Israel: Message of Peace to People of Gaza

Jewlicious posts a video “to the people of Gaza from the people of Israel” in Arabic, saying, “We do not hate you. We do not rejoice in your suffering… Please urge your government to stop their violent actions against us. Show the world that you are committed to peace and a better way of life… We know you yearn for a better future. But acts of violence against your closest neighbor is not the appropriate way for a better life.”


  • Acts of violence, like dropping targetted bombs on civilians? Acts of violence like placing a siege on over a million innocents? Acts of violence, like taking over a large area of another country, in violation of international law and edict?

    Hmm, what side are you talking about again?

  • Dear A.B,

    You are mistaken. Israel does not target civilians and does its best to avoid harming them, but if Hamas deliberately hides in hospitals and residences where civilians are bound to get harmed, what then are the Israelis and the innocent Palestinians to do? Israelis have a military objective, it is the people of Palestine who have an obligation to each other.

    Please refer to these links for more information: IDF phones Gaza residents to warn them of imminent strikes– I seriously doubt you would see any other military in the world taking such extensive actions to try to protect enemy civilians

    ~ Maya

  • Dörte

    I’s nice to know that Gazans are bombed lovingly. I imagine you paint pink hearts on your bombs. That explains why so many children are injured and killed: of course they get an extra portion of love. How touching.

  • Dörte

    Maya, can’t you see that it’s more than cynical of IDF to ring up Gazans telling them to run away? Where to? There is a wall and barbed wire around their tiny strip of country and tanks waiting behind it. Inside Gaza? A mosque for instance? or the university? the american school?
    And Maya, how can you know where Hamas leaders hide? Did you talk to them? Or do you get your info from your military? As you said, they have a military objective, I would not call your info unbiased then.
    But I do want unbiased information. Your government doesn’t allow the press into Gaza. That means they have a lot to hide.

  • mursel

    şerefsiz ısrael yaptıkların yanına kalmaz mazlumların ahı çıkar sizlerin gücü ancak masum insanlara yeter sizler kuranda lanetlenmiş bir topluluksunuz Allah bir Allahın gazabı sizlerin üzerine olsun

  • iam angry very angry

    u hate us

    and u kill our cheldrn and families and frinds
    u make us hamas
    u make us hamas
    we just want to protect our selves
    dont u ???

  • iam muslim and iam arab

    no peace with u israel
    u r just want to kill us
    but u know we will not giveup

  • Will

    It looks like you all are screwed. It is so nice to be on the other side of the planet… :-)

    Keep up the violence and death instead of moving forward together while retaining your individual cultures (Allah forbid..)

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