Syria: Myths about Israeli Attacks in Palestine

Our coverage of Syrian bloggers reacting on the ongoing Israeli war in Palestine continues. Israel is still proceeding the attacks in Palestine for the forth day causing 385 civilian deaths and leaving 1700 injured.

Yaman Salahi, a Syrian blogger based in the US, has posted a note on his Facebook commenting on few myths “that appear to be circulating in American media about Israel's attacks on Gaza ” as he put it.

Here we share few extracts from the blogger's note.

1. Israel Wants Peace

It takes quite a bit of chutzpah to claim that Israel “wants peace” as Israeli fighter jets drop hundreds of tons of bombs on the Gaza Strip, killing hundreds [385 so far], destroying universities, hospitals, pharmacies, schools, homes, and social welfare offices. Rather than leading to peace, this claim actually only covers up for Israel's continued violence and intransigence. There has not been a single day in the past 60 years where there was not at least one Israeli gun pointed at a Palestinian, whether at the checkpoints that lace the West Bank, or on the battle field during Israel's frequent ground incursions into West Bank cities, or from the air as Israel drops bombs on Gaza. If that is what an aspiration for peace looks like, God save us from seeing an Israeli aspiration for war.

Entertaining the point is futile though, as it, too, is false. According to Haaretz, the Israeli government has been preparing for this attack on the people of Gaza since it signed a truce with Hamas six months ago. More disturbingly, the article implies that Israel's signing of a truce with Hamas was actually part of a long-term strategy to declare war on Gaza, a disingenuous move contrary to any claimed “desire for peace.”

On top of this, a Vanity Fair article published last April exposed the long-term conspiracy between the Israeli government, the Bush administration, and opportunistic elements of the Palestinian political faction Fatah to overthrow the government in Gaza, thereby derailing any hopes for a genuine peace process. […]

Yaman lists what he believes the second myth in the American mainstream media about Israel's war on Gaza:

2. Israel is Defending Itself From Rockets

Palestinians have basically no weapons that pose a significant threat to Israel as a political establishment, or to Israelis as citizens. That has been the case for decades. Israeli soldiers have not even set foot into Gaza yet because they are attacking safely at a distance via fighter jet. Gaza has no anti-aircraft defense systems, it has no weapons capable of defending from jet attacks. In other words they don't stand a chance, and it doesn't “remain to be seen’ who will be the military victor (aka, the most successful killer) after these attacks on Gaza come to a temporary end.

Nevertheless, Israeli PR will attempt to discuss “the horror of rockets raining down on southern Israel.” Let's be very clear about what these rockets are. There is a picture to the right from The Israel Project, an Israeli PR group. Notice these rockets are mostly intact, even after crashing into the ground. There is another picture below of the damage caused by one of these rockets. There is barely a hole in the ground. The idea that they actually pose a menacing threat worthy of a military response of ANY sort is comical. The American media has really dropped the ball on this one, allowing hysterical sensationalist and exaggerated propaganda claims from the Israeli government to go unquestioned.

I don't doubt that ordinary citizens are worried about these things falling from the sky, but let's face it, in Israel your are several times more likely to be involved in a domestic murder than to be a victim of one of these rocket attacks according to numbers from Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics. In 2008, there have been over 300 cases related to murder or attempted murder in Israel. In the past 6 years, the projectiles coming from Gaza have caused less than two dozen deaths in Israel. […]

And the third myth according to Yaman is:

3. Israel is Liberating Gaza From Hamas

Israeli PR understands that it doesn't look so good when Israel invades and overthrows the democratically elected government of another people. That is why it is trying to frame itself as liberating Gaza from Hamas, as if Hamas–not Israel–was occupying Gaza and in Tom Segev's words, “holding Gaza residents hostage,” when, in fact, Hamas is a political party that was democratically elected by the people of Palestine in 2006. One absurd corollary of this myth is that Israel is only attacking Hamas, as if its bombs are not killing and wreaking havoc on all Palestinians in Gaza, and as if a schoolteacher who happens to have voted for Hamas is a legitimate military target who poses a threat to Israel.

Since 2006, Israel has been holding the people of Gaza hostage, having imposed an embargo and siege on the Gaza Strip that has created unbearable conditions for its residents. Palestinians in Gaza have reached a point of desperation, building tunnels across the border with Egypt to import necessary goods because Israel and Egypt keep the normal border routes closed as punishment of the Palestinians for the way they voted.

The notion that Hamas is a group of “thugs,” according to George Bush, that is keeping Gaza under its grasp against the will of the people of Gaza couldn't be further from the truth.

And finally, the fourth myth:

4. Hamas Is a Front Group for Iran

Because Iran has bogeyman status in the United States, Israeli PR plays up this line to claim that Israel is confronting a threat from Iran in Gaza. This plays into a long history of Israeli propaganda that presents Palestinians as everything but Palestinians: first they were part of a Soviet threat, then al-Qaeda, and now the current Iranian government.

Hamas is, first and foremost, an independent and grassroots Palestinian political movement that, interestingly, was once tacitly supported by Israel when it had wanted to undermine secular Palestinian groups. Like Israel, it uses violence for political ends, and frequently targets civilians, but on a notably smaller magnitude. Calling it “Iran-backed” implies that its agenda is controlled by Iran, which is a false claim. The Palestinian resistance to Israeli apartheid pre-dates whatever the bogeyman of the day is.


  • Liing here in Canada, I am so appreciative to be able to read perspectives from people in your area. I hope that people in Israel protest this`monstrous violence on the part of their government.
    I am trying to get through to my government, but they seem to be on holidays.Holidaze.
    Might makes right?

  • zack

    Dear Razan, can you please delete my previous post and use this one instead, I found many typos in the previous one.

    I would like to thank you for insightful article, and I would like to add to your second point about the claim that Israel is defending itself from rockets, that there are no rockets launched towards Israel from West Bank, and yet people in West Bank are killed, arrested and losing their homes and many other crimes. Few weeks ago, settlers in Hebron started to burn Palestinians homes and cars and shooting Hebron citizens because the Israel court ordered them to evacuate a Palestinian home they stole from a Palestine over there.

    I would like also to talk to your readers about the ridiculous excuses Israel is using to justify the killing of Palestinians. Yesterday Israel killed five girls in their beds while sleeping. They justified this killing by saying that a mosque near their home was used as gathering for hamas supporters (

    For God sake, mosques are places were Muslims do their prayers, or do consider every Muslim a Hamas supporter?

  • I am in noway stating right or wrong , but need to ask a question: If there were bombs being fired into your country how would you retaliate?

  • As stated above: HAMAS is the legal government of the Palenstians in GAZA. The HAMAS led government allowed a cease-fire to expire and opened fire. (However ineffectively)

    This is a formal resumption of hostilities of a government upon another government. The U.S. has been involved in a number of openly declared wars such as this. (War of 1812, Mexican-American War, The U.S. Civil War, Spanish-American War, World War I and World War II.

    Generally in wars of this type, civilians are avoided if possible. However, if they get in the way, TOUGH. The fire bombing raids upon Japan and the submarine campaign against the Japanese merchant marine were deliberate attacks upon civilians. Not to mention the atomic attacks. And consider that all of this was because Japan destroyed ONLY 2 battleships and killed only 2500 of our men. The U.S. lost around 40,000 KIA in the Pacific theater 1941-1945. We killed around 1.5 MILLION Japanese. This mis-match in killed does not tell us who the bad guys were. It does not tell us who was responsible. It does not tell us who the ‘warmongers’ were. All it tells us is what side was better at it.

  • I had posted a note about some Israeli blogger talked about the myths from their perspective, in this link:

    It is good from Yaman to write the right ones

  • In reading the post I noted that while Iisrael is defending itself from mostly bombs that have not detonated or are so small in comparison to the attack planes etc. I ask? If Hamas had larger bombs and all exploded killing people including children would they stop sending them into Israel or praise Allah. On the subject of Hamas I ask is it true that part of their platform calls for total destruction of Israel. I would love and do pray for peace in your land. I would be extremely happy to live for the day when people of all faith make trips to the Holy Land without any fear.

  • Every country in this world should go on the same day to a sacred place in their land and bury every weapon. Then, on that day, every year after, we will remember.
    And every man, woman and child might live in harmony.
    And into ploughshares beat their swords,
    We shall study WAR no more.
    You might say I’m a dreamer…. but, I’m not the only one.

  • Conflict is a part of human nature. I argue with my wife. Nations have differences. Warfare is conflict raised to the most violent and decisive level. We must all study it, else we make the same mistakes again. All wars are unique. Like fingerprints. It is easy to draw incorrect lessons from prior conflict.

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