China: New Year Confrontation Against Power Station in Guangzhou

On new year eve, residents of Junjing Garden in Guangzhou city organized a gathering against the construction of a Power station on the southern side of the residential area. According to the report from Sound of Hope, 24 of the residents were arrested the next day on 1 of Jan, 2009, among two of them were primary school kids who were holding banner during the protest gathering.

The power station had once been stopped by local residents 2 years ago, but the government decided to restore the construction saying that the magnetic field generated by the electricity is at a safe level. However, the residents do not trust the government's statistic and explanation and they criticized the mainstream media for their one-sided story in Junjing forum. In responding to Southern Metropolis feature report, aaaznh said:


Is it legal to block the media and cheat the upper authority and ordinary people? Even the scientists from Beijing science academy opposed the construction of power station in the district and now you quoted from expert, who are the real experts? The power station's expert are serving private interest, they are like the experts in southern tiger photogate. There are so much land around, why do they insist to construct the power station next to schools and residential zone?

Ajuns pointed out:


The government can't hide anymore, so they start to use media to do one-side propaganda, we need to find way to spread the truth to other people by using internet report, post the photos and let the situation be known.

qinf2 said:


What's the reason for such bias report? Why don't the reporters mingled with the people here? In Junjing, most of the residents are from outside the province, and most have very high education, they know the right and wrong. Why don't they explain what makes all these highly educated people come out to protest? What's the use of these newspapers?

I am poor and so I am not scared posted this picture to express his feeling:

Indeed the power station is really close, the photo below show the construction site and protest banners hanging outside the residential buildings:

The new round of confrontation between the residents and polices started on 30 of December when a large number of polices appeared in the district to reopen the construction site:

In reaction to the government's action, the residents decided to organize a new year eve gathering on 31 of December – 1 of Jan to pray for their children's health:

A large number of police arrived and resulted in a confrontation:

Due to the police arrest of 24 residents, more gatherings and “walkings” (meaning demonstration) happened in the past few days. This video clip below shows the gathering in Jan 3, 2009, the residents demand the police to release the protesters:

In order to sustain the protest action, the residents discussed new protest strategy in the forum. Moonlight suggested to stop paying the management fee:


I have been walking for a few days, feeling really emotional, as if I am back to the school day, but the protest at that time was to defend the country (in 98 when the China embassy was bombed in Yugoslavia). Now it is for my own home, and our home. To be frank, I feel that in the past few days, the thunder sound is stronger than the rain. The electricity company is like turtle ignoring what's happening outside.


Let's cool down and think, are we handling too many issues at a time? We shout anti-violence slogan to the police, anti power station construction to the power bureau. We fight for the relocation of power station to the planning department. We call for green land out of our ecological concern. We are one against four, fighting against everything while they don't feel the pain. So I suggest to focus on one spot.


I think we can focus on the developer and property management, they share the same pant. While we are “walking”, we should also stopped paying our property management fee. Money matters, if we stopped paying 3 month, the property management would react. What can they do? Stop the water? I don't believe they would stop the water for hundreds of residents, better be so and let the scene of people lining up for water in the street appears in the media.

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  • Spook UK

    The Photo above with the flats and the Power Station construction site within meters of the dwellings is absolutely stupid. It would never be tolerated in most countries. The noise from the turbines and the smoke from the chimneys will be intolerable.

    Not to mention the fall in residential property values. Who would buy a house of flat with such an anti social neighbour!!!

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