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Inspirations and Creative Thoughts, a blog of a Bangladeshi based in United States comments on the situation in Gaza: “Its our human obligation, as part of this human family to know about the suffering caused by injustice, specially when its done by those who we elect to represent us. The weapons sold and gifted to Israel comes from USA and by the money paid by US citizens who has nothing to do with Israel's unjust policy to Palestinians.”


  • gaynor

    If Hamas had not fired a missile into Israel there would not have been this current situation. If India fired a rocket into Bangladesh would Bangladesh retaliate …of course. Why do you always look at one side of an issue. You are a Bangladeshi living inj the USa and you dare to criticise the hand that fed you!!!!!

  • Peace

    Gaynor, what sort of a comparison between Hamas firing a rocket at Israel and India firing one at Bangladesh and Bangladesh retaliating!!!!(?). You enlighten me pal with your sense of general knowledge.

    Keep spreading your wisdom……

  • Truth Speaker

    What a shameless lie these supporters of Israel repeats again and again.

    If Hamas only didn’t fired a missile into Israle is they repeat again and again. What a stupid analogy to give, if India fired a rocket into Bangladesh.

    Understand this first empty brain: India is not occupied by Bangladesh and India don’t belong to Bangladesh.

    Palestine belongs to Palestinian. Israel reduce them into concentration camps, refugee camps, gehttos and block their movement completely, shut down all entry and exit with checkposts, humiliate their people day and night and what they expect, to die in starvation in inhumane conditions?

    Hamas is their elected leader, Hamas is people’s resistance and they have the right to fight the occupation and land. They are freedom fighters of Palestine and their rocket is nothing but their protest of reducing them into animals.

    Gazans will not be silenced to their suffering and they shall rise up.

    God’s curse be upon Israel and war criminals of both Israel and USA.

  • Sadia masroor

    To The Prime Minister of India and The UN Secretary General

    Respected Sir,

    I am writing this to you out of my deep concern and anguish over the loss of hundreds of innocent lives in Gaza during the unjustified attacks on its population.

    This attack has reminded us of our own agony during the Mumbai terror attacks. Killings of these magnitude are alarmingly becoming frequent by the day.
    Sir, please be firm in your position for Justice, and you will find the whole of India behind you.

    Today we stand at a position where others can look up to India for help, and this position will remain as long as we Indians will come out for peace and oppose the attacks on innocents not just in India but anywhere in the world. In the case of Gaza too, with no country willing to stand firm against Israel in its unjust decision, we request you to do everything possible under your authority to convey the strongest sentiments that we Indians have for human lives to ensure world peace.

    We would like to raise our strongest condemnation at the United Nations. We request the Government of India to immediately convey our call for bringing an end to these senseless killings in Gaza which is suffering from blatant violation of human rights.

    The sane people of the world are aghast at the mute stance taken by major countries and the United Nations. Israel, USA, UK and their allies incessantly call for disarming nations fearing attacks on their civilians…but on the contrary it is these Superpowers that have carried & supported more bombings, killings & destruction than any weapon of mass destruction would have done( if it ever existed!), all in the pretext of “disarming” others! They call it an act of defense, when in fact its a wide campaign of terror against a whole population!

    How do we explain ourselves?
    The USA and Israel, both, have carried senseless attacks on civilians fearing attacks by the leader/ regime of that country! CAN someone actually murder people just because of an intuition or fear, with no evidence to justify their fear?

    If this is so, then we Indians do get nightmares that USA will someday attack India’s sovereignty and the US president will not think twice before ordering his army of mercenaries to kill our countrymen!
    Such a case, should my country too act just like America and Israel, and attack its population and destroy their nation in the name of defending the lives of Indians???
    Will the United Nations be by our side as well, just like it is with the USA and Israel in their erroneous decision causing mayhem in current times?
    As a matter of fact, India will never commit such acts of oppression against a civilian population.

    It is distressing to see the United Nations Organization failing to take a truthful stand for what it exactly was established for – To Promote & Protect Peace, Justice and Global human rights!

    Clearly, the purpose of UNO has strayed once again as it did earlier by its disastrous stance during the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.
    But we do hope the UNO will rise again, on its principles this time and when it does, the world will neither remain silent against oppression nor will it side with the oppressors.

    We do hope our message reaches the UN Secretary General, Mr.Ban Ki-moon and the Indian representative at the UNO.

    We stand by you in the campaign for peace as we stand in the campaign against terror.

    A concerned citizen

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