belungsur Haji Osman, dari atas pukuk ke bawah ala ala bomba emergency and tarus di taingnya boipren that girl.

Hj Osman : Hoiii manisss, kau nyaman-nyaman di bawah, aku ko suruh betanggung jawap!!

Boipren & Girlpren dalam hati : M.P.B.(mun paham biskal ih salah mun paham bisai)

The above story accounts the episode when a pensioner who saw a couple making out while he was up on the coconut tree. The girl regretted the incident told the boyfriend of her concern if she gets pregnant. The boyfriend stated.. let's leave it to the guy upstairs…which actually mean..leave it to GOD! But since the pensioner was up on the tree, he overheard the conversation and slide down and was apprehensive that the couple had a great time but leaving him to be blamed if the girlfriend got pregnant! LOL!

No wonder Mr. Kurapak is the overall winner for best blog in Simpur Blogging Nation Blog Award 2008.


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