2 January 2009

Stories from 2 January 2009

Trinidad & Tobago: Farewell to Friday

  2 January 2009

One of Trinidadian blogger Nicholas Laughlin‘s favourite columnists is fired from a mainstream newspaper, prompting him to comment: “It's sad and frankly embarrassing that the Express apparently thinks there is no place for a writer like B.C. Pires in our national conversation.”

Haiti: 205th Anniversary of Haitian Independence

  2 January 2009

After the disasters they went through in 2008, Haitian people celebrated the start of 2009 more or less happily - in Haiti, January 1st marks not only New Year, but also the date when in 1804, the island got independence from France, becoming the first black democracy in the world. Some French-speaking Haitian bloggers pay homage to the anniversary, while preparing themselves for the difficulties their country will have to face in the future...

Bhutan: Thimphu's Shame

  2 January 2009

Tshering Tobgay writes about the state of Memelakha landfill, where the Bhutanese capital Thimphu's garbage ends up everyday.

Russia: Bloggers Debate Immunization of Children

  2 January 2009

One of the most popular health-related topics discussed by Russian bloggers is that of the immunization of children. Current digital media discussions reflect to a great extent debates that are taking place in traditional media in many post-Soviet countries. Although immunization has been mandatory in these countries since the time...

Sri Lanka: Mission Accomplished?

  2 January 2009

The president of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapakshe officially announced that the government troops have captured LTTE rebel's de facto headquarters Kilinochchi after suffering heavy loss in the battle. The government has so far been able to be on top the situation but heavy battles are likely still to lie ahead...

Israel: Hamas is Not Palestine

Hamas is not Palestine, asserts Israeli Mom's Delphine Schrank. “If you support the Palestinians and have their best interest at heart, you should not be supporting Hamas. This current clash is between Israel and Hamas – not Israel and the Palestinians – so think carefully before you rush out to...

Israel: Liveblogging the War with Gaza

Israeli bloggers Jameel of The Muqata and Dave of Israellycool are liveblogging the war with Gaza. Their up to the minute coverage includes photos, videos, and news clips that from all perspectives in the Israeli population. Jameel also has a Twitter page here.

Israel: Foreign Journalists in Gaza

David Bogner of Treppenwitz gives five reasons why Israel shouldn't allow foreign journalists into Gaza. “In Lebanon we had to fight a war on two fronts: on the battlefield against an illegitimate terrorist army, and in the media against foreign dupes who printed whatever this illegitimate terrorist army told them/allowed...

Gaza and Sderot: “The day after the war we need a new beginning”

Gaza City and the Israeli city of Sderot are separated by just a few kilometres. A year ago, even while the people of Gaza were living in severe conditions under Israeli blockade, and Sderot was an ongoing target for rocket attacks coming out of the Gaza Strip, a blog was started by two men, one in each place. Since then they have been documenting their experiences and giving us their perspective on events, including those of the last week.

Haiti: The Haitian Revolution

  2 January 2009

The Haitian Blogger discusses the 205th anniversary of the Haitian Revolution, adding: “As Haitians begin another year under UN occupation, they wonder when the struggle will be over.”

Anguilla: Discussing Dengue

  2 January 2009

“Dengue is now in Anguilla? Shusssh! That is a national secret.”: Corruption-free Anguilla asks: “How widespread in Anguilla will dengue have to become before it becomes a dengue epidemic?”

Georgia: New Year, Christmas Feasting

  2 January 2009

The Tbilisi Blues comments on preparations for the New Year festivities in Georgia. Although events started at the beginning of December, the New Year will lead into Christmas celebrated on 7 January. From the beginning of the year, however, Georgians will visit relatives until 14 January and particularly enjoy their...

Armenia: Trial of Seven

  2 January 2009

Tzitzernak2 reports from the trial of seven prominent opposition members and activists. The blog also posts a YouTube video from the court case by A1 Plus, a pro-opposition TV station deprived of its broadcasting frequency by the authorities in 2002.