Israel: Israeli Bloggers React to Gaza

“Last night as I watched the various international news outlets, I was dismayed to see them relating to the rising death toll in Gaza as if Israel had indiscriminately mowed down a huge swath of unsuspecting innocents,” writes Treppenwitz in reaction to the Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip. His reaction is a common one among Israeli bloggers, one where these actions are a justified reaction to a situation that has been unbearable for too long.

Jewlicious elaborates on this idea:

Aron Heller of Associated Press for Yahoo News (Dec. 25) writes this past week that the massive barrage of Palestinian rockets slamming into Israel during Hanukkah, “caused no injuries but generated widespread panic.” The headline for his article–”Israel warns Hamas will pay heavy price,” simply implies that Israel plans to act because of widespread panic.

Heller makes no mention of the Israeli homes destroyed by the Palestinian rockets, the 60 plus Israelis who were hospitalized for shock and trauma, including 12 Ashkelon children, or the thousands of dollars in damages that the Palestinian rockets caused to Israeli properties and businesses.

The international media ignores far too often another critical player in the Arab-Israeli conflict and its role in continuing the conflict. Hamas, the ruling party who took over Gaza in 2006, is a terrorist organization that was established in 1987, an offshoot of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.

Hamas has led a brilliant public relations campaign that has consistently de-legitimized the actions of Israel, as we find in the media coverage of the conflict, while simultaneously legitimizing its own regime in Gaza.

What the international media and world community often fail to see is that Hamas has its own interests in mind – whether it be the starvation of its people or the launching of rockets at Israeli civilians. In other words, the critical role that the ruling regime of Gaza, known as Hamas, has played in contributing to the continuation of the conflict, has been too often overlooked.

Chayyei Sarah has a similar opinion as most Israeli bloggers:

My feelings about what happened in Gaza yesterday: I feel very sad that it had to be that way. But it had to be that way. We can't let rockets rain down on our citizens and do nothing. I look forward to the day — may I live to see it — when the Palestinian leadership figures out what “compromise” and “good leadership” and “promises” and “tolerance” actually mean. I'd really like for our army to have nothing to do. That would be fantastic.

Here is another impression from blogger Tzipiyah:

Over the weekend, Israel has started an operation in the Gaza strip. However, even after those years of attacks which make this response more than justified, there is a sense of shock at the numbers coming out of Gaza. Over 280 dead. Wow! 280 human beings were killed. For people who hate death, this is, honestly, a horrible tragedy. So, how are we to react to that?

In today’s world, there is an underlying pressure for Jews, and Zionists, to put their heads down in shame after seeing these numbers. Yes, even the strong Zionists are afraid to switch their facebook status in support of the Gaza operation. Yes, even the strong Zionists are afraid to scream their support for the State of Israel in such a time of bloodshed and conflict.

The Torah does tell us that we cannot, we are forbidden, to rejoice in our enemies’ suffering. So, we should not rejoice in their death. However, let’s make no mistake: I am not, in the slightest way, ashamed of the State of Israel. I am proud of the State of Israel for finally standing up and defending it’s citizens.

Not all bloggers whole-heartedly support these actions, some have reservations, such as Yoni the Blogger:

I am against the up coming ground action in Gaza.

I am against this action for several reasons, first as late as the end of last week, Israel was feeding the terrorist of Gaza. Second the politicians have not stated what the goal of the operation is, so how will Israel know if the operation is a success or failure.

I would support a ground action in Gaza under the following conditions, first cut Gaza off 100% from the outside world for up to two months. This means no food, water, industrial supplies or even medicine into Gaza.

J Street condemned the actions, but was criticized by Meryl Yourish for closing their comments saying:

What are they afraid of?
Will they discover that the pro-Israel bloggers outnumber the anti-Israel bloggers, and that J Street speaks not for the “silent majority,” but for a tiny minority of Jews?

More reactions from the Israeli blogosphere are still coming in as the conflict continues. Israellycool is liveblogging events as they happen, and of course check Global Voices’ own special coverage page for updates.


  • Rodrigo Peñalba

    genocide is genocide

  • ck

    Clearly, Peñalba has no idea what Genocide is. Empty, meaningless sloganeering will not help anyone.

  • Manus

    You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. It is still genocide

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  • The capacity of Israelis for self delusion is astonishing. Worth exploring further academically.

    But in the meantime I feel a strange feeling of sickness reading misplaced self-pity and the ease with which they justify inflicting pain on other human beings.

    What peace?


  • Michael

    Having no empathy for the common Palestinian because of the rockets is like having no empathy for the Israelis because of the blockade of Gaza. Both sides are placing self-interest above reconciliation.

    Also, the demonizing of Hamas has to end at some point. Like it or hate it, they were democratically elected in free and fair elections (according to Jimmy Carter), they didn’t have a coup and seize power. Not liking an elected government is not a good enough reason to go to war.

    Name calling and demonizing will never bring about peace, if that is even the goal of those in the conflict. As always, my heart DOES go out to both those effected by the Hamas rockets and the Israeli rockets. Throughout history, the common people in the middle suffer the most as governments fight.

    May G-d protect the innocent.

  • Awareness

    Peace is hard to get, that is a fact in our wonderfull natural word.
    So keep on fighting, kill children by accident of course,
    but let no one interfere.
    Israël against Palistina, Palistina against Israël.
    We in europe will have a peacefull old and new year, you, well, it is your choice for many a year.
    One day you will have peace made only by you both.
    A strong pact.
    There are wise men, and I heard and seen it on the news.
    The devil is always the one who feeds on anger, because it just feels so good, but inspite of the message, which gets lost.
    And what you only have left is for example a child beaten up!

  • samantha

    a jewish life is not worth more than any other. too many jews either forget that fact or were taught otherwise. the israeli’s are acting like spolied teenagers with the us footing the bill….. enough murder in the name of protecting a jewish life.

  • Walt Owens usa

    We can take sides’ present our views. But there is only one solution to this. The Arab World’ Who are silent’ Except to say, This is not true Islam. “THEY must” If they truly believe. They must Stop those who are using they’re Faith to commit crimes aganst humanity. Why Are They Silent? If they believe as they say, How can they stand by’ And “NOT” DEFEND THERE BELEAFE? There is no middle ground. I am a Christian’In a Nation of Christians, When the Law is broken,We punish the ofenders. Why do the “TRUE” believers of ISLAM, allow these Fools to Abuse there Faith?

  • Erik

    Self intrest? How can Israel reconcile on constant tear of the peace agreement?
    Amazing, on a few other blogs this has been compared to Nazi Holocaust, because Israel is defending itself.

    So from a clear view Hamas/Al Queda/etc and any other extremist groups of the Arab and Muslim nations are essentially the proverbial pirate ship where if the leader falls another idiot with hatred stand in his place. Arab/Muslim nations have openly stated their hatred for Israel and its Jews. I also find it interesting that Israel is considered a Jewish only country. There are many Arabs that live among the Jews in Israel. They attend the Army and live their daily lives as an Israeli and have been since its inception. So lets reiterate the ignorant statements in other blogs. “40 Hamas missile kill one man and one Israel “bombing” kills 40 Palestinians” well that is called skill and collateral. Also why are the Palestinians there and why aren’t they welcomed by other Arab countries to leave Gaza and West Bank? Who in their right mind would want to live in a trash heap. Cause you the Arab nation consider Palestinians like expendable cockroaches and that is the truth. They occupy Israel’s Gaza/Wet Bank/etc just as a tactic. They aren’t welcome in Egypt, Iran or Lebanon/etc they have no support except extremist groups that occasionally come in unchecked and attack Israel. Why haven’t they left the Gaza/West Bank/etc? Why wouldn’t rational people leave a strike zone that is used as tactical terrorist strikes? Cause they aren’t allowed to by the other Arab/Muslim nations. That is the sad truth and someone had to say it. Israel and its people Arab and Jewish alike let the Palestinians live and occupy those parts of Israel as they choose to be separate and difficult about everything. It will never end as long as the outlying Arab nations don’t stop their hatred. It started there and if you push Israel any further then it will end there. And sadly that is what the Arab nations want ultimately. Every walk of people have their extremist. The problem is that all outlying Muslim national civilians that are dubbed “innocent” are potential terrorist and are either forced (by threats to their families by their own people) to attack or choose to believe the lies about Israel. Live and let Live… NEVER has Israel just attacked any territory or country, they have only ever defended Them selfs. The IDF and their specialized groups are like the last Spartans of today as every single citizen is trained as a fighter and defender for Israel. I don’t know what to say about the ignorance in this world and how the Palestinians are used as a scape goat and reason for attacks on Israel. You should be ashamed as your pride is disregarding your own peoples humanity and u just let them die and continue their suffering by sending more terrorists and simply continuing attacks. There it is.. there is nothing you can say that changes the facts in this response as those are just excuses for more violence and further ignorance to your own doings. Keep pointing the finger at Israel, as you have no pride in taking responsibility and the rest of the world lets you.

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