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Japan: Teaching Buddhism by sign language

Categories: East Asia, Japan, Ideas, Language, Religion

A blogger at Toppei no Minna Chigatte Minna Ii [1] (トッペイのみんなちがってみんないい) introduces a website [2] where it is possible for deaf followers to download the .wmv files and the original texts of the Buddhist Sacred Scriptures interpreted through the use of the (Japanese) sign language. While this initiative may not sound new to Christian believers, it seems to be one of the first experiments of this kind related to Buddhism since the Society for the Promotion of Buddhism [3] (仏教伝道協会, Bukkyô Dendô Kyôkai) [jp] released a DVD entitled “The Teaching of Buddha by the Sign Language” [4] (手話仏教聖典) [en] in 2007.