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Morocco: “We Are All Gaza”

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Rabat is 2,393 miles away from Gaza as the crow flies, but that doesn't stop Moroccans from feeling a strong sense of solidarity with Palestinians.  As Israel's attacks against Gaza continue to worsen, Morocco's bloggers continue to speak out.

Hicham of Al Miraat, who has posted the image below [1], reminds us that we are all Gaza and makes this statement [2], in a separate post:

On ideological grounds I’m not a supporter of Hamas, but like it or not, these are the people who the Palestinians chose to lead them. After all, Hamas has always been cleaner than Fatah (its main political rival) and had a much better record in respecting the democratic process in Palestine since its inception. And this democratic choice was the natural result of years of Israeli systematic humiliations, harassment, disdain for whomsoever claims leadership, and of course political assassinations and state terror.

When in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and even during the 80’s, most of Palestinian militants were secular and mostly fighting a “conventional” war of liberation (i.e. not targeting civilians, and avoiding terror tactics -except the exceptions-), Israel responded with the same brutality and pushed the Palestinians little by little to the extreme.

Eatbees, an honorary member of the Moroccan blogosphere who is currently residing in the U.S., posts a devastating photo and remarks [3]:

Like many, I feel sad about what’s been happening in Gaza over the past few days.

This sadness turns to anguish when I read the one-sided coverage [4] in the American media, which never wavers from Israel’s “right to defend itself” and blames Hamas [5] even for civilian casualties.

For the issues and arguments, I’ll defer to Palestinian leader Mustafa Barghouthi, who knows what he’s talking about [6].

It seems like the war will continue for many more days and weeks [7]. I wish Israel a similar outcome to their 2006 adventure in Lebanon.

The View From Fez reports [8] that Moroccan demonstrators were out in full force:

There have been two recent sets of demonstrations, each over very different issues. Yesterday Moroccans in the main cities staged sit-ins condemning the Israeli raids on Gaza. Both Moroccan and Palestinian flags were carried, as thousands of demonstrators expressed their solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Mohamed el Alami puts out a call for peace [9] on his blog:

THE Palestinian population is severeley suffering. The Israelis killed mens ,womens,childrens….why do Israel is doing it? he cannot realize all his objectves because violence produce violence. Unfortuneteley the peace itisnt here now ,but yes war ,carnage,destruction ,disaster…
I hope that there will a cease fire ,because civilians are suffreing seriuoseley.
We need peace no war ,no violence no egoism.
Ghaza ,we are with you.

As Hicham reminds us [10]: